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Smooth shaving

Men, if you've been wishing for an amazing cream like Coochy that you can use without worrying about smelling like a woman, the wait is over: Max Shave is here! This stuff will give you that smooth shave us ladies get from Coochy but will leave you feeling and smelling more manly. Tired of razor burn and ingrown hairs? Fret no more: grab some Max Shave and enjoy your shaving experience.
Rash-free shave, conditioning, scent.
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Max Shave total body rash-free shave cream is Classic Erotica's manly version of the infamous Coochy shave cream for women. We have been having rash free shaves for years and, while our men may sneak and use our cream, we all know they would rather have something that smelled manly instead of girly. Well, men, here it is!

If you are looking for a shave cream that will eliminate those annoying, irritating bumps, then this is the shave cream for you.

Max Shave can be used to shave facial hair, genitals, or any other body part you want to clean up. Fresh and Bamboo do contain fragrance, so if you have skin sensitivities to fragrance you will want to opt for the unscented Max Shave Balls n all.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Max Shave total body shave cream shares the consistency of Coochy cream. This isn't a slap on and lather up to a foam type of product. If any of you live with a woman and she uses Coochy, this is what you are getting except with a manly smell and pheromone enhancement. It feels like a thin lotion (not the type you get from Bath and Body Works and the like). It is easy to dispense from the squeeze bottle. This cream stays where you put it and doesn't run. As soon as you apply a thin layer to the area desired and begin to rub it in, you will instantly feel the conditioning agents working; this stuff is silky smooth and hydrating. It is light weight and non-greasy.

Taste / Aroma

The Max Shave cream we got was in the Fresh scent. I couldn't quiet place the sent, and neither could my guy. We both agreed that we caught a hint of a fresh, clean scent with a pinch of outdoorsy smell. I really wanted to give you a better idea of the smell, so I copied this from the company's product page:

"Fresh Scent- Light aromatic fragrance filled with clean Tuscan rain complemented by crisp sun-dried cotton with green notes, a hint of citrus & subtle powdery white cedar for the au natural seeker to masculinity."

So we were right: there is a leafy, woodsy smell to it, along with hints of other scents. It does smell manly, not pretty like the Coochy creams. The scent is very noticeable but it isn't overpowering.


My guy often complains of shaving cream irritating his skin or not working good enough, even with an great razor. When he first used this, he was confused by how thin it was, and he was expecting it to lather up; I guess I should have explained that part to him first, because he put it aside and used his old cream because he thought perhaps this was an aftershave cream. We had to wait a couple of days for him to get some stubble back.

The second attempt was a success. He said it made his face feel smooth, and it was easier to shave than if he used his old foaming cream. He didn't believe me that a little bit does the trick and you don't have to coat your palm in this stuff, and he was impressed! He said it made his shave slicker than usual. It was easy to wash off after he was done.

As mentioned, you only have to use a little, but that amount depends on exactly how much hair you are starting with, so it's something you will have to figure out on your own to see how much works best for your situation.

This shave cream is infused with skin and hair softening agents to give you a rash free, smooth shave as it shields your skin from razor burn. It also helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

Wet the area to be shaved, smooth on the cream, shave, rinse.

Max Shave is also infused with pheromones, which are supposed to aid in attraction of the opposite sex, and have a different scent with each individual as they work along with your own natural scent. I cannot say that this enhanced desires at all, and the smell wasn't very strong since he washed his face with water afterward. It is still a bit of debate whether pheromones really work; some say they do, others say the don't. But don't dismiss this product just for that: it's a really great shave cream.


The Max Shave cream bottle comes to you in a clear plastic knotted bag. Before using you will need to unscrew the top and remove the protective sticker that holds the product in and is a safety tool to help with tampering of products.

Special Features

Pheromone infused to work alongside your body's natural scent.
Follow-up commentary
My fiance likes this shave cream so much he has asked for another bottle. It's great to prevent razor burn and give a nice, smooth shave. It's just like the Coochy cream women use, but with a manly scent.
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