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Va va vixen

Oil by Angelic Aromas

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Va va stinky

This is an easily absorbed oil in a fantastic blue bottle with a convenient pump/spray dispenser. The scent is highly spiced, very heavy on the cumin with a hint of cinnamon but is lacking the advertised ylang ylang notes. Reminiscent of a cinnamon taco.
Nicely absorbed by skin, easy to use spray applicator
Very spicy scent, almost all cumin with virtually no ylang ylang scent
Rating by reviewer:
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I was really excited when I ordered this product. The description sounded yummy; spicy and floral, indulgent, full of nothing but essential oils in a natural carrier oil.

The reality is not so yummy.

Immediately upon opening the package it smelled kind of weird - but it was freezing here and the oil was very, very thick from the cold. I figured that may have been effecting the scent so I put it away for later.

Later, it still smelled weird.

It's supposed to be a blend of cumin, cinnamon and ylang ylang (which is usually a creamy, almost jasmine like scent) in a base of vegetable oil. I expected it to be spicy and floral. In reality it smells like old, wet spices. Very, very heavy on the cumin, a hint of cinnamon and virtually no floral scent at all. It literally gagged me to open the bottle and take a sniff.

The bottle itself is a nice blue glass with a spray/pump applicator. I like that quite a bit since it means you don't have to deal with bottle tops with oily hands. It worked well, pumped well, but the corny pink label on the bottle stops it from being a "nice" bottle.

Even though I couldn't really stomach the smell I was determined to try it on my body since sometimes things change with body heat and chemistry. I sprayed a bit on my wrists and my partner immediately made retching noises.

The oil went on really well. It was light. It rubbed in easily and was quickly absorbed by the skin. It didn't leave any sort of greasy feel at all, just a nice softness.

The scent - whether you like it or loathe it - was quite potent at first. Within ten minutes it faded to a tolerable level and disappeared completely within a few hours.

This product is supposed to help open your sexual chakras, reduce blockages in sexual energy and work as a natural aphrodisiac. I wasn't getting that out of the product so far so I figured I'd use it as the directions said to use it and give it one more chance.

The bottle says to spray the oil on your lower abdomen and around hips and upper buttocks. I did. It still smelled bad and didn't make me feel open or sexually energized.

Perhaps for someone who enjoys the highly spicy smell the results would be better. I'm all for aromatherapy and find it works amazingly well when you can relate to the feelings the scents are supposed to arouse.

Cinnamon flavored tacos just didn't do much for my sexual energy.

On a high note, because the oil absorbs so well into the skin there is no need to wash it off unless you want the scent gone sooner than it naturally fades.

The product description calls this a lube but the bottle says external use only so I definitely wouldn't recommend it for lube during penetration or oral sex. I might experiment with using it on my clit since cinnamon can feel nice applied there in low dosages.
Follow-up commentary
Wanted to add that I got around to trying this on the genital area.

I'm not keen on putting oils inside my vagina but I did rub a nice dollop along my outer labia and clitoris and, while it felt sort of nice, it didn't get more than the teeniest bit warm (which surprised me since it contains cinnamon essential oil) and didn't open any chakras or give me boosted sexual energy.

And it still smelled weird.

My partner says he's getting used to it, though, and doesn't mind it any more. "it's not that bad" were his exact words.

So perhaps it grows on ya!

It DID make my whole genital area feel nice, though, since I'd just had a bath and a shave. Very smooth and just a little bit warm.
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  • Gary
    When I hear the expressions "cinnamon taco", I immediately think *sexy*. Winking
  • Carrie Ann

    Yeah. A spicy floral is nice. A lower abdomen that smells like a spice rack? Not so much.

    I really WANT to like this, though. I keep looking at it on my desk and thinking... one more try... I'll give it one more try.

    I'm getting more used to it but it's really not improving.
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    "Cinnamon taco" is hilarious. The company seems to make lots of other oils/lotions/etc, so here's hoping this one is a fluke. Retching partners are never a good thing!
    Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    runs off to take this off her wish list... thanks for the good review!
  • Carrie Ann
    My partner said "indian chili" so it's not just me. Lol.

    Hopefully the other products are better. I'll have to run thru and check their reveiws cuz now I"m curious!
  • Snappy
    It sounds like it was an old bottle of oil. Sometimes top notes, like ylang, evaporate first. Maybe EF could send you a new one?
  • Carrie Ann
    I'd be willing to try a new one but not at the cost of reviewing something else. Maybe the best thing would be for someone in the warehouse or whatever to sniff a few bottles?

    It could just be me, too. Perhaps it's a scent others really like and heavy spices just don't do it for me. (Though even my teenager was like.. ick)
  • Carrie Ann
    I'm glad I could help you prevent getting a product that doesn't sound good to you, Lauren! Smile
  • Naughty Student
    OMG what a disapointment. I went to the angelic aromas website and read up on the products. They seem so promising in theory in terms of there scent but I guess this one is not what it seems. Good review.
  • Carrie Ann
    Thank you! I keep thinking I should have picked one that was orange scented or something.

    My own fault, really. The descriptions says cumin... I just wasn't thinking so VERY cumin-y.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Perhaps another review with surface one day and we can see if it's just you. Either way, I am not a big fa of cinnamon or spice so I will definitely stay away. Kudos that you went through with the review.
  • Carrie Ann
    I'm actually going to take it along when I see friends this weekend, have everyone else smell and sample it for a follow up review so I can get a somewhat better idea if it was just me and my family or if it really is that off.
  • Airen Wolf
    Cumin is very heavy in terms of notes and I can't imagine an indian curry being very sexual unless you associate the smell with a lovely Indian beauty preparing the meal in the buff....Ylang Ylang is a very delicate scent and could have been damaged by the cold, I suppose but I've had my essential oil bottle near frozen and the oil wasn't injured so I'm not convinced. I imagine it'd be better to blend these oils yourself to get the chakra opening scent you prefer...if you can't stand the smell it isn't going to be too effective for all that cinnamon and cumin (and cardamom) are good for the sexual energies of the root chakra. As odd as it sounds a root chakra oil should smell red...which to me is cinnamon and warm not cumin which I personally loath the smell of.
    Nice review!
  • chocoqueen
    Thanks for the review!
  • Jenny Smith
    thanks for the review
  • damnbul12
    Thanks for the review.
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