Flirty little secret firming bronzer with pheromones - cream by Booty Parlor - review by K101

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Great bronzer for a "pick me up" during winter months

This is a great bronzer for those who don't like to tan and/or want a little added shimmer and color to their skin occasionally. It's a simple, quick way to add color when showing off your legs without requiring a tanning bed or sun. It's the best bronzer/sunless tanner I've used yet.
Does enhance a glowy tan!
Looks natural.
No streaking.
Plastic odor.
Temporary only.
Can stain fabric.
Some ingredients.
Doesn't moisturize.
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The bronzer cream is basically a sunless tanner. It's used just like you would a lotion, but basically, it temporarily stains your skin. It's not a tanning lotion that's meant to be used in the tanning bed or sun, it's simply a lotion that you rub on to bronzen your skin, if bronzen is a word.

This product is best used on arms and legs for a boost in complexion. The bottle recommends using it on the chest too. You'll need to be sure you're not allergic to the ingrediens before using, and I don't recommend using it on your sensitive chest or facial skin if you're sensitive. I don't recommend using it on your face or else you'll look like a penny!

Despite the excessive amount of ingredients in this product, I'll go ahead and list them all. If this bores you, just skip it.

Isostearyl Linoleate: The ester of isostearyl alcohol and linoleic acid.

Octydodecanol: Long chain, fatty alcohol. Has emollient and lubricating properties to soften skin. Also prevents oil and liquids in the product from separating. Can cause irritation, but is said to be a rarity.

Ceteareth-5: Forms emulsions by reducing surface tension, decreases thickness. Evaluated by CIR Expert Panel, and deemed safe for use in personal care products (but not used on damaged skin!)

Polysorbate-80: Helps other ingredients dissolve in a solvent. Deemed safe as cosmetic ingredient by the CIR Expert Panel.

Neopentyl Glycol: Emollient, thickening agent.

Diethylhexanoate: Fatty acid. A plasticizer, emollient, skin conditioning agent. Deemed safe for use in cosmetics by the CIR Expert Panel.

Mica: A group of silicate minerals that naturally occur. A coloring agent.

Dimethicone: A silicone-based polymer (hence the reason dimethicone is always in a silicone lubricant.) CIR Expert Panel has deemed it safe for use in cosmetics. Anti-foaming agent, skin conditioning protectant agent, occlusive.

Glycereth-26: emollient, thickener, emulsifier.

Titanium Dioxide: The oxide of titanium. A color additive & opacifying agent.

Ammonium Acryloyldimethyl taurate/VP Copolymer: Synthetic polymeric sulfonic acid. Gelling agent, thickener, stabilizer.

Cetyl Esters: Synthetic wax. Lubricates skin, gives it soft & smooth appearance. Deemed safe for cosmetics use by CIR Expert Research Panel.

Crclopentasiloxane: I don't think this is a real ingredient, or it's been spelled wrong and is supposed to be Cyclopentasiloxane, which is later listed in the ingredients. It's a silicone fluid and its purpose is to leave shine on skin, so I'm positive that EF intended this to be Cyclopentasiloxane, not Crclopentasiloxane. It also fills in wrinkles, which is likely why the product claims to "firm." Results are not permanent. However, it is harmful for the environment.

Dimethicone: Listed multiple times in the ingredient list. I've already stated its purpose.

Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone: Skin conditioning agent, emulsifyer, water-binding, prevents separation of product. It conditions skin. Some say it acts as a toxic carcinogen.

Cross Polymer:Film-former, viscosity increasing, absorbs oils from skin.


Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Chains of amino acids. Film-forming properties, helps with moisture retention.

Glyceryl Polymethacrylate: Another film-former and viscosity increasing agent. Helps reconstruct dermis, increases skin firmness.

Rahnella/Soy Protein Ferment: Derived from soy protein. Skin conditioning agent,

Propylene Glycol: Part of the alcohol family, an organic alcohol and a solvent often used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, deodorant. Unfortunately, according to Propylene Glycol's MSDS sheet, it is slightly toxic to skin and eyes. It apparently can cause damage to the central nervous system, which includes brain and spinal cord. There is also animal evidence showing that this ingredient has mutagenic properties and is a teratogen, meaning it can lead to cancer and cause birth defects. Despite these findings, the FDA deems Propylene Glycol safe. However, according to the CIR Expert Panel, this ingredient is considered safe when forumlated to be non-irritating, whatever that means. Its purpose is to attract water and act as a moisturizer, enhance appearance of skin by reducing flaking. It's also a stabilizer.

Glycerin: A sugar alcohol. One of the leading causes for UTI's. I personally avoid toothpaste (using natural soap instead) because of the effects glycerin has on your teeth. However, since I'm not sensitive other places to glycerin, it's not a deal-breaker for me when used as an ingredient in most products. Glycerin is used as a humectant, hair & skin conditioning agent, skin protectant and it decreases viscosity. Just be sure not to use it downstairs.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide: Chain of amino acids. May be able to provide wrinkle-free appearance.

Algae Extract: Used as a thickening, water-binding, and anti-oxidant agent in skincare. Some specific algae can cause irritation.

PEG-8: The polyethylene glycol ester of Lauric Acid. A surfactant. Possibly linked to organ toxicity.

Glucosamine HCI Blend: Retains moisture & plumps skin.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract: A skin conditioning agent also known as "baker's yeast." May be able to help increase microcirculation and the appearance of dark circles.

Urea: Chemical compound found in urine, but also made synthetically created by using ammonia and carbon dioxide. Most commonly used as lawn fertilizer, but here it's used to rehydrate skin.

Androstenol: A pheromone. It's a steroidal compound found in animals and humans. Ingredient list does not state exact what type here is used, but it's pretty safe to say there's not even enough to be cause for any noticeable reaction from other people.

Phenoxyethanol: Preservative. Very harmful. Phenoxyethanol is an organ system toxicity, can be irrtational to skin, eyes and lungs.

Fragrance(Parfum): Could literally be anything.

Geraniol: A monoterpenoid alcohol or powerful ingredient extracted from geranium oil. It is an insect repellent, used in cosmetics for fragrance.

Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde: Another fragrant. Large amounts can cause skin irritation.

Lyral: Another fragrant. Can cause dermititis, especially for those with conditions such as eczema.

Butylphenyl Methylpropional: Fragrant.

Limonene: As the name suggests, this is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits. Helps creams penetrate skin and is even used to block cancer-forming chemicals.

Linalool: Terpene alcohol that occurs naturally. Found in plants, used for fragrance.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Ingredients continued...

Iron Oxides (CI 77489, CI 77491, CI 77499): Colorants.

Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163) Another color additive. Can cause breakouts on skin and irritation.


This feels a lot like a very runny lotion. If I pour some into my hand and tip it, it'll run off. It isn't as runny as a lubricant, but more like a liquidy lotion.

The color of this is similar to the lid, or the color you see on my hand in my photo. It's very bronze. In fact, it's the exact color of a penny. It's super shimmery. The shimmer in the bronzer is very fine, small flecks not large glitter or sparkle. The shimmer shows big time on my hands or on your face, but not so well on my legs unless you're up close looking. The shimmer is to help achieve the bronze effect.

This doesn't have the same feel as a lotion, cream or gel. It's simply like a super watery lotion. It's thin and watery. Not oily, not smooth, thick or creamy. There isn't any greasy residue left behind. It did leave my hands feeling funny with an almost rough sensation of residue, although it's only noticeable on my hands. It doesn't cause my legs to be all sticky and my skin to stick together when my legs are touching. It actually isn't noticeable on the skin after it dries, but I can definitely feel it between my fingers, but I feel any kind of lotion or even facial moisturizer or foundation when I've applied with my hands.

When I rub a bit between my fingers, I am not able to feel the shimmer grit on my skin. It's so fine that it's not noticeable except to the eye.

Taste / Aroma

The odor of this lotion is subtle, but when rubbing it in, I detect a plasticy odor, which would be unpleasant if it didn't dissipate quickly after being rubbed in. The odor isn't pleasant in the least, despite the numerous amount of fragrant additives in the ingredients. I'm migraine-prone and very sensitive to scents, but this doesn't bother me. If the plasticy odor alone is a problem, you can cover it up easily by adding a favorite scented lotion after this dries.


To my surprise, this bronzer does actually leave my skin a fresh, slightly glowing, slightly darker color. When I first squirted some onto my hand, I expected it to be all streaky, but it blended in perfectly. It did darken my color just a bit, but I already have a tan complexion everywhere but my chest and arms. I took a photo of the product on one leg and not the other, but it's terribly hard to see the difference in the photos.

Unless you look closely and see shimmer, you can't even tell there's any bronzer on my legs. It does look incredily natural against my already natural skin tone. But I have to warn, this could look really awkward on a very pale complexion. It could even turn up with orange notes instead of brown. If you're already slightly tanned, like me, this will blend perfectly and naturally.

Above you see the lotion on only my right leg. The difference was a good deal more noticeable in person, but I tried my best to capture it here.
Another thing to keep in mind is this lotion will not make your skin more than 2 (at the most) shades darker, unless you're extremely pale, in which case it'll likely turn you all the way orange and not look natural.

To remove the bronzer simply use soap and water. As I said, this is a temporary bronzer and will not permanently change your skin tone, even with repetitive use. Also, I highly recommend washing your hands immediately after applying or it will end up all over any light colored clothing. Also allow the product time to dry before dressing or sitting on light colored furniture. It will and does stain. However, it has been removed from my fabrics when washed, but this may not be the case for every fabric. Better to be safe.

While it can stain light colored fabrics, once it is dry, it doesn't rub off onto my white & black zebra bed sheets or clothing. While showering, you may notice the water take on a dark appearance. Don't flip! Just remember you used bronzer, and it's going to rinse off and show.

It did require a small dab of soap to totally wash off my hands, but it does come off easily with water too, only I worry about staining things, so I use soap to be 100% sure.

Despite the large amount of moisturizing ingredients, this actually leaves my skin looking more dry than before I use it! I think it could be the shimmer or something about the color causing my legs to look somewhat cracked. It does not moisturize though, not in the least, which was disappointing because I don't want to have to apply lotion and bronzer. I'd like it to moisturize too. So what I do is apply my moisturizer to my skin first, then the bronzer once the moisturizer has been absorbed. It doesn't seem to have any effect when I add moisturizer, so it won't react badly.

I don't think I'd say this absorbs into the skin. It lays on top of the skin, like a layer of bronzer, but it does not actually absorb like some lotions will.

The good thing is, the bronzer does stay on, leaving your skin the golden brown color until you wash it off. It's not something you have to reapply more than one time a day.
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The tube is much like any other lotion tube. It has a flip-top lid, which is easy enough to open while holding the bottle with one hand and using your thumb to snap it open. It's not messy, it doesn't leak and could be carried in a purse or luggage if you just wanted to take it with you. It's not going to leak unless a heavy item was sat on top of it, then the pressure may cause the lid to pop open, but otherwise, it's pretty safe.

I store this in a basket with my other lotions, but you can really store it anywhere. The box is useless since it is thin, and only takes up more space. Also, the exact same text on the box is also found on the bottle itself, so the box isn't even needed for informational purposes. And yes, this makes a beautiful addition to a gift basket. I got a bottle for my mom too.

This comes packaged in a thick paper box, much like other lotions you buy in-store. The box is silver. There's a lot of text on the box, and the bottle has the exact same text in the exact same places as the box does. I'm going to type everything you'll see on the package & bottle below.

"Flirty Little Secret Bronzer

Firming bronzer with pheromones.

She's a vixen. She's a temptress. She's a bronze goddess who gets all the attention.
What's her flirty little secret?

Be a serious glow-getter with this lightly shimmering, lusciously scented firming bronzer. It's the only body bronzer infused with a sexy secret weapon - a powerful pheromone designed to make you feel irresistible to the opposite sex!

What makes Flirty Little Secret firming bronzer a seductive must-have?

-Bio-Bustyl: a targeted enhancer to firm and tone the look of your sexy bust!

- Tritisol XM: a powerful wheat protein that produces immediately tightened appearance on the skin!

-UGL Complex: a special ingredient that polishes the skin. . . and dramatically increases firmness over time!

- Pheromones act as an attraction agent to inspire self-confidence and flirtation!

Create instant attraction and glow-getting curve appeal!

Directions: apply evenly to arms, legs decolletage, or anywhere you want to look firm, tones and bronzed. Allow skin to dry before dressing. Use daily to help reduce the appearance of dimples. See sexy, supple skin get tighter and more toned!

*Does not include sunscreen and is not a sunless tanner.

Special Features

Bronzes skin leaving it a shade or two darker. It also has a large amount of shimmer, which really isn't noticeable on the legs, but is up close such as on hands, chest, face and arms.

Personal comments


This bronzing product leaves only temporary results. As soon as you shower, the color and shimmer is gone, so do not expect this to actually stain your skin for a period of time, even with repeated use it will not. Also, don't buy this expecting the "aphrodisiac" claims to work as a match maker. They're false claims. This is not a sexual attractant, but the bronzer alone is a great enough product that the company didn't need to pump it up with false claims.

This can stain sheets or light colored clothing, so make sure it's dry before dressing or getting on the bed, like I warned earlier. It will leave a dark bronze color on light clothing, just like makeup can do.

This is a really fantastic product that is awesome for a quick brush of color to your limbs, even with the high price of it. The tube seems it'll even last a good while, but it's not something I want to apply to my skin every single day. Just when I'm in need of an extra bit of color/shimmer.

These are the only reasons I didn't give it five stars.


I can't believe it! I like it!

I'm really not much of a lotion-tanner. I will wear bronzer on my face, but I usually carry a rich tanned complexion year round except for on my face and arms (I'm anemic). My mom and I kept talking about this Flirty Bronzer, so I broke down and bought it so we could try it. I was like "I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I like it. Crap." It's a good product. I have used lotions that darken your skin before. I used Jergens for a long time several years ago, which is meant to eventually give you a "permenant" tan after so much use. It never did that for me, but it made my skin icky and I stunk to high heavens for a month!

I didn't expect anything from this product really. I thought I'd get a little shimmer, and then when I seen the dark, red/brown color of the lotion, I thought for sure I'd have legs streaked in strange color. I rubbed it in and it was over. I liked it. It doesn't darken your color incredibly, but it damn sure enhances a tan! Also, it's good for those who tend to get pale during winter, but wear skirts and want a little glowy tan.
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