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Bath and shower gel by Cake Beauty

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If this kit swapped out 1 of the mousses and 1 of the froths for a shampoo and conditioner, it would be five stars for me. As it is, the products smell great, feel great, and there is enough variation to keep me interested. My only warning is that there are a lot of ingredients for those with sensitive skin to react to.
Paraben Free
Travel-Sized For Trips
Varying Scents
A LOT Of Ingredients (Including Glycerin)
Duplicates (2 Mousses, 2 Froths)
Rating by reviewer:
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In this kit, there are 2 body mousses, 2 bath and shower froths, and a hand creme. Vanilla and coconut scents make this perfect for a staycation or a vacation. These items are best used for a body lotion (the mousses), a body wash (the bath and shower froths), or for chapped hands. However, do NOT use these products as shampoo or conditioner...if you don't read all of the labels, it's easy to think that a travel kit might include such items rather than duplicates (they are somewhat different scents) of the mousse and froth. My favorite product by far was the hand creme, and as someone who has dealt with eczema, I know what dry skin is! I actually use the hand creme on my feet as well for this reason...who wants to pack a travel item that isn't multi-functioning?! After all, I used the froths as shaving cream in the shower without causing any harm, and the body mousse can be used with any kind of tanner to apply more evenly and less suspiciously. If you do happen to have sensitive skin, there are better products in terms of fewer ingredients, all natural, etc. Obviously, these scents are also produced for women rather than men. A pink travel case also seems to be aimed at women. However, if you're confident in your own skin, I wouldn't mind smelling a coconut-scented man. Finally, this is a travel kit, so use it for travel, or use it to pretend you actually have the time and money to take a vacation while actually just chilling in your own home bathtub.
    • Bath / shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I know some people are lotion gurus. I am not. Almost every lotion out there has a very similar texture to me, but I will say that the mousse is fluffy for a lack of a better word. I tried it out on my niece, my daughter, and I, and it seemed to absorb completely into the skin. I LOVE that it doesn't leave a greasy residue. The hand lotion does leave a little bit of residue, but it's not enough to glaze anything your hand comes into contact with. Both the mousses and the hand lotion leave your skin feeling very soft for a long period of time. The bath and shower froth is also rather thick. If I put a dot on my hand, and turn my hand, it does not run down it. After a shower, I can barely smell the froth, but others have commented on the great scent. I will say that "froth" is not the same as bubble bath. Finally, all of the flip cap bottles are easy to work with, and the tops are flat, so they can be sat on their heads when at the end of the bottles.
    • Creamy
    • Thick
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

First of all, I won't be tasting any of these items. Do you eat your body wash? Unless, of course, you have one of those lines of edible body products. In that case, I'm jealous.
The desserted island froth smells like "tahitian vanilla and coconut." I definitely smell the vanilla over the coconut, and to be quite honest, I'm not sure what the difference between vanilla and tahitian vanilla is supposed to be. It has a tint of orange to it.
The it's a slice body mousse is pinkish. It is supposed to smell like orange and vanilla. I think it smells like a creamsicle.
The milk made hand creme is supposed to smell like a vanilla milkshake, but it has marshmallow extract in it, and that's what I smell...marshmallows! It's a white-milky color.
The it's a slice bath and shower froth is orange. It's also meant to smell like orange and vanilla. There's a much stronger orange scent with this one though...almost like an orange-flavored cleaning product.
The desserted island mousse (like the froth) is meant to smell like tahitian vanilla and coconut. Once again, I smell vanilla. However, this smells like a spicy vanilla. It's slightly darker than the hand creme.
My favorite scent is the it's a slice body mousse. I love orange and vanilla dreamsicles. However, who wouldn't want to smell like a marshmallow?! The least favorite scent for me is the desserted island mousse. The spicy vanilla smell is just a little strong for my liking.
    • Smells good


All of these products leave a light scent on the skin for the day. The froths are less noticeable to me, but other people still notice. Obviously the froths are washed off, but nothing had a scent that aggravated me enough to actually try to cleanse my skin (and nose) of it. I like how well the mousse absorbs in the most, but the hand creme is my favorite product due to the fact that it is most functional to me. My hands are ALWAYS dry, and it also makes my feet happy. None of the products performed poorly, though I wish the froth would froth just a little more! I guess I just love my bubbles. The ingredients list is amazingly long for all of these products, and I did notice coloring and perfumes and glycerin. All of these ingredients may be issues for those with sensitive skin.
    • Long lasting


The packaging is cute enough for me to shove a bow on it and gift it. Once the products are used, the clear bag might be useful as a makeup bag or to pack a few small toys for a child. If you have ever heard of the term "busy bag," you'll see the function in this clear case. There is also an insert with the ingredients listed for each product. There are around 20+ ingredients listed for each one, so I suggest you go to if you have any questions about specific allergies. I don't react poorly to glycerin, but some do, and the idea of using a product with glycerin in it near your lady (or man) bits might discourage some from using the froths. Made in Canada, the label also seems to have French wording on it. Finally, this product is not a sexual product, so it is discreet in the manner that nobody will look at it and think "sex!"
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Travel friendly
    • Would make a nice gift
Follow-up commentary
To be honest, the newness of this kit has worn off. I feel like I might use one bottle (out of 5) in its entirety, but otherwise, having multiple products with the same function or same smell kind of burns me out. I've also begun to lean towards body and beauty products with only a few simple ingredients. I'm just overwhelmed by not knowing what is in many of these products and having to google ingredient names only to see a list of possible dangers and side effects to that ingredient.
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