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Tasty Love Drops

Not everybody is into the massages that last forever. For those of you who like quick and light massages as foreplay, or as a relaxer before bed, this flavored massage oil from Love Drops is well worth the $12.
Tastes good, doesn't leave you feeling sticky, doesn't last forever.
Requires reapplication frequently, contains glycerin and parabens.
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Love Drops is a line of edible massage oils, and its somewhat cheesy packaging hides the fact that deep down, this stuff kinda rocks.

I feel that this product will work best for shorter massages. For a short massage as foreplay the flavoring is very nice, and for a short massage before bed, you won't be left feeling sticky.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Love Drop's texture is somewhat oily without being runny or too slick. Pouring a dime size amount into my hand I only have to let it flatten itself out before I can turn my hand any which way and it doesn't drip off.

The type of cap makes it very easy to distribute, and because it isn't runny at all, you're not going to end up with half the bottle all over you or your partner.

If squirted directly onto the back, it will stay put until you start moving it around.

Once it has been absorbed by the skin, it doesn't leave you feeling sticky or greasy. You might have a light tackiness to your skin, so if you're sensitive to things being on your skin, you might want to wash it off.
    • Oily
    • Slick
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

I have the Passion Fruit flavor. When spread there's no real scent, unless your nose is right in the oil. This is really nice for those who are sensitive to stronger scents.

It has a hint of artificial sweetener which those who are more sensitive to that will get somewhat of a 'diet soda' aftertaste to it. I experienced that, my fiance did not. Otherwise the taste is very pleasant. It tastes sort of, fruity, which is to be expected since it's fruit flavored. However there's no way to really pinpoint an exact fruit. It's just kind of, fruity.


The first pea sized application lasted about a whopping 3 minutes before the skin of my back absorbed it. This was followed by another pea sized application and another 5 minutes or so of rubbing.

Trying to get the right amount is tricky, because too much will be, well, too much, a big oily mess like putting on too much lotion. Not enough and you run out really fast. I find that you should start out with about a nickel sized amount of oil and go from there. If it's too much it can easily be rubbed into other areas of the body, and if it's not enough you can easily add more.

After getting my massage my skin felt nice and silky, almost like I had been using a lotion instead of an oil. I didn't feel sticky at all, and I didn't feel the need to shower. My fiance said the same thing about his hands as well. When I used it on him, it left my fingers with a slightly tacky feeling, but not in a bad way. Like they had just a slight drag to them when dragging across each other. The feeling went away within about 20 minutes or so.

However, I'm not everybody, and some people will feel the need to wash this off. You can really just wipe down with a damp to wet cloth, adding soap as you wish.


The packaging is really simple, and plays slightly off the name, giving you a somewhat tear shaped bottle. It holds 8 fluid ounces of massage oil.

The front tells you that you are now the proud owner of Love Drops Tease Me flavored massage oil in the passion fruit flavor.

Moving around towards the back, you find an ingredients list: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavor, Sucralose, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Blue 1, Red 40

Due to the stricter laws on planes, I wouldn't recommend trying to fly with this. But you could take it just about anywhere else. You have to press firmly on one end of the cap to open it, and then squeeze the bottle firmly to get anything out of it, so I wouldn't be worried about tossing it into an overnight bag or anything like that. Leave it out if you want as well, there's nothing about it that really screams "I'm from a sex shop." In fact, it looks like something you could have bought at Bed Bath and Beyond or Walmart.

Special Features

Special features of this product is flavoring.

Personal comments

Because of the glycerin and the parabens, I highly recommend never ever using this as a lube. There are other flavored lubes that are both glycerin and paraben free. Instead, just stick to having tasty massages with this.


The first time we went to use this, I was kinda excited. I'd never used a massage oil before, only lotions, so when this didn't leave my skin feeling oily or sticky, I was ecstatic.

From the playing around I've done with it so far, it's definitely not a long term thing. If you're looking to go 20 minutes without stopping, spend the money and invest in something else. But if you enjoy a quick rub down before bed, or anytime of the day, I would recommend this to just about anyone.

I give Love Drops 4 stars because I don't believe it was ever intended to be the product that goes and goes and goes, so I don't mind that it doesn't. That coupled with the fact that it tastes good and doesn't leave any icky feelings behind is why I enjoy this product so much.
Follow-up commentary
We don't use it all that often, but my husband and I still enjoy using this for quickie massages. I did just notice that it's been discontinued but if you're good with Google, I'm sure you can find more.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review. I never would have compared this to that horrid Lotion d'amour though. i hate that stuff lol!
  • Kayla
    No icky feelings? I'm impressed. I hate having to shower after massages, so this sounds like it works. Great review.
  • Jul!a
    It happened to be the customer comparison, although in hindsight I should probably remove it, lol.

    Mistress Kay, I was really surprised at that too. I was expecting to go to bed feeling really gross or wake up stuck to the sheet or something, but I just felt silky and smooth.
  • Sammi
    Good review!
  • Juliettia
    I dunno, my green bottle didn't have a taste that was pleasant.
  • ......
    These look kind of neat! Very nice review!
  • Jul!a
    Julietta, I'm really sorry yours wasn't pleasant. The passion fruit one is. TO me anyway, I know everybody has different tastes, lol

    Thanks Sammi and Newme
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Yea those customer comparisons are not the best.
  • Jul!a
    Ya, I went and changed it
  • Jenny Smith
    Nice review, thanks
  • MK434
    Nice review!
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