Wet shave cream for men by Wet Lubricants - review by In Purrgatory

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Hair care for a bare pair down there - fair share?

It does what it promises quite well - I had a good shaving experience. But it's doubtful you will need such a specialized product.
Smooth shave, moisturizes well.
Small bottle.
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I have experimented with shaving down below before, and didn’t exactly like it. It was a tedious process and (perhaps as a result of my poor technique) I got very itchy. Since then, I’ve just been content to simply keep things neat and trim. I think it looks pretty decent that way, and haven’t gotten much disagreement from my partners. But that was a while ago – I didn’t have any viral Youtube videos to inform me of the ‘industry-approved’ technique for instance; nor an approving NY Times article on the phenomenon. After all the recent attention, when I ran across it on Eden I decided to give it a go once more; just for curiosity’s sake.

I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic, though, so I suspected that there might not be much point to a shaving cream that was specifically targeted at body shaving. After all (and as the Times article points out), there’s a reason those Youtube videos were produced by Gillette and Nivea. So I decided to do a side-by-side comparison between this product, and just your run-of-the-mill Edge shaving gel.

First, the ingredient list. Both products have their share of incomprehensible chemical compounds (e.g., behentrimonium methosulfate is the third ingredient for the Wet shave cream), but the Wet shave cream also brings in some more natural (sounding) ones, like aloe, wheat and silk amino acids, and jojoba seed oil, whereas the Edge gel is almost completely chemical. I’ve never been one to get all gaga about organic ingredients, but it is certainly a modest point in Wet’s favor.

On to the actual products. Both of them had a similar goopy consistency at first, which works itself into a lather once rubbed. The Wet shave cream is not in a pressurized can, like most “normal” creams. It’s in a simple flip-top container, with a lotion-like consistency. In fact, it was not unlike the Edge gel, although it did feel a bit creamier and thicker. Both products lathered up upon application. I had Edge on one half and Wet on the other.

I brought out a fresh razor and went to work following the handy video instructions. I was trying to pay close attention to the differences between the two sides, but I couldn’t really tell much difference. Both went reasonably smoothly, and I got an equally close shave on either side. The biggest contrast was after I cleaned up. The Wet side felt much moister and smoother, whereas the Edge side was a bit more tender (though not terrible); doubtless this was a result of the aloe and other moisturizing ingredients in the Wet shave cream. You can’t tell the difference looking at it, though.

So what’s my verdict? Well, I’d say that the Wet shave cream is a pretty good product, probably comparable to a high-end moisturizing shave gel. (A caveat: I don’t have that much experience with different shaving products since I usually use an electric razor on my face.) It does cost $8 for a small 1.5 ounce bottle, though, which is a bit more than most “regular” shaving creams, so maybe you’ll want to economize if you plan on doing this regularly. As for me, I still think the trimmed look is the way to go (or maybe I’m just too lazy to shave yet another area). I just hope I’m not too itchy tomorrow…
Follow-up commentary
Well, the Wet shave cream doesn't seem to diminish itchiness much at all, so I doubt I'll be shaving much more. It might make for a decent lube, though. You hate to see something go to waste.
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  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I have Intimo Shave Cream which is also by Wet and I love it. I can get some HORRIBLE razor bumps and burn on my bikini line area and I get absolutely none with the Intimo so I love it. I think that most specialized creams are pointless unless you have issues like me. A little itch can easily be taken care of my any cortizone cream.

    Is this scented at all? did you notice a difference in how well your razor glided? Did it make it any harder to rinse the razor? Did it make your tub/shower slipper? (That's something I've noticed with the Intimo Cream).
  • In Purrgatory
    It has a sort of artificial mango smell in the bottle, but I doubt that's intentional. I certainly didn't notice it when I was using it (but then again I have a horrible sense of smell).

    I did not notice much difference in the performance of my razor, nor in the slipperiness of my shower. I can't imagine using so much that it actually affects things, but I guess one could always just shave sitting down.
  • hotcherry
    Thanks for the review
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