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Sex chakra spritzer

Mist by Angelic Aromas

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"No Nymphos rejoicing here..."

I am not sure how there can be 4 different essential oils in the Sex Chakra Spritzer and no trace of oil in the spray. There are many fine erotic products offered by Eden Fantasys that I am sure would be a way better choice for spending your hard earned money on…rather than this spritzer. No Nympho rejoicing goin’ on here! Instead, looking at the website for the next new product to try out and enjoy!
Blue bottle is a pretty color.
Heavy on the sandalwood & tangerine scents, very watery.
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Upon receipt of the notice that I was going to be receiving the Sex Chakra Spritzer I was excited to be selected to write a review of this product. I waited with anticipation, each day checking the mail box to see if it had arrived. When I finally got the golden key which let me know there was a larger package in the mailbox, I was ecstatic at the potential opportunities that could possibly arise in my near future (tee-hee!).

I brought in the box and tore open the packaging--it was very well wrapped and also provided a small source of entertainment with the bubble wrap--we won’t say where that was used (of course after it was washed!). The bottle was a brilliant blue color with a bright orange label on it. The label and the model on the label reminded me of something very retro. The wording under Sex Chakra says that it is a Energy H2O spritzer. It is listed as 8 ounces of 100% Pure Essential Oils of jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood & tangerine in a base of distilled water.

I opened the bottle, anticipating a soft romantic fragrance, as jasmine and ylang-ylang are two of my favorites when I receive a full body massage. Instead my nose was hit with a tangy, earthy fragrance. At this point I had not read the ingredients--I am guessing that the tangy part was the citrusy smell of the tangerine oil. And the earthy tones were coming from the sandalwood. Jasmine and ylang-ylang were greatly overpowered by the other oils.

The label reads “Expand YOUR Sexuality!! Sexy scented!! Spritz on yourself anytime of the day to create an orgasmic energy field around you, kitten. OOoooOooooH, la la, baby! Hedonism is a way of life. Nymphos rejoice, and be happy!”

So I did! What I expected was a light mist with a slight oily texture that would linger on my skin and heighten my sexuality--what I got was a spray of watery liquid that ran down my arm before I got a chance to rub it in. I thought maybe I had to shake it up or something to mix the oils and the water; but alas, the same results. I poured some out of the bottle to analyze the content and it looked like plain water--I did not see any remnants of any essential oils. There was no residue of any oils on my skin when I rubbed the area just sprayed just a scent was left.

I asked my partner to smell and spray the Sex Chakra Spritzer to get their opinion--and theirs was the same as mine. Nothing was a big turn on to either of us. There were no bells and whistles--no hints of hedonism--just a watery smelly spray.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Too bad the scents weren't better balanced.
    I would expect a good product to have blended the oils and water base in such a way that they wouldn't separate from each other upon visual inspection.
  • hotmom5358
    Dear CW - thanks for the comments - it is too bad they wasn't a better balance of scents. Other than the ingredients being listed as oils i wouldn't have even known there was ANY oil in it. When it is sprayed on the body - it is just like water and leave no hint of oil at all. Strange. My daughter smelled it after I wrote the review and said it smelled like a "floral cold medicine" - doesn't that sound SEXY!! Thanks again for the comment & Happy Halloween!
  • hotmom5358
    sorry I meant to say - it is too bad THERE wasn't a better balance of scents, {not they!}
  • Minxy
    Sorry to hear you're first experience was a not such a great one. Eden has lots of wonderful products, I'm sure things will get better in the future.
  • MommaILF
    I had the same experience. I'm really sorry I spent my money on this.
  • melianofvalinor9
    I won't be trying it now...
  • Jenni Shelton
  • sarahswallows
    thank you for the review
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the very honest review.
  • geliebt
    Thanks! What a shame
  • LuciFaery
    Thanks for the review!
  • Anne
    good review
  • Feisty
    Thanks for sharing!
  • lovebites
    thanks for the review!
  • Mrs.Tee
    I really thought that this one would be worth it but it seems like i have been reading bad reviews after bad reviews. Great review and thanks for the info
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