Tasty body paint by Cal Exotics - review by Pumpkin Lady

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Tasty Body... Ain't.

Tasty Body Paint was overall a frustrating endeavor. It didn't do what I wanted it to do, it didn't taste great. It does have the potential to help create some fun foreplay if you have an open mind and aren't bothered by showering right afterward. I would recommend investing a little more money on some paint that you can actually paint with, and that has a better storage method.
Not too messy, four non-chocolate related colors.
Could taste better, color diminishes, not easy to spread, small tubes, flimsy lids.
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My boyfriend, for some reason, LOVES to draw on me. On one instance, with just a highlighter and ball point pen he drew a giant fetus on my stomach with the words "Don't Stop Believing" captioning it. While we don't understand him, we can commend him for his creativity. I wanted to get something for him to use his interesting imagination, while having some fun. For a lighthearted fun loving couple, body paint can provide some inventive foreplay.

For those concerned with health issues, Tasty Body Paint does not advertise as sugar-free (read: "flavor" in ingredients), and it does contain parabens and preservatives. If you're a diabetic or natural-conscious, then you probably have already noticed. Personally I wouldn't let this stuff near my lady bits, but I am not concerned with ingesting the small amount it takes for a tasty play session.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Not having tried a body paint before, I didn't have any preconceived ideas of how the consistency should be. Upon easily squeezing the paint out, from the small bottle, it appears on your finger to be similar to Betty Crocker canned frosting; just not quite as heavy.

We used it like finger paint, color by color, drawing out our own gender's reproductive organs on one another as large as possible. The paint was difficult to work onto our bodies. My finger would leave a little track where I wanted the paint to go. If I tried to smooth it around, it would get tacky and the color would disappear. One nice thing about the consistency of the paint is that it's not going to drip or slide onto your sheets, as long as you're careful.

I wasn't entirely disappointed that it wasn't creating as beautiful breasts on his chest as I thought was possible. I was still having lots of fun, and we were looking forward to gobbling it off each other later.

Taste / Aroma

This edible paint comes in four flavors, blueberry, green apple, strawberry and cherry. I cannot deny that we had a great time tasting the stuff, but I digress. It was the act of tasting it that we enjoyed, and not so much the flavor. We both agreed initially that each flavor, sans the green apple had virtually no taste, except for a slight sugary after taste.

I tried a dollop on my finger of the cherry flavor since most of my taste-testing was via body canvas and had been smeared around quite a bit. The red paint was (too) sweet, the flavor didn't scream cherry, and I wasn't eager to devour the whole tube. I'm known to gorge on treats without guilt.

The same went for the strawberry and blueberry; and although the blueberry flavor was more prominent, it tasted more like wild berries than just plain blueberry. The green apple was definitely my favorite because for some reason it was not as sweet as the others. It had a nice tang, tasted like apple, and didn't put me off.

Users of Tasty Body Paint will likely not experience a scent before, during or after playtime. I really appreciate a good scent, but as these flavors weren't the greatest, I'm not complaining that I didn't smell like a fruit basket.


Tasty Body Paint is what it is, but it doesn't do it as well as it could. The Tasty component wasn't so tasty. The paint didn't really paint as it made more of a smear since it was so tacky. The color didn't last long after it had a chance to air off and/or someone touched it. It would have been more satisfying if when our bodies rubbed together, it made a beautiful disarray of mixed colors instead of having the color vanish.

I would recommend a shower after using Tasty Body Paint. Your tongue may play a large part in the removal of the paint, but it won't be enough to get the sugary stickiness off you and your lover's bodies. I'm sure for the limitless fun people could have using a body paint, there is a better product to use.


The tubes of the body paint are about 2.5" long, and they come with a break-off cap that you can replace in the tube as a cap. After I capped them I put them in a Ziploc bag, because I wasn't confident that they wouldn't explode somehow on my other toys and cause a sugary Jackson Pollack in my toy box. I'm also concerned that the caps are not air tight, and could possibly dry out the paint.

Personal comments

I'm not planning on using the Tasty Body Paint again. Although it was a fun, out of the ordinary activity for us to try on a whim. I'll keep it around just in case though.
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