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Where Have You Been All My Life?

The Acuvibe Mini is a remarkably strong, lightweight and user-friendly massager that is often lost in the shadow of its older and more famed sibling the Hitachi. But this criminally unsung vibrator in fact surpasses the Hitachi in most ways, from its smaller, cuter frame to its convenient lack of cord. If you want all the power of larger, electric massagers with less of the unwieldiness and unatractiveness associated with them, the Acuvibe Mini may be your new best friend.
very powerful, cute, small, light weight, cordless, deep and rumbling vibrations, swivel head
porous, takes a long time to recharge, loud, can turn on during storage, only one speed
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The Acuvibe Mini from Human Touch is billed as a deep muscle massager meant to work out aches in pains in the neck, back or hands and feet. However, as with all vibrating massagers, people are very quick to put two and two together and make four, and by "make four" I mean to say "masturbate with". This wand provides incredibly strong and penetrating vibrations that are centralized right in the tip, not in the handle where your hand is rattled into numbness. It is perfect to be used either as a sensual massager or for its intended use on sore tissues. However, no matter where you choose to use the Mini, make sure that it is used externally! This is not meant for insertion of any kind, but is very well used to stimulate the clitoris, labia, perineum or even the testicles if you can handle the intensity!

Because the Acuvibe Mini has a single and incredibly powerful setting, I have found this vibrator is wonderful for forced orgasms or orgasm torture. Restrain your willing, submissive partner and drive them crazy with intense, persistent stimulation of their most sensitive areas. This is also an excellent option for women that have trouble climaxing with less intense stimulation. Women that have had difficulty reaching climax have reported great success with massagers of this kind. So when nothing else will get you there, the Acuvibe Mini might be the one that finally does it.

Material / Texture

With a light weight hard plastic handle featuring a smooth, plastic head, this vibrator provides a firm surface for stimulation. Vibrations are scarcely transmitted through the hard handle, rumbling powerfully on the swivel head. The tip has a sort of matte texture provides a nice bit of friction that helps it stay put even when things get a little slippery. Hard plastic is, of course, a porous material. While it is less porous than many others, but to be completely safe you may want to stretch a condom that you trust over the top if you are sharing this with non fluid-bonded partner. You could also make effective use of a dental dam, either by wrapping it around the Acuvibe or stretching it across the genital region you are using it on. If you use this toy on the perineum or outer anus you may also want to use some barrier as you will not be able to sanitize this toy very thoroughly; hard plastic can harbor microbes.

The Acuvibe Mini has the slightest scent of plastic about it, but this fades with time. As with many materials such as silicone or jelly, plastic can pick up scents over time. If this should happen, you can leave your Acuvibe out in the open air for 48 hours and at least some of the scent should dissipate.

Design / Shape / Size

This vibrator truly surpasses most others of its class that I've tried. It is superior is so many ways, namely due to its design. It harnesses all of the aggressive energy of hulking giants like the Hitachi, but in a slender 8 inches of length and mere 1.5 inches in diameter at its widest point. If you are someone that suffers from carpal tunnel, arthritis, or just likes to keep working out and playing separate, you'll also love that unlike the hefty Magic Wand, the Acuvibe scarcely weighs a pound. Its length also makes it significantly more discreet and easier to store, not to mention it looks a heck of a lot sexier. Granted, it only comes in clinical pastels and still has a very mechanical look, but I don't consider this all bad, at least not on the last count. Those that don't like realistic toys or toys that remember body parts will enjoy the neutrality of this toy. The Acuvibe Mini also features a "flex-node" head, according to the website, which is able to swivel slightly and conform to the curves of your body.

One thing that I don't love about this vibrator is that is does not have a lock switch, and unlike battery-operated toys you can't simply pop the batteries out during storage. If the Acuvibe Mini rubs against something in storage while is has a charge it can turn on, so it's not very good for travel.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I am generally not a fan of incredibly intense vibrations, but I have quickly fallen in love with the Acuvibe Mini's single and very, very powerful speed. On the handle of the toy there is a small on/off switch for the Mini, again, with no lock and no dial to adjust or modify intensity with. If you know that you don't like deep and powerful vibrations this is not the toy for you because you have only one option: DEEP and POWERFUL! At times it can almost be painful, but for myself, never desensitizing. The rumbling is so penetrating that you don't lose sensation the way you might with shallow, buzzy vibrators. And trust me, it may hurt a little, but it's a delicious ache that you will want to endure until that intense orgasm. You know the kind of orgasm I mean: the kind that makes your eyes snap tightly shut and all of your muscles lock up. Oh, and the Acuvibe Mini is definitely not for teasing. A minute or two with this directly on your sensitive bits will quickly end in climax. If you want to draw out your experience you may want to put a buffer between you and the toy such as a thick blanket. I should mention that over time I could definitely see this toy desensitizing body parts to less intense vibrations or touches. I really plan to use this one primarily for orgasm torture and other intermittent BDSM treats.

Also keep in mind that this is a very loud vibrator, loud enough to easily hear through a door or wall. And its chainsaw hum is unmistakable for what it is; your roommates will not be confusing the sound of the Mini with your electric razor. If you live in close quarters this can be a tough toy to use, so roomies be ware. The Acuvibe Mini holds a charge for 45 minutes although I cannot presently attest to that. Since it only takes about 2 minutes at the most for me to get off with this thing, I haven't yet gotten to 45 full minutes of use. However, according to the brief instructions provided with the toy, 8 hours of charging with the included adapter should restore the charge. A blue light at the base of the toy is illuminated while charging.

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned above, hard plastic is a semi-porous material meaning that caring for this toy can be a little more difficult than say steel or silicone. It is completely compatible with all sensual lubricants and can be stored with any other materials without fear of negative interactions. Because it's impossible to thoroughly sanitize this massager for this reason, always take your safety into account when sharing this with non fluid-bonded partners. The pores in plastic can harbor microbes so condoms and dental dams are your friend when sharing! In order to clean your Mini you can wipe them down with toy wipes or a damp wash cloth. This toy is not waterproof so exercise extreme care when bringing this toy near to water; never submerge the Acuvibe!
Follow-up commentary
My Acuvibe Mini is still my all time favorite massager. I've looked so many times at the Fairy Wands and considered briefly getting one, but I always think "Why bother?" My Mini is still, for me, the cutest, prettiest most wonderfully rumbly and strong, deeply massaging vibrator in my toy chest. I don't use it routinely because, well, my clit will get spoiled and come to expect too much deep and powerful stimulation in order to get off. But I love pulling this out for clutch-the-sheets and bite-my-lip kind of WOA orgasm every now and again. Worth every penny.
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