Sweet sensations wild berries - oil by Topco Sales - review by BrokeNHorny

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Tasty, effective, and a little strange

This is a full featured massage oil that should not be passed up. The taste and smell are very pleasant, and the warmth makes it all more fun.
Tastes great, warms really well, and is useful for all kinds of fun.
The bottle pours really quickly, and it is not as slippery as most pure lubricants.
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My partner and I were fed up with lubes and lotions that just didn’t taste good, or were downright nasty. We tried a little silicone lube, which was very slippery, but not much else. We tried KY Touch Warming lotion, which warmed a little, but tasted awful. Then, we decided to try Sweet Sensations: Wild Berries. It is advertised as being massage oil that warms, tastes good, and is safe for intimate use. This sounded like a good combination of positives, so we decided to try it out.

There are only a few questions that can be asked about massage oil and the like. Does it smell good? Does it taste good? How thick is it? Does it last? Oil or water based? Does it do anything cool?

Does it smell good? Yes, yes it does. You can smell the oil from several inches away from the box. Not the bottle, not the open bottle, the fully closed box. It’s a pleasant aroma of berries, and despite its far reach, is not very intrusive or overpowering. Leading into the next question, how does it taste? Simply put, it tastes like berries.

I’m pretty sure no actual berries were harmed in the making of this lotion, but its pretty close for artificial. It has a sweet aftertaste, as one would expect from artificial flavoring. Surprisingly enough, it has no sugars, so diabetics rejoice, there is tasty massage oil for you too. It tastes good, but it gives a very strange sensation. It's self warming massage oil, so it warms itself up further on contact with your mouth. This just feels odd. Not bad, but a little odd. This, of course, goes away if you let some of the warmth let out on your partners skin before you take a taste.

How thick is it? It's not very thick. It is primarily to be used as a massage oil, not a lubricant, so it is not runny, but not thick either. It works very well as massage oil, and decently well as a lubricant. Nothing spectacular (don’t use it for anal), but it certainly does the trick.

One of the only downsides to this product is that the bottle doesn’t have anything in the way of flow control, and it pours quickly if you’re not careful. Does it last? Yes, it lasts for the standard duration of sex, and for a relaxing massage. You’ll need to use a good bit for the massage, but its well worth it for the relaxation it brings.

Oil or water based? Unfortunately, it is oil based. This means that it cannot be used in conjunction with most condoms and a few types of sex toys. The oil degrades certain types of rubber, and you really don’t want to take any risks when it comes to condoms. Does it do anything cool? Cool? Not exactly. Warm? Very much so.

The warming factor on this lube is noticeable. This is great news for all you hot massage addicts (like my partner), people looking to heat up a night in (who doesn’t?), and anyone having sex in colder temperatures (no blankets required, this will do the trick). It works well on its own, and is accelerated if you blow on it. It's tough to tell exactly how long the warming lasts, but it is definitely long enough to get things going.

Overall, this is a great bottle of massage oil. It's tasty, slippery, and warms very well. The bottle is a generous 8 fl. Ounces, so you won’t be running out for more anytime soon. The packaging is tasteful, but obvious nonetheless. I. e. it doesn’t have a naked woman on the cover, but you will still have to stash it away before inviting your family over. This really is a good product, and it gets our stamp of approval. Even better, its pretty cheap too. We give it 5 hot, tasty nights out of 5.
Follow-up commentary
Months after we started using this lotion, we still have a lot left, and not because we haven't been using it, but because there's a lot there. The taste is good, and doesn't get old. We still love it, and we're sure you will too.
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  • spicywife
    Do you think it would stain?
  • Kinky Kitty
    "I’m pretty sure no actual berries were harmed in the making of this lotion" haha love it Smile

    To bad it's oil based...makes me break out like crazy if it touches any part of my skin.....sounds delicious though

  • Sammi
    Ooh, and it's sucralose, not aspartame! This sounds rather yummy.

  • BrokeNHorny
    I just tested it, and no it does not stain. Its mostly clear, so I don't forsee any problems. And yes, it is rather yummy. Enjoy!
  • Airen Wolf
    Sounds delighful! I thought it was an aerosal oil for massage, but I saw how the lid comes off and it all made sense. Great review
  • sbon
    Great review! Sounds like a must-have.
  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
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