X-Rated ring toss - adult game by Sportsheets - review by Lady Smile

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Funny but Functional

It is a product that can function as a gag gift, but could work as a couples toy. If you're looking for something funny and adventurous, or want to add the excitement of competing to the bedroom, this might be the game for you.
Can Have a Humiliation Factor
Versatile Rules
Too Small Plug
Not Enough Rings
Slight Smell
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Purpose / Audience

This is a product designed more as a gag gift to embarrass friends, but it can function as an actual toy if you are in the mood to try it. The toy is basically a small butt plug that has a long rod protruding from it. The butt plug is supposed to go into your anus. You insert it with the rod facing upwards, so that your partner(s) could try to throw the rings onto the rod.

Do give it as a gift to:
1. Those who want to embarrass their friends with something funny and affordable
2. Those who are into slight humiliation – there is a humiliation factor to the toy
3. Those who are new to anal, and embarrassed about it, and want to put a funny spin on it
4. Use as a warm-up for gangbang parties

Do NOT give it as a gift:
1. As a romantic present
2. As a serious present
3. For anyone with no sense of humor
4. For anyone who could retaliate badly
5. To size queens - The plug is very small (beginner size)
6. To anyone with an allergy

You can't sit down wearing it. You cannot wear it on the street, as the rod part is not removable. It does not vibrate. It is 100% waterproof, so you can use it at pool parties or in the bathroom. The package does not say anything about material safety, but if you have an allergy to any, I would not try it. I would definitely not share it without using a condom.
    • Couples
    • Good for parties
    • Multiple players

Rules / Content

There are no specific rules on the game. To play it, the general concept is obvious, but you can come up with specific rules as you wish.

Generally, you just place the plug into an anus (add some lube!), and try to score with the rings.

If there are only two players, you can pre-set how many tries they have, and how many times they have to score to get a reward. You can set several levels of rewards, depending on what your partner likes. You can set ‘punishments’ for failing to score. The rewards can be both sexual and non-sexual.

If there are more than two players, they can compete to see who can score more. There can be a set of rewards and punishments. There can be several rounds. Those who are not participating can simply bet on the players. The rules do not need to be set in stone. It is for fun and experimenting, so you can change them as you go.

There is only one ‘forbidden’ move. You should never share the plug without using condoms. Personally, I did not try it with a condom on it. I’m pretty sure it would not look very good, but I suppose it would still function. If you apply such safety measures, it would be ok to say that the loser gets to wear the plug next. The game can be as quick or long as you wish.

    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


The main part of the toy is the plug.

It is small, tapered and has a defined neck. The tapered end makes insertion easier. It has a flared rectangular base that makes it safe to use; it will not get lost inside your body. The plug is smooth, and has no texture apart from a rough edge running along it. It is not too bad, and does not make insertion any worse. It has no drag, but should not be used without lube. It has a slight rubbery smell that could be washed off. I am uncertain what it is made of, it feels like a mixture between plastic and rubber. You should probably stick to water based lubes if you do not want any chemical reactions. The plug is firm, has no give, and the surface looks white where it is scratched. It can be cleaned with soap and water, but I would recommend you use sanitizing soaps to make sure it is really clean. The size of the plug can be a problem to practiced anal players, as it might pop out too easily.

• Overall Length: 10.45in (26.54cm)
• Insertable Length: 2.2in (5.58cm)
• Pole Length: 8.25in (20.95cm)
• Diameter (plug): 1in (2.54cm)
• Circumference (plug): 3in (7.62cm)
• Comes with 3 yellow plastic rings
• Diameter of plastic rings: 5.5in (13.97cm)
• Weight: 0.4 lb (6.5 oz)

The protruding shaft you can score on stands at an angle. It is also firm, and the end is coated in the same rubbery material that the plug is made of. Because it is ridged, it conducts vibrations well. The shaft has a lot of seams, and looks cheap.

There are 3 yellow rings. You can see the seams where they were closed. They are slightly flexible.

The package it arrives in is functional, but not discreet. I would call it suitable for storing the toy, though it is a bit flimsy. It is clear, and can be unfolded to open. It is travel-friendly, makes no noise, and is easy to slip in the bottom of a suitcase.
    • Flimsy
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

I think the 3 rings aren’t quite enough if you actually are planning to play, especially if you are inviting a bigger group of people. You could always get some more rings from cheap children toys. I suggest different colors to make them easier to tell apart.


I found this toy to be kind of fun to use. I only tried it with my partner, not a crowd. It is small, and non-threatening. If you can get past the humiliation factor (which I found to be a turn on), it's a lot fun. The plug is a bit on the small side, so it is definitely not good for more than just a bit of warm-up. The rings landing on the shaft part do feel nice, as they make the rod and plug vibrate. Missing rings on your butt and back are less nice, sensation wise.
Generally, it was fun for a moderate price, but it is definitely not a toy I reach for often. It does not really set a romantic mood. If I feel adventurous, I might use it again, as planning the rewards and punishments was half the fun.
I’ll rate it 4 stars, because it works perfectly as a gag gift. As a toy, the plug could be bigger and there could be more rings.
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