Dr. Z nipple pleaser - bdsm toy by Cal Exotics - review by lexical

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Good Idea, Bad Execution

The idea is fabulous. The execution, not so much. The design is absolutely terrible. The parts don't all work together to create a functioning and enjoyable toy. It's a brilliant and appealing concept, but overall... a giant disappointment.
A delightful combination of pain and pleasure. The suction is great, IF you can get it to work.
Ticklers bite in painfully, vibrations are loud, it's a constant battle to keep the cups in place.
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I want to say first off that when I originally received this toy, upon opening the box, I discovered it was broken. One of the tubes was disconnected and one of the miniature vibrators never functioned at all, even with different batteries than the ones that were included. I spoke to EF and they promptly sent me a replacement, and a label to ship the broken unit back at no expense to me. Thank you Eden Fantasys, for the great service!

Anyway, on to the actual product. We'll work from one end to the other, starting with the handle and moving to the cups.

The design of the pump handle is pretty nice. Two fingers hooked into the mechanism pull it up towards your thumb pressed atop it, pulling the air through the pump and creating suction. Simple, yet effective at creating pressure, and fairly comfortable to grip. Unfortunately, it's also extremely inconvenient. It would work best if you were someone with three hands; one for the handle, and one for holding each of the cups to your breasts while you pumped. Do you have three hands? Me either! This may need to be used as a partner toy in order to be enjoyed, if that's at all possible...

Moving on... The actual tubes of the toy were very frustrating for me, as they seemed to want to remain stiffly in the position they were stored in the box. They're not flexible enough. This meant that if I moved in the wrong way, the position of the tubes would cause the cups to be pulled off of my nipples. I couldn't manage to get them straightened out, or in a position that wasn't twisted and ungainly. It also put the cups at an awkward angle, which made it more difficult for them to stay in place.

The quick release buttons, which are two little black bits attached to the tubes, are completely pointless in my experience. If you take your hands away from supporting the tubes in the right position in order to press the quick release buttons, the weight and bulk of the toy pulls the cups off of your nipples anyway. Not to mention... shouldn't there be just ONE quick release button to work both cups? That would make the most sense, since the suction works on both cups simultaneously. One quick release instead of two would make it considerably more convenient; if you can even get them to stay on your nipples in the first place.

The vibrators were an extremely appealing aspect of this toy for me. And honestly, they feel great. Again.. if you can get the damn things to stay! They're tiny, but they pack a punch! They are fairly loud, as well. The added weight of the mini vibes definitely didn't contribute anything to securely attaching the cups to your nipples. In fact, they seemed only to drag them to the side, or down and pull them off, no matter what position I was in. I may end up scrapping the rest of this toy, and just keeping those little vibes to mess around with...

Now, the cups themselves... They're pretty small. I think they might be considerably easier to keep in place if they were larger and covered more surface area. That would give them a better grip, and more heft to resist the drag weight of the tubes and vibrators. I have fairly small nipples, and I don't think it makes a lick of difference whether your nipples are small or large. The cups are also much too shallow. The "ticklers" don't get a chance to tickle; but rather they dig into your flesh when it gets pulled in by the suction. If you like pain (like I do) this can be an enjoyable sensation! But it's not what I expected. Ticklers should tickle. Not dig into your skin.

The design of this toy is overall... awful. Once in a blue moon I got the things to stay in place, with the proper suction and vibration to give me a very intense orgasm in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. But literally, it happened once; in a month of working at it. And even then it was after a frustrating battle to get them to stay.

Also, don't even bother attempting to use this on your clit as is hinted at in the description. I'm a masochist with a fairly high pain tolerance and those "ticklers" hurt me way more than I could bear down below! I tried it, but I won't be trying it again. Not to mention, it's a pain to try to clean up bodily fluids from amongst those evil, pointy little ticklers.
This toy is entirely awkward, difficult, and frustrating to use. How are you supposed to hold the cups in place on your breasts, and use the pump at the same time? Once you've created enough suction to keep them there it gets a bit easier, but... that is quite a chore. Even once you get them to stay for a bit, it's highly unlikely that they'll hold their position. I found this toy to be extremely irritating to use. I tried different positions, tried bending the tubes around, tried removing the vibrators to lighten the load pulling on the cups, etc, etc. I really did not discover a single trick, in about a month of messing around with it a few times a week, that made this toy more user friendly. It was an enormous disappointment.
Follow-up commentary
The replacement item has the same functioning issues as the broken one I first received. I stand by the statement that the toy is poorly designed and executed, but that it's a great idea! I wish someone could figure out how to do it right! I'd definitely try another one of these types of toys, with the hopes that it would live up to its goals...Unfortunately, this item cannot do that.
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  • Mamastoys
    Maybe they will improve it...sounds like a good idea but not practical..I sure don't have three hands! Thanks for the review...
  • lexical
    I really hope they do! I thought it was a great idea, just poorly done...I look forward to seeing a better version in the future.
  • A Mere Girl
    Nice review.
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    It's a shame the product is such a disappointment.
    Nice review . Thanks
    Nice review . Thanks
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    i had the same issues with mine wish it worked better
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  • lexical
    You're welcome! Thanks for the nice comments!
  • ghostory
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  • Wise1951
    I suppose I should of read the reviews before purchasing this item, but the product looked appealing and easy to use. However it was a total waste of money. Not enough suction. The ticklers prevent it from getting a good grip on the nipple. They definietly need to go back to the drawing board. My girlfriend was really dissappointed besides ruining the whole evening.
  • Rey
    thx for the honest review....
  • ginainohio
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  • KRD
  • lexophile
    good to know
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