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Cream by Relationship Enrichment Systems

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Not so edible soufflé

This was fun to try but it is not worth it in terms of use as a massage cream. We got in a sticky mess and I had a good laugh with my partner. I continue to use it for hand jobs or simply to hydrate my hands and elbows but as a massage cream it's no good.
Smells good, slick for hand/blow jobs.
Becomes sticky, tastes like cream more than berries, and needs frequent reapplications.
Rating by reviewer:
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This soufflé is definitely a major let down. I like oils but find it annoying to have oily skin and being stuck with fuzz from the bedspread so I thought a massage cream would be a great alternative.

This cream smells really nice, kind of like Breyers strawberry ice cream. The texture on your fingers is really slick. It sort of has a light watery texture. It's a nice opaque shade of light pink. The amount of product in the container is of 4oz.

It tastes the same as what it smells like, because of your sense of smell and the after taste left in the mouth is one of cream. If you block your nose (season over here for colds!... means blocked noses) it just feels like you are eating cream and it doesn't taste sweet. The cream sort of has a numbing effect on the tongue and the pallet but it is mild to non-existent. If the product has been absorbed into the skin and you lick the skin later it doesn't taste like anything.

My partner used it to massage my stomach since I was experiencing cramps. The massage felt good. The product smelled and felt good too. For the little amount of area to massage and the little amount of time he massaged me it took three reapplications of the product. The product gets quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves a sticky residue (no lumps). As it dries up it creates a lot of friction which is simply too much and requires more cream to help reduce the friction. (It's kind of like massaging with a water and honey mixture, the water gets absorbed but the honey stickiness is left over).

I used it on my partner to give him oral sex. It performed really well making things really slippery and slick except after a while the taste pushed me to finish with a hand job. We found this product to be good for hand jobs.

I also used the cream to do a back and leg massage which reduced the amount of cream to 1/4 of what is in the container. I reapplied the product so many times I lost count. The massage felt good to my partner and he couldn't feel the product as being sticky. It just felt really nice. When I told him I would get a warm humid towel to cleanse his back because it was sticky he touched his back and was shocked how sticky it was ( the wet towel didn't work he was still sticky). So for some people this may not bother them but after the massage I wanted to have sex, I didn't want to wait after a shower or do it in the shower (since that usually leads to a very quick quickie with only one person satisfied).

I think it could have been a good massage cream if it didn't need so many reapplications and if it weren't sticky. In any case it does feel good when used for a massage and it can give an excuse for couples to finish there message erotically in the shower. I can't refer this product because it is a hassle for me to use it - but I can see how others might enjoy it.
I found the product to be less sticky when used sparingly and for the purpose of hydrating your skin rather than massaging it, for example used as a hand cream.

It is fun to use for a hand job but that is where the advantages end.
Follow-up commentary
This was so terrible. I tried using it again and just gave up. I had tried using it as a hand cream but it was simply too sticky, even if I used small amounts. After all the effort of trying to like it I had to throw it away.
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  • Victoria
    I think going into it, I would have expected it to be a little sticky because it's a souffle, not an oil. If it tasted good, was indeed edible, and worked well for some uses, why did you only rate it 2 stars?
  • Sin Secret
    The fact that it needs a lot of reapplications, and leaves a residue, would really bug me about it.
    Is it a sort of sweet cream taste, or just that dull milky taste? Just curious. It doesn't sound very tasty.
  • Naughty Student
    Actually ITP it doesn't taste good it tastes like cream, sort of neutral (@ Sin Secret) and not sweet. It's edible but it is not that great to lick and have the lingering after taste in the mouth. I rated it two stars bcs it's sticky and not tasty and a hassle to use because you have no choice to shower since using a humid towel won't clean it off.

    Also I forgot to mention that it is not compatible with condoms!!!
  • Naughty Student
    It tastes like hydrating cream and not dairy cream! It tastes bad!
  • Dame Demi
    I'm disappointed to hear this product's not that great, since I've been (much to my surprise) quite impressed with the Tantric Lovers' line of products so far. Thanks for the review!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Seems like a product to pass on. Sticky is not what I want.
  • Naughty Student
    DD- Honestly I was surprised too bcs I have read some reviews on their products and thought it would be a good choice, it really is a shame!

    AR- Sticky doesnt fit with pleasure in my book but it might for others I guess, STICKY SEX ha ha ha. Someone should write a book on that.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    I had similar texture experience with the Satori Oil of Love. At least that tasted good--sorry to hear this tastes like lotion. Icky! Thanks for the review!
  • love this stuff!!! my lover loves it too. smells great. great for anal pleasure. sticky never a problem. we also use chocolate ice cream and hersheys syrup. berries n cream fabulous, coconut/pineapple not a favorite, too much like suntan oilSmile
  • Naughty Student
    You mean that stickiness is not a problm for you? If so I imagine this product works well for you considering that it gets thick and sticky after a lot of friction. I am not sure about the safety of using this as an anal lube considering its very watery initial texture.
  • Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for the review.
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review.
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