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Party girl: Toys in the bag

Sensual kit by Nasstoys

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Get Your Party On!

Toys in the Bag is a cute and sweet gift for a friend or an easy way to introduce sex toys into your sex life with your partner in an nonthreatening, fun way. The quality is average and the toys are geared for the beginner or the inexperienced seeking some extra spice. It's a good exploration kit and may be just the thing to help guide you toward what type of toys you might want to explore in the future.
Attractive packaging, great assortment, makes a good gift.
Plastic is porous and not so body-friendly, won't suit the advanced user very well.
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This cute lil' treasure chest of sex toys is packed in a lovely black satin corset-style handbag with white ribbon detailing that is both fun and functional. This kit would make a great present for a friend or many friends as a party favor (think Bachelorette party) or lover, and also would be the perfect way to introduce toys into your relationship with your partner. The toys in the bag are non-intimidating, easy to use, and multi-functional. They're also easy on your wallet. What else could you ask for?

The kit includes: a vibrator, a set of anal Beads, passion fruit flavored edible water-based lubricant, 2 vibrator sleeves, a vibrating bullet, a set of weighted pleasure balls, and 2 stretchy cockrings.

The vibrator is pretty basic on its own, a rocket shaped plastic housing with a spin dial for multi-speed vibrations from low to high. It gets much more interesting (and pleasurable) when you slip on the textured vibe sleeve that is included in the bag. The sleeve is deliciously curved just so at the tip, and soft, too, which is perfect for hitting that g-spot time and again. It is textured with the most exquisite little bumps that feel oh-so-good inside your pussy (or your partner's).

The bullet vibe packs a punch and has a five-speed wired controller box so you can adjust your pleasure sensations from low to high to higher! It can be used on yourself or your partner clitorally during intercourse, strap-on sex, or just by its lonesome. It's also great on nipples, and for teasing the ticklish body in all the erogenous zones. If you're playing with a male partner, try cupping it in your hand around his balls for an extra zing that he might really enjoy! Oh, and for your information, the bullet vibe is much nicer when you suit it up with one of the stretchy cockrings included; the cockring adds a yummy texture and makes the bullet a little softer against your precious bits.

The anal beads are a hard, molded plastic and pretty long, so they might be difficult for a beginner to anal play, especially if one is intent on getting 'em all inside. Use lots of lube!

The weighted vaginal pleasure balls feel great inside and would make the perfect accessory for a sexy dinner date out, more so if there is dancing! They gyrate as your hips move and with every step you take you can feel them rocking inside you. Subtle, but not to go unnoticed, these pleasure balls are great for a beginner. Just keep in mind that they are a little bit on the larger-side, and they are firm, not flexible in the least. (Again... lube, lube, lube!)

The cockrings are fun on a partner's cock, your own, or as an accessory for the included vibe and bullet vibe. They're multipurpose and fun!

Keep in mind that the included 007 Lube might not make you feel like a sexy secret agent, as its flavor is very candy store-esque. Then again, if you prefer the help of flavored lube to give head, this might be just your thing!

As stated above, this kit would be great for anyone new to sex toy play, whether single or partnered, in love, or looking. For the experienced out there, I'd seek out a different kit for personal use, but know that this one may be a good choice to gift to a friend--especially with its incredibly appealing packaging.
    • Sexually inexperienced/beginners

Material / Texture

The toys smell of plastic because, well... they are plastic. Some of the bag's components also have PVC and TPE parts, like the vibrator sleeves and stretchy cockrings. This is a very basic kit for beginners. The included vibe sleeve and cockrings have a wonderful texture that does increase stimulation, and hopefully, arousal, too.

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the Party Girl: Toys in the Bag kit is sassy, cute, and accessible. The packaging functions as a great gift bag or storage bag and makes it easy to travel with the whole kit without showing your cards, so to speak.

The toys are definitely designed and geared for the beginner. They aren't especially thick or complex or strong, with the exception being the anal beads which are indeed long, can potentially be intimidating and it should be noted that their plastic-molded body is not very bendable or forgiving.

That said, the more advanced sex toy connoisseur may be able to get some fun out of this kit. Orgasms are readily available with the help of these toys, they just might not be your best, fastest, hardest, or hottest if you're used to the cream of the crop.

The toy bag included looks like a specialty purse or handbag. The zippered compartment makes it easy to shove the toys inside and get them out of sight in a moment's notice.

Functions / Performance / Controls

All the toys in this kit are basic beginner's toys. There aren't many frills or extra features, which can be a plus, as that makes them all easy and intuitive to use and control, even for the inexperienced. The dial control on the vibrator and the switch control on the bullet vibe's base controller are both easily accessed and easy to use in the heat of the moment. The toys can be heard through the covers, especially with fresh batteries, though you can remain discreet with them behind a closed door.

Care and Maintenance

Make sure to store the anal beads separate from the rest of the toys for hygiene purposes, even after washing. Some people use plastic bags to store plastic toys, others prefer special pouches or containers.

Since plastic is porous, it is best to use condoms on these toys to facilitate easy clean up. Before and after every play session, clean these toys with any sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap. The satin on the bag itself, which is durable (and pretty), and can be spot-cleaned with a cloth and soapy water.

The anal beads and weighted vaginal pleasure balls are hard to use with condoms, without losing the condoms. Keeping this in mind, it's best not to share these toys, and to use an old toothbrush or other aid to really scrub them clean in and around the crevices and dips.

Water-based lube and silicone lube are both safe for these toys.

Remember: Safety first! Never use the weighted vaginal pleasure balls anally, as that could present quite a dangerous health risk.


These toys are packaged delightfully in a bustier/corset-type handbag that functions as a storage box or ready-to-go gift-wrap, if you're planning to purchase this for a friend. The detailing of the white ribbon lacing up the corset is quite adorable and sexy, too!

The instructions and product descriptions included are minimal (they basically only consist of product-identification), so you need to know your way around a bit to make the most of Party Girl: Toys in the Bag.
Follow-up commentary
Ummm... the only toy I really use out of this kit anymore is the little bullet vibe, which I still like. Other than that I absolutely ADORE the corset bag the whole thing comes in (which I would buy the kit just for the carrying-case). Besides those two little things, though, I only grab these toys if I can't find any of my other fav sex toys. They're just my back-ups. That's it, and I'm afraid that's all they'll ever be for me.

I still think this is a great kit for beginners, however, and would make a great gift.
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  • Kayla
    Great review! Really. I liked it. Is it bad I want to buy this just for the cute bag it comes in? The toys don't look like my thing, but the bag is adorable.
  • Arabella Eve
    Omgosh, it's so worth it just for the bag! It's unique and sassy, and something I've never seen around before... Besides, Mistress Kay, it's lovely to have those vanilla crossover items that remind us oh-so-delectable of the kinkier side of life!
  • Sammi
    Oh, the bag is great! I'm with Mistress Kay

    Great review!
  • Arabella Eve
    Thanks, Sammi!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great Review!
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    great review
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