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Let's Do It!

Need an icebreaker to get the sexy party started? The Do It! Sex Position Game will not only decide which sex position to do it in, but where to do it. In this game you will explore 10 sex positions and 12 locations with the flick of a spinner and the pick of a card. It looks like a game of Twister, except naughtier.
Includes spinner and cards, basic instructions.
Kind of cheesy, may be boring after one use, cheap look and design.
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Purpose / Audience

Whether you are a couple, friends with benefits, or just a group of kinky friends who are looking to have random fun, the Do It! Sex Position Game will serve plenty of fun to go around. There isn't much of a "goal" to the game; it's basically a game that decides not only which position you will do it in, but also the location as well. This game is targeted towards any audience, specifically towards a couple or a group of people.
    • Anyone
    • Couples

Rules / Content

The game includes a spinner with 10 sexual positions and 12 cards of locations. The sexual positions include Anal, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Cowgirl, Plate, Sitting, Spoon, Recline, Doggie, and Screw. The locations are Bathroom, Car, Bedroom, Balcony, Garage, Laundry Room, Kitchen, Dining Table, Living Room,Sofa, Shower, and Backyard. In Twister-like fashion, you flick a spinner, it lands on a certain sex position, then you pick a card, and it says which position to do it in. From there, you "do it" at the certain location, doing it in that particular sex position. As the description of the game states, everyone is a winner. There aren't any list of instructions besides what's said on the description page.


Admittedly, there is something very 70's looking about the design and look of the game from the pictures of the sex positions on the spinner to the look of the actual cards. It really does remind you of a game of Twister in the look and design of it. The board is made of cardboard, and the cards are slick and glossy. It's uncertain if this game would last for a long time; the cards can tear, and the spinner is cheaply made. It is travel friendly and can easily be stored underneath the bed or in a drawer. There aren't any pieces besides the cards, so there's no worry that you will lose anything if you do decide to travel with it.

Personal comments

The reason why I gave this game 2 stars is mostly because of the presentation, look, and design. As stated, the idea of the game is cute, but it's not particularly entertaining nor exciting enough to be a staple in one's sexual routine. Is the game cheesy? Yes. Is it a game that one can really take all that seriously? Not really. It has the look and feel of a game that you would give more as a novelty gift or a gag gift. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the game is a dud. The idea of it is fun, but whether it's a game that you could or would use on a regular basis is questionable. A lot of the locations are do-able (no pun intended), somewhat exciting, but pretty basic. Depending on where you live, however, not all of the locations are realistic. If you live in a college dorm room, you may only be able to perform 8 out of the 12 sex locations. If you live in an apartment, you may only be able to do 10 out of the 12 sex locations. The sex positions are also pretty basic, but fun. I could see this game being used at a sex party, or used at an orgy where you can let a group of 2 or 3 people at a time flick the spinner and pick a card, and maybe occasionally used by couples. It's an "ice breaker" game; it will get the party started but not dominate or take over the entire party.
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  • Liz2
    Enjoyed your review! I really see this game as a gag gift.
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    Nice review, I think all sex games are a bit cheesy.
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