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Lip gloss by Body Language

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Is It A Hype? Is It Your Average Lip Gloss?

Mineral lip gloss is a shimmering gloss that easily dispensed with the brush that comes inside the tube. You get a 0.3 oz tube with minimal ingredients listed. It smells great and taste great, but it goes on very thin, doesn't last long, and tends to dry out your lips. The gloss isn't sticky or greasy, but overall just your average gloss.
Sparkly, easy to dispense, minimal ingredients, smell, taste, and not sticky.
Goes on too thin, doesn't last, only get 0.3 oz and dries out your lips.
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This lip gloss is my first product that is mineral makeup. I decided that I needed to educate myself on mineral makeup. I had no idea what the purpose of mineral makeup was or if it was any different from regular makeup. I went on a search for something to explain to me. I've come across Wed MD's: The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup.

What I learned was that Mineral makeup is generally no different from traditional makeup. Mineral makeup tends not to include oils, dyes, chemicals, parabens, fragrance, but you can buy traditional makeup that doesn't either. The main reasoning behind Mineral makeup is that it allows those who are sensitive to many allergy causing ingredients, that are usually in makeup, to use makeup. However, these Mineral makeups also have a downfall. Some ingredients have been ground into micronized ultra small particles that can penetrate the skin protective layers and cause harmful reactions.

Mineral makeup is viewed as a marketing hype by some because it's not really anymore natural then traditional makeup. Because mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxides aren't mined and used for makeup. They are synthesized in the lab.


Mineral lip gloss is used to give shine to your lips. This lip gloss is not for adding moisture and will not replace any products that do add moisture to your lips. This lip gloss goes on virtually clear, but with added sparkles. You can wear this lip gloss over your regular lip color or alone.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Mineral gloss comes in a tube with a twist off cap. When you twist off the cap attached is a brush to make applying easy. To apply you just rub the brush on your lips applying the desired amount. The amount on the brush is very small, so you are going to need to dip a few times in order to apply a decent amount. The gloss spreads easily with this brush and goes on rather thin. It's a very watery consistency, but with a hint of grittiness. The grittiness is from the sparkles. These sparkles are very fine, but you can slightly feel them on your lips when you rub them together. This gloss is not at all sticky, oily, or greasy feeling. It feels very natural aside from the sparkles.

Taste / Aroma

The ingredient that gives this lip gloss it's aroma and taste is Raspberry Flavor oil. The smell is very light, sweet, and fruity. The smell is like white chocolate truffles with a hint of raspberry. I really enjoy the smell of this gloss and it's probably the best feature about this gloss. Should you like you lips with this gloss on you won't get a lip gloss taste, but instead you'll taste a sweet treat. It's almost too good to be lip gloss. I find myself wanting to eat it because it taste so good. It's like white chocolate raspberry.


The color is labeled as iced and I'd have to agree with that description. It goes on clear, but gives shine and shimmer. The sparkles are what you can really see with this gloss. Sadly the performance of this gloss is the downfall. It doesn't last long at all. I talked this lip gloss off within 20 minutes. If you take one lick of your lips, this lip gloss disappears. Which also means if you are drinking or eating it will disappear too. If you allow this gloss to dry on your lips, it really dries out your lips. My lips felt chalky and really dry. Like when you lick your lips far too much and you end up with burning red lips. They were so dry it felt like my lips would crack if I open my mouth too much. It does perform better if you put it over top of another lip product. I would definitely recommend wearing a hydrating lip product with this gloss. If you want to remove the gloss, you will just need a damp cloth or one lick to your lips. A dry cloth will work, but may leave you feeling like you have a residue on your lips.


You get a usual size tube that can easily fit in your purse or pocket. The tube is labeled as containing 9 grams, but converting to Ounces that is only 0.3 oz.

Special Features

Ingredients Breakdown:
Castor Oil- extracted from Ricinus communis seeds and used to condition and add moisture.
Coconut Oil- extracted from kernels of the seeds found on Coconut palms; used to condition.
Jojoba Oil- extracted from the Jojoba seed; used condition and control viscosity.
Fractionated Coconut Oil- Coconut oil with fatty acids separated for different uses.
Carnauba Wax- extracted from leaves of Carnauba palm; used as a epilating agent.
Raspberry Flavor Oil- extracted from the seeds of raspberries; used to add scent/flavor.
Mica- extremely brittle minerals that are used for colorants.
Titanium Dioxide- (white pigment) should not be inhaled, but has low risk when absorbed through the skin. It is an in organic compound that is used as Colorant, Sunscreen Agent, and Ultraviolet Light Absorber.

Skin Deep for reference.

Personal comments

I found this lip gloss for sale for $10.95 from the manufacturer. I personally think that is too much for your run of the mill lip gloss. Especially since this one doesn't do much of anything aside from adding some shine and shimmer. I personally would rather have something hydrating on my lips then this lip gloss.

I would only recommend this gloss to someone who is sensitive to many ingredients because the ingredient list is minimal on this gloss. Having less ingredients in a product lessens your chance of being allergic to one. Or to someone who is looking for a gloss to go over another lip product. Otherwise, I say, stick with your usual.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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