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Erotic dice

Adult game by Lady Calston

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Tease My Lips

This pair of dice is a super cheap addition to your toy collection. It is easy to play and great for any type of couple. You can use it as is or add your own rules or make it part of another game.
Price, well made, easy to play
Won't keep your attention long, some rolls will be awkward
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Purpose / Audience

The goal of this game is to create some spice in the bedroom by using the dice to guide random sexual acts. The price is right and even though it might not hold your attention long as an actual game, it is totally worth it because it is bound to get you in the mood and lead you to more. It can be used by any couple of any experience level or age. I think it would be a great icebreaker at a swingers party, just leave them on a table.
    • Anyone
    • Couples
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

You can of course make up your own rules or add these to another sex game, but if used alone the rules are simple and straight forward. You need two or more people. Taking turns, each person roles the dice and acting out what the two say. There are no losers, everyone wins! Some of the combinations are a bit weird but you can get creative. The two die have different things on them.

Red die:

The red die is obviously the one that has the body places on it. You can use the question mark in any way that you want. The instructions don't specifically say. You can have it be a wild card for the person rolling the die or even the person doing the action.

Black die:

The black die is for the actions. Blow or teasing lips is kind of awkward. Some of the other rolls will be strange as well. You can re-roll, roll with the punches, or just make up your own. You could even use a permanent marker to change what is on that side of the die is you think it will work better for the game.
Just keep playing until you are bored of the game or until you are aroused enough to get in the sack!
    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play


The dice are well made. They are larger than standard board game dice and made of plastic. The printed words on the sides of the dice will probably rub off eventually. If you notice this happening you could use a clear coat of nail polish on them to prevent it from happening further.


The packaging is minimal. They come in a small plastic bag with an attached and stapled piece of cardboard. This has the instructions and product information on it (Made in China). It doesn't come with a storage bag. I really wish it did since the package does not re-seal.
Follow-up commentary
I've passed these on to a friend of mine. We got sick of them way too soon and even when added to other things, there just wasn't enough variety or difference in play each time to peak our interest. These are still great for new couples, or even a swingers party, but by themselves for couples who are already sexually in tune to each other...boredom will ensue.
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  • twistedheartsx
    Great review! I agree how these can be fun, but after awhile it would get boring, unless of course it lead to more interaction (:
  • Penguin
    Agreed. It did lead to more interaction but I got antsy. It didn't hold my attention long enough, but I don't think many things would haha.
  • ~LaUr3n~
  • Blinker
    Blow toes!
  • ~LaUr3n~
  • Airen Wolf
    Might be good for intorducing a reluctant or shy partner to more sensual play.
    Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Yup, good idea!
  • B8trDude
    Great review. Is it possible to throw a pair of snake eyes with these? Or was that a pair of one-eyed snakes?
  • ~LaUr3n~
    LOL nope.
  • kck
    Aw, man, no "Poke" or "Tickle" options?
  • ~LaUr3n~
    LMAO nope
  • Crystal1
    Thanks for the review! Looks like fun for a few dollars!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Eh, not for long lol
  • PassionQT
    Looks boring to me, but I guess for those who want to extend the anticipation, it could be fun. I just like getting down and dirty.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Totally, it was boring every time after the first game.
  • girl next door
    This could be a fun tease, but I can definitely see what you mean by it getting boring. I think after the first roll I'd want to get down to business
  • ~LaUr3n~
    LOL nothing wrong with that!
  • fromazoo
    great review
  • ~LaUr3n~
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