Bottoms up butt wax - cream by Topco Sales - review by ToyingCouple

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Grease Me Up!!!

Topco's Butt Wax has given us a new appreciation for anal play and we won't be running out of this cream for a very, very long time. Clear out some room in your stash of toys and order some slick soybean oil!
Over three pounds of long lasting, super slippery, butt-pounding bliss!
Slightly gritty initial feel, can make a bigger mess of your bed linen.
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I don't think that Topco could have ever thought up a better name than Butt Wax. It brings to my mind visions of my husband firing up his car detailer and buffing my rear-end to a high gloss shine. We live in snowy Canada so I'm also hopeful that this product will prevent rusting from our salt strewn roads...

Joking aside, this oil-based cream is definitely some slippery stuff. Upon first glance after opening the lid it doesn't look that way and could easily be mistaken for a carnuba type car wax. Body heat, however, does amazing things to this lubricant and it quickly becomes slick and free flowing.

Butt wax is made from 100% soybean oil and Topco makes sure that you get lots of this product. The picture doesn't do the container size justice, it's huge! This container is a workout to lift as it's about three pounds worth of slick, vegan-friendly anal lube. We actually had trouble finding a place to fit this jug in our toy box. For anyone with concerns about chemical additives or glycerine sensitivities, this is a butt lube to give some thought to as it's completely all natural and won't cause irritation. It lasts forever, never becoming sticky or dry like even the best water-based lube eventually will. Because there is no silicone in Butt Wax you can also be rest assured that your high priced and cherished silicone toys won't turn into a dissolving mess. I'm always hungry after a good sex session and my other thought is whether I could cook up some french fries with this stuff too. Isn't soybean oil supposed to be heart healthy??

Performance wise, Topco's Butt Wax mostly lived up to expectations providing slippery, easily penetrative anal sex just as it says. Neither of us experienced any irritations but we both thought that this lube could have been slightly better refined during manufacturing. There is a very slight but noticeable 'grittiness' to the cream when it's first applied. It doesn't last long and could be just due to the product warming up and becoming free flowing with our body heat but it would be nice to not have that initial 'sand in the underpants' feel.

Also remember that a little goes a long way with any oil-based lubricant. Unlike most water or silicone products, this cream will be tough to clean off the sheets so either be careful or just put down a towel to prevent an oil spill! Another point that deserves mentioning is that latex condoms will degrade with this. If you cover your ass toys with a condom for hygienic reasons, this probably isn't the slippery stuff for you. Either buy some silicone toys that can be sterilized or have dedicated insertables that aren't shared.

I've spent so much time singing the praises of Butt Wax for anal use that I really should point out that this should not be used for vaginal sex. Oil-based lubricants should never go inside the pussy! It's a great recipe for yeast infections at the least......
So far we've used the Butt Wax together three times. Both of us have been on the receiving end and like what we've experienced so far. This lubricant never seems to wear out before we do and I actually think my skin is softer than it was before.....maybe there's some beauty secrets here. My husband is a sucker for anal stimulation during a blow job and I've now managed to give him three fingers in his ass courtesy of Butt Wax. We've actually been talking about the possibility of fisting each other so I'd say that this cream lives up to its name.

My husband also likes this product for hand jobs and finds it very comparable to Boy Butter (which is still his favorite!) because it never loses it's slickness. I didn't find there was really any taste to the lube when sucking/jerking him so I'd say that is another plus.
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  • Sexalicious K
    Sounds pretty "anal industrial!" Let us know how your fisting endeavor goes. Angry
  • Oggins
    It would be a sight to see you cooking up some fries with this stuff! Tongue out It does sound like a good product though. I just may have to try it out for myself! Thanks for the great review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I originally thought this would be litter ally butt wax. LOL Too many "big wet ass" videos for me, maybe. It's cool that so much comes in it.
  • Mamastoys
    I have "Butt Wax" for my motorcycle..not the same thing though but wonder if they are related?!?!?! Surprised

    Nice review!
  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds lovely...might have to order a tub for my guys!
  • Nixon_42
    Sounds like it's perfect for the intended use. Might have to get some!
  • 2BudZ
    Loved the review! Have you tried the fries yet? Going on wish list right now.
  • ToyingCouple
    Thanks 2BudZ.... no, we haven't had the fries yet but this is still an awesome lube. We've used it quite a bit and haven't made much of a dent in the huge container!
  • Selective Sensualist
    Just wondering how your toys are still holding up after using them with this wax? I worry that an oil-base like this would leave a residue on toys that would not wash off well and build up over time.
  • Yoda
    I wonder the same thing...
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Awesome review
  • Shumway
    Great review! Very informative, and humorous to boot
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for the review!
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