Sensual kit discontinued
by Bijoux Indiscrets

Good clean fun!

This is an attractively packaged kit that is sure to produce an erotic result! The scent contains an aphrodisiac essence that smells fantastic! It's a light feminine floral scent that lingers on your skin long after you've left the bath. The candles add an erotic glow while soft jazz music plays in the background followed up with an erotic massage.....Life is good!
Everything you need for a romantic evening together! Nice fragrance too!
No included candle holders. Jar lids difficult to open with slippery hands. Difficult to pour.
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extremely useful review
Lock the door! It's an erotic bath for two! Of course more can join too so long as you want them in your tub! From the minute you remove the lid of this black metal tin you'll smell the lovely, light, floral scent that begs you to bathe because the tin is also scented! The tin itself measures 21" around and 4 3/4" tall and you'll find many delights inside! Laying on top is a single invitation so you can make sure that special someone won't be late! It will also give them a hint that something special awaits! Next is a CD of soft jazz music loaded with 11 songs that are sure to help set the mood! If you don't like soft jazz music, this may not be a plus for you but, hey, there is no law stating that you have to use this CD only. Add your own music instead!

Beneath the CD is a white organza bath poof/massager that is bunched up and tied with a black ribbon. Beside this is a white organza bag with a black ribbon drawstring that holds four round, white candles. There are holes in the bottoms of each candle that run the length of the wick but, this posed no problems during burning. Just make sure to place them on a heat/flame resistant surface as none are included.

Finally at the bottom of this black tin you will find a 100 ml jar of bubble bath and a 50 ml jar of massage gel. Both of these jars are clear plastic with metal lids. They are also nestled into a foam holder in the bottom of the tin to keep them from rolling around inside. Just in case you're wondering, the foam holder is glued into the bottom of the tin so it is not removable.

The ingredients for the 100 ml jar of bubble bath are as follows: aqua, sodium laureth sulfate(foaming agent), cocamidopropyl betaine(wetting agent made from coconut oil), decyl polyglucose (wetting agent and skin soother derived from corn), ppg-2 hydroxyethyl coco/isostearamide (foam booster), parfum, methylchloroisothiazolinone (antibacterial and antifungal agent), methylisothiazolinone (antimicrobial), magnesium chloride (salt), magnesium nitrate (hygroscopic salt) and disodium edta (binding agent).

And the ingredients for the 50 ml jar of massage gel is: paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), hydrogenated styrene/butadiene copolymer, caprylic-capric triglyceride (made from coconut oil) and parfum.

The bubble bath and massage gel both have the same light, clean, floral scent as the tin as well as everything that is packed inside. This scent also contains aphrodisiac essence developed exclusively for Bijoux Indiscrets (Damscene Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, exotic spices). The bubble bath foams easily in the bath and provides tons of long lasting bubbles while the massage gel allows for an erotic massage. The massage gel does mostly absorb into your skin but, does have a tendency to leave behind a thin film of oil especially on the hands. The candles, bath poof/massager, CD and invitation are not scented but, they do retain the scent from the tin which is nice! The scent is primarily feminine though so if you like a more masculine scent you may not enjoy it as much.

This kit gives you a wonderful opportunity to slow down, relax and enjoy intimacy with the added stimulation of water mixed with your lovers touch! This steamy relaxation will leave your skin nicely scented and ready for whatever comes next! That's up to you!
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Maybe it's the picture, but those candles look tiny! Might have been a better idea for them to give you tealights? It seems like they kind of forgot to finish off the package without any holders.

    It does look very stylish, though. Was the CD instrumental? Or did it have singing? Any artists we might know?
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I don't know the price is so high, does the scent and quality of the product make up for the price?
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Adriana Ravenlust, I personally think that tealights may have been a better option simply because they would have thier own holder. I would say that the included candles are about the size of a ping pong ball if that helps any.

    As far as the CD goes, it does include singing. I have not heard of any of the artists but, this is not really my genre but, here are the song titles and artists:

    1. Madame Mope (M. Makarova) Ozone Cocktail
    2. Barricade (Patrick Levy/Laury Mary) Laury Mary
    3. Blue Trip (Tapi/Nosh) Deep Switch
    4. Sack O'Woe (J. Adderley) Kenny garett, Tom Browne & Lenny White
    5. Sunday Morning (Stay in my way) (Charles Corinus/Laurent Cicala)Enzo Cicala & Charles Lester
    6. Splash (Morados/Tacoa) Cattle Grid
    7. Trunk Road (Morados/Tacoa) Canasta
    8. Free your mind (Stereodrome/Aryel) Aryel
    9. Chansing Places(MJA) Metropolitan Jazz Affair & Eric Duperray
    10. Funk the bone (Arturo/Bolanis) Odd Sistem
    11. Summertime (G. Gershwin/Gershwin D. B. Heyward) Smoma
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Naughty Student, Ah yes, it's price is a bit of a downfall.... I would say this set is better suited for a special evening alone where you need to make sure you have everything on hand. I guess what I mean is maybe for an anniversary, birthday, honeymoon....things like that. I do really find the scent to be quite lovely and will probably purchase this again just, not for everyday use. I can't afford that..... It is pretty much a one time use item also so keep that in mind too! You might be able to get a couple of uses out of it max but, it would be great to take to a hotel or give as a gift!
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    Great thanks for your reply!
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Sounds delightful, and you've written another excellent review! But yeah, I'd have to trade the jazz CD for vintage Nine Inch Nails or Drowning Pool...Winking
  • Contributor: Oggins
    You're very welcome Naughty Student! Smile
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Thanks Dame Demi! I agree, the soft jazz just isn't for me either. Nine inch nails are always good though! Big smile
  • Contributor: Airlia
    Sigh it's a good starting point... but too expensive for far too little.
  • Contributor: Miss Cinnamon
    Thanks for listing the ingredients! So is the massage gel meant to be used while in the bath or only as an out-of-water sort of thing? Is it easily washed off with soap and water? Good review.
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Thanks for commenting Miss Cinnamon! I would imagine you could use the massage gel, which is actually more of a massage oil, however you chose to. It does come with the bubble bath so, it seemed kind of pointless for us to add the massage gel into the bath also. It wouldn't have to be strictly for an out of-the-bath massage though. It washes off very easily with soap and water and we found that most of it actually absorbed into our skin so, we really didn't feel the need to wash it off. It's quite similar to baby oil as far as texture goes. It's not flavored so, I wouldn't advise licking it off of your lovers skin! Winking
  • Contributor: Darling Dove
    I was wondering, from the picture the candles look like they might be floating candles? Perhaps you're meant to set them in a bowl of water or in the sink for ambience? (If the sink isn't too far from the bath, at least)
  • Contributor: Dark Muse
    Thanks for posting the ingredients list! I tend to prefer my bath products having as few ingredients as possible, so that was a major determining factor for me.

    As to the jazz, my mom listens to that all the time, and from the CDs I've gotten her, they seem like pretty "good" songs included with the kit, if you like that sort of thing. I think I'd rather go for soft instrumental music though (like one of my celtic harp cds).
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Thanks for your comment Darling Dove! I'm not sure if that would work out with the candles or not. I've already burnt mine but I guess it might be possible. They didn't really seem like floating candles though but I could be wrong.
  • Contributor: Oggins
    Your welcome Dark Muse and I'm glad I was able to help! Thanks for the input on the Jazz songs. I really have no idea because I just haven't listened to much in that genre but I'm totally with you on the soft instrumental music. I think that would have been more relaxing for us too. Thanks for commenting! Smile
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    Sounds positively lovely!
  • Contributor: Tart
    Great review!
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