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Highly Rewarding Titillation

These are a must-have pair of extra hands or mouths, and can turn almost any meal into a royal banquet. No purple nurples...just the contented, relaxed hum of pleasure.
An indispensable buy for those who can wriggle ecstatically through nipple play.
Very faint rubbery smell, if you look for it. Not punishingly tight, if BDSM is uppermost.
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After searching unsuccessfully before, I finally found these little gems from the often brilliant California Exotics line on EF, having first noted them on one of of my two favorite small Canadian websites. They received a glowing recommendation from women, so I immediately bought them for my wife.

Now this is a bit of a specialty toy category, as not all women crave, tolerate, or even want to endure intense, focused nipple play. It is certainly a case of knowing the wishes and responses of your partner. My wife has always greatly enjoyed attentive nipple stimulation, and more so it seems after nursing four kids. So a high recommendation, relative material safety, and fair price was enough to whisk them into the house.

If your partner has similar sensitivity and stamina (mine has the somewhat admirable ability to come (or come close) from nipple play alone), then look seriously at these clamps.

Ours are pink rather than the light purple shown by EF, but the rest of the package is the same. They come pre-loaded with 3 watch batteries apiece, insulated from draining by a simple tape that's removed prior to use. And you are generously provided with another pair of 3 back up batteries once the first set are exhausted.

(We are only on our second set now, after fairly regular use over the past few months.)

The power plant of the Nipplettes are a basic bullet vibe, turned on or off by depressing a rubberized black button on the end of each. They are quiet, long lasting, and while not all of the power that makes you believe in the thunderous approach of a herd of elephants, they are engaging, and don't wear out their welcome even after extended wear.

The EF photos are excellent, so have a peek at them; they show the simplicity of the Nipplettes, and clearly assure these are not your alligator toothed jaws of punishment.

The tension is decent, and holds well onto a large nipple through all but the most robust or unbridled sessions. It may not be as exquisitely tight as decided BDSM disciples might wish, but for the rest of us hoi poloi, it suffices admirably. There is a small plastic screw, to adjust and even lessen the pressure on the nipple, but we've not needed to use it at all. But it is there, if you require a less firm grip. The lower jaw is prairie smooth and quite wide, further diffusing the pinch sensation.
A raised eyebrow was definitely detected on my wife's face when I first brought these into the light. As soon as they were gently clamped onto her nipples, there has never been another moment of instinctive caution or worry. Now, if she detects me reaching for the bedside drawer while kissing, she is, I believe, somewhat excited. Putting them onto her nipples keeps my hands and mouth free for other pursuits, and the very quiet buzzing keeps her attention. Gently moving them, to change the lay of the bullet vibe, keeps them interesting. And occasionally cupping a hand over the nipple and breast diffuses the vibration in a way that can cause her to catch her breath.

The generously wide opening and gentle clamping of a Nipplettes makes it easy to remove from the breast and attach to the clitoral hood or lips, and is usually part of their journey before being switched off and returned to the drawer.

These are more suited to a woman, I believe; my small male nipples provide little turf to seize upon, and the Nipplettes lack the gripping power to make up for that, so they readily fall off. They could probably work clipped here or there on the balls, but we've not tried that yet, as they are usually on the job elsewhere.

In fact the restrained buzz and gentle wide jaw allows for experimental placing in different sensitive bits. One EF reviewer mentioned enjoying playful 'aural sex' with the ears of her lover using a subtle vibrator. And why not!

These are highly recommended!
Follow-up commentary
These little devices still continue to see very regular work (certainly in our top two or three most used items). In fact they remain bedside in a handy little decorated tin (along with a cock-ring or two and some other small items) for easy and ready access.

Only now, a few months on, are the second set of watch batteries that came with the Nipplettes now close to exhaustion, and I'll probably go out to get replacements in the next day or two.

These are still the go-to little toy, to pull out if I want to distract my wife a little, to surprise her elsewhere, or to free up a hand or two. They've held up beautifully and continue to work without any problem.
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