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Happy's body trip

Metal body massager by Entrenue

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One helluva trip!

This is something great to have no matter what the reason is. Makes a great foreplay device, an awesome massager, and it's something the whole family can enjoy. If you need a good way to relax, this is the perfect way to do it! Especially fun with a partner :)
Easy to use, Sturdy handle, Feels AMAZING, Good for fun in and out of bed
May bend out of shape if dropped
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Happy's Body Trip is a rake-shaped massager/scratcher that was designed for relaxation, tickling, and delivering shivers all over the body. Granted, some people are more sensitive than others, but this one did the trick for me!

The handle of this toy is made of a smooth, sanded-down, sealed wood. It is REAL wood, to my surprise. The metal "fingers" are made of either copper, or some copper combination. The page itself does not say, nor the package. So unfortunately I cannot tell you exactly what it is made out of. If you've ever smelled copper, you'll understand why I think this is made of copper. The fingers constantly reek of a copper smell, and the smell never goes away. It isn't extremely bothersome to me, but it may be bothersome to others.

When first removing this massager from its package, you will notice that the fanned out fingers are all folded up, just like a Chinese fan. You have to unfold them or separate them yourselves, but it isn't really a huge pain. They easily unfold and refold after use. I like to fold mine back up to make ease of storage, but my fiance doesn't think it's a good idea to bend and re-bend metal. I prefer to do so since this toy bends so easily. I learned my lesson when I tried to throw it in my drawer unfolded - The metal is so easy to bend that a simple drop can change its shape.

Each finger is about 13 inches long. To be exact, I measured 13.4 inches in length. Other reviews said theirs were longer, so I don't know if it varies in size but it doesn't really matter. Even if these were shorter they would still feel amazing.

The packaging is generally discreet. It's not really a sex toy, so don't expect any sexy packaging. It is just a plain plastic box, small enough to hold this massager (when it is folded up). There's no sexual words that you'll have to explain to nosy roommate's or kids, and it really doesn't look like a sex toy (simply because it is not).

The box suggests that this massager is used on the feet, since it is a sensitive area. I find that my feet are overly sensitive to this massager, and I would almost pee my pants if someone used the Body Trip on my feet for more than 10 seconds. If you're into getting your feet massaged/tickled/scratched then go for it!

This massager is best used on the back, although it feels great everywhere. You can slowly run it down the arms, back, legs, belly, etc. of your partner (or even yourself) and feel the amazing aftershocks. I love having my fiance use this on my back before bed. It really relaxes me and gets me ready for sleep. It works great as part of foreplay, and it can get you shivering in no time at all. I find that if you fold up the fingers closer together, this massager feels great when running it along the shaft of your partner's penis or labia/vulva. My fiance particularly loves when I play with the shaft of his penis, and this massager drives him up the wall with pleasure. There are tons of ways to use this massager, so I'll leave that up to you!

Since this massager is made of metal, my mind automatically thinks "TEMPERATURE PLAY!!!". You can set the fingers inside of a bucket/bowl of ice water for some extra bone chilling shivers, or in hot water for a warmer (or even stinging) feeling to your massage. Whatever you're into, this toy can deliver! You can even slightly spank your partner, but you want to be careful not to bend these fingers because it doesn't look or feel too attractive when you bend them back. I was a little worried that hot water may bend the fingers more easily as well, but so far, there has been no sign of bending. I've had this since my 3rd or 4th purchase on EdenFantasys and I have still not had any issue with the hot water. My massager has bent, but it was due to me dropping things on top of it or dropping it on the ground.

You don't have to worry about the fingers hurting you at all, and I know for some this is a let down. You wont really get "scratched" so to speak since there are small metal balls on the end of each finger. Just like a rake with nubby ends. This may be bad for people who want pain, but it is very good for the sensitive ones.
I have really grown to love this massager. I bought it with a coupon long ago, and I honestly didn't like it at first. My partner loved to use it as a torture device and tickle the living hell out of me. I was always TOO sensitive to the sensations this gave me. Over time, this has become a really important massager to me. I come home, and my fiance pulls this out of my drawer and runs it up and down my neck and spine to relax me. It can either make me sleepy, or put me in the mood. When we're getting ready for sex and I'm too stress out, my fiance will use this during foreplay and give me a shiver torture by running it all over my body; Slowly, working his way to my pussy. I find it to feel amazing when used on the vulva/outer labia. I suppose that is why EdenFantasys sells this!
Follow-up commentary
Definitely a product of quality, a helluva good head massage and feels good just about anywhere on the body. I would buy this for everyone if I could!
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  • SexyLilPixi
    Oh, I simply have to get one now! Sounds amazing! Excellent review!!
  • Linga
    I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it hehe. It sounds awesome. Great review
  • ToyGurl
    Thanks Glad you liked it guys. It's discontinued here, but Bed Bath & Beyond has products very similar.
  • Bunnycups
    I had no interest in this massager until now. I need to go to Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • ToyGurl
    They have one that I believe is called "The Tickler" or something with the word tickler in it. Maybe "Wire Tickler". I wish I could remember. These are really awesome though. I need a new one soon since this one is getting old.
  • ellieprobable
    How unique!
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Ooh. I didn't even know we carried this. I love having my boyfriend lightly run his fingers or nails across my back because it's so relaxing. I imagine this would be similar. Wishlisted.
  • Lady Neshamah
    ooooooo looks like fun
  • SiNn
    nice review ty
  • The Mother of a SiNner
    nice review this may be fun to use
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    You're amazing. Thank you, for yet another great review.
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    Awesome job on the review, thanks for sharing!
  • GONE!
    Aww this sounds like it was fun. I wish it wasn't discontinued!
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