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Max Attract for men

Max Attract Sex Attractant Cologne in hypnotic is one of the new products in the men's line from Classic Erotica. This cologne is infused with pheromones designed to work with a man's natural scent, enhance his sex appeal, and attract the opposite sex. It's a light scent that smells good, but isn't overpowering or headache causing. This isn't a cologne that is going to knock everyone out within the vicinity.
Light scent, smells nice, pheromones.
Not an all day/night cologne.
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Classic Erotica is switching gears and putting out a line for men! Max Attract Sex Attractant Cologne is their first male cologne. As you can guess from the name, it is intended to lure in the opposite sex, because it is infused with pheromones which work differently with each individual man, working in harmony with his own unique natural scent. Spritz some on before going out with the guys, on a first date with that special girl, or surprise your long time lover with something new.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The cologne is a fine mist, like most other cologne and perfume products. It doesn't run like some colognes do if you keep a good distance; if you put the nozzle right up to your skin, it will run. You can use your wrist or fingers to rub it in or just allow it to dry on its own, which it does pretty quickly. It doesn't feel greasy or sticky; it's rather smooth actually. It soaks into the skin well.

Taste / Aroma

Max Attract Sex Attractant Cologne says "hypnotic" under the name; I'm assuming that is the particular scent of this one, and it raises the question: will there be more scents in this line?!

I had my guy wear this 3 different days so we could get a good idea of how it stands up. We had a hard time pinpointing the exact scent of this cologne or figuring out a scent to compare it to. It does smell like an aftershave product without the harsh sting, and it doesn't smell "cheap" like some tend to do. The smell is very light; this won't cause you a headache. To me, when I smell it over again to write this review, all I can come up with is that it smells nice, light, and seductive with a hint of man. This isn't a cologne that everyone is going to smell as soon as you walk into a room: in fact, you need to be close to the person wearing it to really smell it because it isn't very strong at all. So if you are looking for something that is gonna knock them down, screaming "HEY HERE I AM!", this isn't the cologne for you. If you are looking for something subtle, then this is they way to go.


My man wore this 3 different days to test it out for me. Unless he was sitting next to me, I could barely catch a whiff of the cologne. When sitting next to me I could lightly smell it, it was nice and not overpowering but it isn't going to stay noticeable all day and night without re-applying it.

It really is a nice scent: a nice alternative to those colognes that make you wonder if he bathed in the entire bottle before coming over. To be honest, I do wish it was just a bit stronger than what it is.

As mentioned earlier, this is infused with pheromones which work with the man's natural scent to put off a unique smell all of its own. It is supposed to enhance sex appeal, drive women crazy, lure them in, and have them clawing at you. Does it do that? Well, this is different with each person. Some say pheromones work, others say they don't. Was I more aroused by it than other scents he wears? No. But I did like the smell; I think it's sexy but no, it didn't leave me feeling like a lioness in heat ready to pounce as soon as we were alone.

I have searched the internet to see if I could find any reviews on this to provide you with some other opinions on the smell, but alas, I have found none, and Classic Erotica's site doesn't provide any details on the scent of this product.


Max Attract Sex Attractant Cologne in "hypnotic" comes in a very nice, tasteful glass bottle. The front is very discreet, but on the back in small print it says things like "Upgrade your sex power!" and other things along the lines of enhancing your sex appeal.

Special Features

Infused with pheromones.
Follow-up commentary
We won't be getting another bottle of this stuff. It isn't strong at all. There have been times where I have smelled it when close to him, but not always. It could stand to be a bit stronger if you ask me.
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  • KayYJelly
    thanks for the review ! i was planning on getting this for my guy, but now i won't bother since it doesn't seem like a very strong or noticeable scent for you or others.
  • Badonk
    wish it lasted longer
  • amenti

    Thank you for your helpful review!

  • rpmast3r
  • TransMarc
    Seems like a good product for me. I don't like strong scents, and usually can smell scents when others can't. I mostly wear cologne and perfumes for confidence, so it's not a problem if I'm the only one to smell it. Thanks for reviewing!
  • Zombirella
    You're welcome
  • Kristi :)
    wanted to buy it for my man (well for me. hehe) but was concerned about it having a cheap gas station cologne smell. lol Thank you
  • Mrs.Tee
    Sounds like it was a dissappointment. Hope you all find or have found something that smells a little more better. Great review. Thanks for sharing
  • Zombirella
    You're welcome!
  • KinkyKatieJames
    Thanks! I'm definitely bummed that this isn't strong.
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