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Not so crystal clear a choice

Unless you are really drawn to the look of plastic beads dangling from your breasts, skip this and get the one with the same clamps and the chain. However, if you think the beads are sexy, please don't let my experience stand in the way of your future with the crystal nipple clamps.
Good, sturdy, well-made clamps.
Beading part less sturdy than I would prefer.
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useful review
Nipple clamps are an idea to which I kept coming back. I would shop for them on this site, and show some to my partner--some looked simple, some looked sexy, and some looked downright scary. I chose these because the hardware looked solid, and they looked actually adjustable.

My first note is that I ordered these with no real idea how big they were. I should have guessed that the hardware would be about the same size as other clamps, but even just looking around the site, it's hard to find an exact measurement. I wasn't surprised by how big the clamps were, but I did find that the plastic beads were huge compared to what I expected. I opened the package and was just amazed at how big and silly these crystal-headed caterpillars were, and couldn't help but feel like the naked woman on the packaging was thinking about how silly they are.

But I was still more than willing to give these a shot. My boyfriend was sitting on my bed, and I took off my shirt to show off my new toys. So I loosened one of the clamps and put it on my nipple. Success! Until it fell. Immediately. On the floor. And broke.
What happened was, the bead on the bottom of the stack was jarred enough by the fall from my chest to the floor (onto fabric, no less) that it was forced off over the knot. The other beads fell off too, and scattered around my floor.

I spent almost an hour trying to use my beading skills to put the thing back together on its original string. And I almost succeeded, but I couldn't get the strand back on the loop that would have connected it to the clamp.

At that point, I gave up. It shouldn't be my responsibility to fix something that broke the first time I tried to use it. I sent the boyfriend out of the room and tried on the other clamp, and adjusted it.

The clamp, with beads, is certainly interesting. The beads are made of plastic and are relatively light, despite being rather big. They will feel exciting if one's breasts start swaying from nice things like sex, jumping up and down, turning quickly. If you like how they look on the model (more or less--the necessary leaf on the site is a bit frustrating, but you can still see the beads and about how big they look on the model, the hardware at least is very solid. I might put some super-glue on the bottom bead to keep it from falling off.

The clamps themselves, sans beads are great--sturdy, well-made, and going to be in wide use for me. Because the loop allows you to take off the beads (though don't expect to get them back on) it opens up the possibility for chains, shoelaces, magnets, keychains, other charms--you name it. So don't think that I won't get a huge use out of these--I will.

After much deliberation, I'm giving these a 2. This is because the clamps are amazing--they're adjustable, sturdy, and will last me a long and enjoyable while.
But, all things being equal, I would go in the direction of the regular bull nose clamp from California Exotic that is connected by a chain if I could choose again. It's probably the same clamp, and you still can remove the chain. And it's less expensive. You should only buy these if you absolutely fall in love with the way the giant plastic beads fall over the model's chest, and if you're willing to make sure that the thing doesn't break.
After I took the beading off of the other clamp, I attached both to my nipples and started to play with how tight they were. This was incredibly fun, so I wanted to play, but my partner had gone to sleep. So I threaded through two shoelaces through the rings at the bottom of the clamps, then tied them together between my breasts. I tied the other side of the laces behind my legs that I had curled up at the time, then started masturbating with my new Delight, which was the only vibrator I had around at the time. Every time I moved my legs, I felt a tug on my nipples. It felt awesome, and sexy, and I had a quite nice orgasm, thank you.

My nipples felt fine for the rest of the night and most of today. Even though I had them on tighter than I'd expected to want, they surprisingly didn't hurt when I took them off. (Note: Be careful and look for signs of problems when you play, and don't leave them on for longer than recommended.) Now my nipples are just sore enough that I don't know if I want to go for a second night in a row. On the other hand, I'm getting excited just thinking about last night.
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  • Victoria
    Caterpillars with giant crystal heads, huh? What a mental image! Sorry to hear that the beads broke off of the one clamp. It seems like a blessing from the sound of your experimenting! Nice suggestions for possible uses, the long strings (or shoelaces, in your case) definitively make for more interesting solo play. Thanks!
  • Dame Demi
    I think they might look kind of pretty while on, but I'd rather pay a few dollars more and have real crystal beads...
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    What made it fall off in the beginning? You just hadn't adjusted it yet?
  • LovingBookworm
    It was just a little bit too loose--it stayed on for about half a minute (I was showing my boyfriend) and then slipped off while I was adjusting the other one to put on. Let me tell you, that was super frustrating.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
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    The quality of these seems a bit questionable. Or the beading part at least.
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