Body pudding 3-pack by Doc Johnson - review by Black Fox

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Body pudding 3-pack review

All went on smoothly, and were fun even if used as lotion and only during playtime. The scents are pleasant.
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Wild Strawberry: The best scent and strongest out of the jar. It smelled very yummy! It had an unpleasant semi-greasy feel when tasted out of the jar; a bit like strawberry yogurt cold cream. The unpleasantness went away easily enough. After a few moments applied to the body, it had the least attractive scent on my lover’s warm skin. Upon tasting it with a slow lick, the sensation of film coating mouth returned. Still delicious though!

French Vanilla: This was the second best scent in the jar. Right out of the jar, it smelled and tasted like cold cream with a hint of vanilla pudding. A greasy film sensation appeared; stronger than the strawberry. Once applied to the skin it was the best smelling of the three scents. I couldn't hold back from tasting the new vanilla flesh my lover now possessed. However, I was met with a decent flavor and the consistency of strong greasy film came on two fold. The taste was good, but after a moment I had to get some napkins to wipe off my mouth.

Swiss Chocolate: I didn't like the chocolate smell out of jar at all, and I wasn't particularly impressed with how it smelled once applied to my beloved’s skin. Though, once I got around to the tasting portion, I was the one that was melting. I thought it was going to be the least liked out of the bunch but I was very wrong. I won't say it was delicious…but I did not want to stop sucking and licking, nor did I; for a while at least. This was best enjoyed on skin.

Pros: Very fun experiment with my lover. I would recommend the package for anyone willing to put up with a bit of unpleasantness. We were still in the mood and still happy to be with each other despite the napkins for swabbing my mouth. I would recommend using a 'new finger' each time you dip into the product though. When I opened the jars later to refresh my memories about them, I noticed some of our scents are mingled into the pudding, but we had a great time with this edible body pudding. All went on smoothly, and were fun even if used as lotion and only during playtime. The scents are pleasant.

Cons: Ingredients are not listed on the outer packaging, and the blobby pictures on the labels are unattractive. The filmy sensation slathered all over my mouth and throat when I tried to nibble my way to a good time. Cold cream doesn't taste good; I unfortunately know this from experience. I hope a new formula can be developed so it doesn't taste like this in the future.

Summary: Room for improvement, but it was still great fun testing what flavors I liked and which scents I thought I would like (and liked on me). It was a really fun time and we can't wait to do it again!
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  • Nashville
    Great review, very easy to read and thorough!
  • JEM
    Did the pudding make your skin feel sticky? Was it one of those things that are fun for foreplay but before it progressed into sex you wanted to shower off?
  • Black Fox
    Hi JEM! I'm so sorry I didn't spot your question a few months ago! If I remember right, we did clean up before we got to the sex, we have a little one and cleaned up and put lids on and put them up high on the counters before we cuddled and talked about the items, which we then began to taste each other for after tastes and well things led on from there!

    I think had we left it to dry while we got busier it would have turned into one of those things you might regret you left on, and I think that's why we cleaned up. The taste in our mouths was a deterrent to apply this thick and have an all out pudding tasting war.

    Yeah, like any soft gooey mess it was a bit sticky, it was a lot like cold creme - in both how it tasted and looked and felt. A bit like a lotion, a bit like pudding but not as sugary as real pudding.
  • KrystalFayeO
    interesting review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • Taraaa
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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