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Frosty Foreplay

The Foreplay Ice Frost chills without being frigid. It makes it really easy to add temperature play to your foreplay with you and your partner.
Chilly but not frigid, keeps melting ice in one place, easy to use, okay for genital use.
Fill line is unclear, bullet may be unreliable.
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The Foreplay Ice Frost is a neat little vibrator made by California Exotics based off of the Touche Ice Vibrator. The vibrator portion is made from a type of silicone (a say "a type" since the silicone smells really odd - more like rubber-ish - which makes me think it's TPR silicone or something) The set comes with a silicone toy piece (which is hollow to allow the ice in) as well as a bullet vibrator with two separate sets of batteries for the bullet.

The packaging for this is really basic but tasteful. It comes in a cardboard box which shows the vibrator on the outside. I always thought the packaging for this toy was "lol" because the packaging shows a girl playing with an ice cube. Why isn't she playing with the toy instead? That seems to make more sense. Either way, it's pretty tasteful packaging. Inside the cardboard box, the silicone piece is wrapped in some plastic with the vibrating bullet and watch batteries kept in a separate piece of plastic. Unlike most California Exotic toys, this one does come with a booklet of instructions.

I do own the Touche Ice Vibrator version which works similarly. Basically, in the Touche version, there's a little "Tray" where you put the water, then the "holder" sits in the tray, and the ice actually fuses to the holder when frozen which means you end up with an ice cube with a handle. That's why I spent forever and a day actually attempting to tear this toy into multiple pieces - I assumed it would work the same way. Well, it doesn't.

For a basic run-through, the Foreplay Ice Frost is a single piece of silicone. You can see the pink/clear-ish parts of the vibrator in the picture. They don't separate. Instead, at the top of the pink piece is actually a hole - in this hole, you pour in the water to the fill line inside the clear portion. From there, you stick this vibrator in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours to give the vibrator a good chance to freeze over. Afterward, you take it out of the freezer, and you slide the bullet into the bullet hole. You'd have to ask my boyfriend about the chemical properties of ice and whether the thawing would get the bullet to get more stuck in the hole, but with experience, I can tell you that the bullet seems to slide out more easily since there is water inside of the silicone - it makes it slick if you try to pour it out.

The biggest difference is where the ice is located. In the Foreplay Ice Frost, the ice is actually *inside* the toy with a silicone barrier between the outside world and the ice. In the Touche, the ice is connected to the toy, but connects directly with the skin. In this aspect, for once, I'm actually going to say that I prefer the "off-brand" toy to the "brand" toy. California Exotics did a good job with this. Instead of getting water all over (or having the ice be too downright cold and be painful), the Foreplay Ice Frost provides a nice silicone barrier between the ice itself and my skin. It really depends on your preference though. If you want to feel the beads of ice dripping down your skin, the Foreplay Ice Frost doesn't allow that. However, I feel like getting the melted ice all over my skin is more annoying than sexy, so I much preferred the Foreplay Ice Frost - it kept all of the ice inside the toy and just melted into water inside the toy. (Which means you do have to go empty the melted ice when you are done.)

So what about the bullet? Well, it does take three watch batteries to work - two sets of those batteries are included which means you are set for batteries for a bit. Except they didn't. I could have sent for EF to send me a new product (their return policy means you'd get it free of charge to you if a product is defective like this one was), but honestly, the Foreplay Ice Frost takes just a standard bullet, so I chose to just keep my toy and not have to pain EF with it. I don't know why, but I inserted both sets of batteries, and after the initial first use with it, the bullet won't work anymore. It's kinda odd. It turned on the second use then just died. No clue why, but I can give you some information from the first use:
The bullet is relatively strong. For a bullet anyway. It will work just fine for sensations other than genital sensation. Honestly, some women might be able to orgasm just through the bullet itself, but it was too weak for me for that. More sensitive women easily will be able to though. It's plastic which means the surface is very smooth - it is a standard size, so any bullet you happen to own will work great in the product. It is very, very silent, so it isn't honestly audible by people in the same room. When added to the silicone ice holder, you will find that the vibrations become less strong. I'd say that most women wouldn't be able to orgasm just from the vibrations themselves when it's added to the ice piece. The ice and silicone just diminish it too much.

I will say that it's really hard to get the "water level" right when you are trying to put it in the freezer. The white-ish portion for the toy is not clear, and you are supposed to see through that to be able to figure out the line to fill it to. The easiest way to do this seems to be just to fill it to about half-way of the clear portion. Your best guess is fine as long as it isn't higher than the clear portion since that's where the bullet needs to fit.

You know what I did like about the Foreplay Ice Frost though? It's chilly but not frigid. Since the Touche toy made the ice directly touch my skin, it was actually painful since the ice could freeze my skin - like just touching a frigid pole in the winter. The Foreplay Ice Frost provides that chilly feeling that lets you know you're touching ice, but it isn't painfully so. It's nice and refreshing if you are hot/sweaty, but it isn't painful to warm skin. In fact, I'd say that the Foreplay Ice Frost could easily be used genitally with a bit of "surprise", but it won't be painful.

For storage, make sure the toy is dry then stick it where ever you want. The toy is discreet since I'd never guess this was a vibrator. You can boil the silicone to sterilize it or just clean it out with some warm water and soap. Since this is silicone, if you want to use lubricant, use water-based.

Since the price is actually really similar between the two different toys, it really comes down your preference. In all realities, I'd take the Foreplay Ice Frost over the Touche Ice Small/Big. The Foreplay Ice Frost is chilly but not frigid, easy to use, mess-free, and transfers vibrations relatively well. EF sells both, so pick up whichever one suits you.
Follow-up commentary
This is a surprisingly fun vibrator! The bullet stopped working with it, but we have other bullets, and a stardard bullet will easily fit into this sex toy. We didn't use it much (okay, we didn't use it at all) during the winter months, but now that it is summer again, we've been pulled it out more.
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