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Sweet Lavendar Stress Relief

I really love the Sweet Lavender scent and the oil is wonderful for feet and elbows. It's not the best for massage as it has a very oily feel on the skin and can spot the sheets. It isn't an oil that lends itself well to a lovely massage and drifting off to sleep, a shower is probably going to be desired after the massage. It does clean off the skin well though with soap and warm water and relaxes the body wonderfully.
Very inexpensive, lovely fragrance.
Leaves larger areas of the body like an oil slick.
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I know this oil is supposed to be a "love oil" but I bought it because we needed a good quality, reasonably priced stress relief formula for massage. My husband was going through some rough times at a new job, it's more physical than the job he'd had for over 11 years. I bought a few selections at the drugstore and this oil from EF. I am an EF convert as the store bought brands were pure crap in a bottle! Two of them smelled like they used a lovely base of motor oil laced with artificial lavender-like fragrance...in short they were awful enough they were tossed quickly. I had begun to think I'd have to get some lavender essence and make my own oil when this product arrived.

The bottle is very nicely shaped and fits easily in my smaller hand. It is a firmer plastic making accidental spills rare while massaging. The cap is a flip top type and very tight, it doesn't leak when tipped over or stored on it's side. The smell is phenomenal both out of the bottle and when heated up on skin. The ingredients are very simple: Mineral Oil, fragrance, Methyl and Propyl Parabens, and violet #2 for color. I list the ingredients because this would not be a good product to use as a lube. It is an oil base, never good for a latex condom or for vaginal health. It also contains Parabens,so it might irritate sensitive vaginal areas.

I was a bit worried because I have found that mineral oil bases tend to get slurped into the skin easily meaning that you have to use tons of oil to get a slick surface to massage over. I haven't yet found this to be the case with this product, though I will say it's not as nice a surface for gliding over as other products with blended oil formulas. The oil does stay on the surface of the skin nicely but it is very oily a feeling and my partner doesn't like to go to sleep after a massage like he does with Kama Sutra or Shunga products. It doesn't cause breakouts but does get oily stains on sheets. It does clean off the skin easily with warm water and soap. It leaves a lovely smell of lavender that lasts through the day if you use it to soften feet or elbows. I have also used it as a perfume though I don't use the oil on my face as my skin is cranky and irritably sensitive there. The oil doesn't burn if I accidentally touch my face while doing a massage which is a bonus in my book.

I have discovered that this oil is wonderful for moisturizing cracked, rough feet and elbows. Rub the oil in thoroughly to a clean dry surface and then wrap or cover the area. I use a sock for the feet and a long sleeve shirt for elbows. Leave on for twenty minutes or so, two times a week and it will soften and relieve the skin.

I like the scent of this oil enough that I use it for aromatherapy more than for massage. I place a few drops on or near light bulbs in the bedroom and a cotton ball soaked in the oil placed in a small bowl of unscented potpourri in the living room. Lavender is wonderful for reducing stress, relaxing muscles and just smells lovely. Care should be taken by pregnant women, especially in the first trimester as the oil breaks down in the body producing key-tones which can lead to a positive gestational diabetes test.
Follow-up commentary
Though I origionally gave this product 2 stars I have found that I actually like it more and more as I use it. The antiseptic properties of lavendar mean that using the oil on dry, winter skin leaves it soothed and less apt to lead to dermatitis due to the nails breaking the skin and causing infection. It isn't the best oil for extended deep tissue massage but it is lovely as an after shower or bath oil.
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  • Miss Cinnamon
    Good information! Thanks for the review.
  • Carrie Ann
    Nice review!
  • Machina
    This was a great review! I especially enjoyed reading it because I probably would have bought this otherwise....mmmmm I love lavender.
  • Airen Wolf
    Well to be honest if you love the smell of lavendar then you'll love this product, it is the closest to actual lavender flowers that I have smelled in a while. It is a bit greasier than othr oils for massage and doesn't feel as nice as the higher end oils...naturally.
    Still it's a good thing to have around if you have dry feet or elbows.
  • Luscious Lily
    Thanks for the great review! I rarely buy lavender-scented products, because while I love the smell of the flowers, scented products often leave me cold. This one is going straight onto the wishlist!
  • Airen Wolf
    I visited the fields of English lavender in Lavenham England when I was a child and the smell of this product took me straight back to that drowsy, sunny day when the whole town positively REEKED of lavender. Talk about a day to remember! This product correctly captures the almost dry, crisp scent of real lavender and a little goes a long way.
  • Kayla
    Thanks for a good review. I haven't tried any massage oils yet.
  • chocoqueen
    Thanks for the review!
  • sbon
    Thanks for the review! I'm a big fan of lavender!
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    thanks for the review
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