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Tweezer with red beads

Nipple clamps by PHS International

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The Tweezer is Such A Teaser

The Tweezer with Red Beads is sadly a useless set of nipple clamps. It is trying to be as simple as can be, but it is too simple in design and function for its own good. They aren’t sexy, pretty, or the least bit functional; the beads are too bulky, the tweezer style is just not effective and everlasting, and the clamps overall leave nothing to be desired. Look elsewhere; there are far better clamps out there.
Simple to use
Too simple, bulky, doesn’t stay on the nipples, rubber tips fall off, pronged tip
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The Tweezer with Red Beads doesn't leave much to be desired. There's always something to love about a set of nipple clamps that are simple in design and function, but the Tweezer is quite a tease, but not in a good way.

First off, the aesthetic style of the Tweezer, is, well, corny and tacky with its bulky dangling earring-like beads just hanging there like limp tassels. It is not sexy nor pretty; one is better off to wear a style of nipple clamps that shows off a true beauty, the nipples. Naturally, one at times wants to dazzle up the ordinary nipple clamps by adding some pretty jewelry here and there, but the Tweezer doesn't achieve it that well.

The same could be said about the overall product itself. I found it odd that there was no instruction at all on how you use and adjust the clamps safely and easily. Not that using these clamps are difficult to use; all you do is grab hold onto the tiny ring at the bottom of the tweezer clamps and slowly pull it up to your desirable comfort level. Yet, it would have been nice if there was at least some instruction, in case some buyers haven't used nipple clamps before. You get the impression that the Tweezer was just cheaply packaged, with little to no thought on how you could use these to its full potential, if it had any.

Unfortunately, these could possibly be one of the most useless set of nipple clamps you could use. The tweezer style of clamps is, for the most part, rather flimsy. They just don't stay on the nipple for very long, even at its tightest setting (this depends on your comfort level, of course). People who have small nipples may not be able to use this because they fall off too easily; people with larger nipples may achieve success with the Tweezer, but even so, these clamps just offer no punch at all, not even a pinch. They are just, well, there. They hang there, with a shimmy the beads jingle, but then in less than a couple of seconds they fall off. And as I said, they just don't look sexy. The overall design of the clamps is so simplistic in design that you could make a set of these on your own with a pair of real tweezers and a tiny O-ring, and perhaps make them even better. It is also hard to put on these clamps by yourself because of how flimsy and tiny they are; your partner may have trouble putting them on as well. Not fun, just tedious and a tad bit confusing and irritating. "Tedious," "confusing," and "irritating" should never be put in the context of your sex life.

Another thing that is especially off putting is easily the rubber tips slip off. Mind you, many nipple clamps allow the rubber tips to slip off, in case some of you want some more nipple torture. However, when the rubber tips fall off, they reveal and expose a jagged pronged tip, which you aren't supposed to use because it is too painful and also unfinished. The metal tips don't look like they've been machined finished; it looks like they are still in the rough, jagged edge stage. So, as a warning, DO NOT use the clamps without the rubber tips; it is just not worth the pain.

The Tweezer is the perfect example of how less is more, but a little more could definitely improve things. The beads add absolutely nothing to the overall effect of wearing the nipple clamps; they are tacky and cheap, and just make the clamps fall off when you wear them. The clamps, with its design and packaging, are just too simple for its own good. At the end of the day, you might take off the beads and make them into a pair of earrings, but I wouldn't even recommend that (a friend of mine said that they looked horrible!). Ouch. If you want a good pair of nipple clamps, please look elsewhere; you will find absolutely nothing to love in the Tweezer.
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    You have said it all! Just looking at the pic is enough for me.
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    Sorry they didn't work for you. I'm not having much luck finding any that work for me either..nice review..thanks
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