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Spray On Oil?

Though I was not impressed by the bottle design I did like the quality of oil. It is wonderful for a massage or as a moisturizer as long as you can tolerate the scent. The oil is light and very nice feeling on the skin and I recommend the product for this fact alone.
oil is good quality.
pump is not good quality, oil is powerfully scented.
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I was intrigued by the concept of an oil I could spray on my partner rather than having to pour it into my palm first. I tried the jasmine scent as most of my collection is either minty or citrus-y.

The oil comes in a 4 fl. oz. plastic bottle with a pump type sprayer. It has one of those little plastic caps that most pump type hair sprays seem to come with. I don't really like them as they seem to jump out of my hands like they are possessed and this bottle was no exception. The cap is hard to handle with oily hands and it was a bit jarring to have to stop a massage and chase an evil plastic cap around the floor! Picture me on hands and knees cursing under my breath and you have an idea of why Sigel was convulsed with laughter on the bed! So ya, this product loses marks for construction. The pump action is very sticky on my little bottle and the stream produced isn't like a gentle mist or even an even spray - it is a forceful jet and a bit of splatter. The oil is cool in the bottle so it doesn't feel very nice sprayed on the skin without being warmed in a bowl of warm water. Don't place this oil in the microwave, for two reasons: it will heat the oil non-uniformly which means pockets of the oil with be scalding hot and others not even heated, and the bottle is plastic so if the oil gets too hot it could melt the bottle. A warm bowl of water works fine but I found it's simply better to spray it on the hands and warm the oil more traditionally. Makes the pump a bit needless so I was non-plussed to say the least. One good thing I can say about the bottle's design is that it doesn't leak when placed on it's side or held upside down and squeezed. Storing this oil in a box won't lead to a mess as long as you are sure the screw on pump is threaded correctly.

So having decided the bottle was a useless innovation that doesn't live up to the advertisement I tried the oil. I have to say that the oil makes putting up with the bottle worthwhile. The oil is smooth, heats up nicely and doesn't completely soak into the skin. Left on over night it doesn't burn the skin, stain the sheets or cause breakouts. It washes away easily with soap and warm water. The oil is good for a light stroking type of massage as well as a deeper tissue massage and doesn't get sticky or disappear into the skin.
The oil is very strongly scented, however, so for those who have very sensitive sinuses it might be too much. Sigel and I could tolerate the scent very well but Arch didn't like it on his back and shoulders because the scent was over powering and burned his nose. It perfumes the room nicely though and when I use it as an after shower moisturizer the scent lasts all day. The oil is soothing to dry skin though I haven't used it on my face as my skin can be cranky there. It doesn't burn me if I happen to scratch my face while giving a massage though so I think it'd be fine. Moisturizes elbows and heels nicely though which is my preferred use.

This was a very mixed review, I really like the oil even though it is powerfully scented and comes in a bottle with a flawed design. I have thought about getting another bottle and pouring the oil into it and I might do that if I keep having trouble with the pump. It is a lovely oil and one that I will replace when it runs out.
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Forgot to mention that this oil is meant for aromatherapy and doesn't taste very nice at all! A bit of a detraction if you are looking to massage with your tongue! Still for massage and aromatherapy it hits the mark.
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