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Chocolate dreams

Sensual kit by Kama Sutra

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Who Doesn't Like Chocolate?

These three products are great individually and sometimes combine well, but I have two strong preferences and one that didn't win me over. Overall both my partner and I enjoyed the kit and it was great for foreplay. If you'd like to engage your sense of smell, taste, and touch and enjoy chocolate this could be a great way to do it. Overall it was enjoyed but I'd rather buy the full size options of the two I like the best.
All the products smelled good and were great for foreplay. Plus the feather applicator!
The Body Souffle did not taste as good as it smells and it could have stayed moist longer.
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Kama Sutra's Chocolate Dreams set has a variety of uses; the Chocolate Creme Brulee body souffle is ideal for a sensual back massage to set the mood, the Chocolate Mint Oil of Love is great for some sweet spots to return to later in an encounter, and the Chocolate Caress Honey Dust is a great way to tantalize your partner and warm them up. I think this kit is appropriate for anyone wanting to engage in some sensual exploration, ideally with a partner, but it could be used on a solo exploration. All three would appeal to anyone willing to engage their senses fully, all of the products smelled good, had interesting and differing textures on the skin, had distinct flavors, and were attractively packaged. The Chocolate Dreams set is a great way to start your foreplay with a little sweetness and to maybe add some variety. I avoided using these products in non-topical ways, i.e. no penetration or use as a lube, but I did lick and kiss them off my partner generously and vice versa.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Chocolate Creme Brulee Body Souffle has a pudding like appearance and a lotion like texture when applied to the skin. Of the three it's the most obvious choice for use during a massage, it felt like a mid-weight lotion both as the user and the receiver. It's very viscous so it stays in place and does not run or pour easily. It was interesting to create patterns and 'paint' with as it has enough tint to show up on light skin. It would not be ideal for an extended massage as it dried out a little and started to feel sticky after a few minutes of use. In the shower it felt, again, like a mid-weight lotion when washing it off.

The Chocolate Mint Oil of Love has a syrup or thin honey like texture. When applied it feels good on the skin but it dries quickly if you put a thin layer on. Depending on the amount applied, it is possible to control the sensation and use of the product. Sparing amounts of it are great to apply to places you would like to come back to and kiss later. Adding more makes it more suitable for massage but I don't find that to be the best use of the product. The oil looks thin enough to pour easily, yet neither my partner or I did that, because of the bottle shape. We both chose to use the stopper or to pour it onto our hands rather than risk pouring the entire bottle out. Once applied the oil stayed where it was put. It got a little sticky after extended rubbing but not an uncomfortable amount. When washing the oil off it didn't leave a residue and it felt like it had absorbed into the skin.

The Chocolate Caress Honey Dust was a light powder that was applied with a feather duster (included). It created a light powdery texture on the skin and gave off a very nice chocolate smell. The product was intended to be applied with the duster and it worked well on that front. It didn't really adhere to the skin unless it was already damp or sticky.

Taste / Aroma

The body souffle smelled fantastic but the taste did not match how attractive the smell was. It was better for use somewhere where it wouldn't be licked off the skin but the aroma could reach both users. The oil smelled like chocolate, not much like mint, and as it warmed on the skin it smells stronger and still appealing.The honey dust smelled like hot chocolate and tasted similar to the smell. Both of us enjoyed the taste of it.


The souffle was good for less than 5 minutes of massage, it dried out relatively quickly. It could be re-energized with a little water but of the three its our least favorite product. It washed off easily in the shower, feeling a little slippery in just water, but after using soap it was completely gone. Overall the best feature was the scent but we found it didn't taste as good as it smelled. It was not as versatile as the other products or as we had hoped.

The oil lasted on the skin after it dried until it was washed or licked off, most of it was licked off. The remainder washed off easily without a noticeable film. I liked that the product had a good flavor and was a nice addition to foreplay.

The honey dust lasted until it was licked off, which happened before it could be blown off or wiped off. It didn't really need to be washed off the skin because it got sticky. What remained cleaned off easily in the shower. Overall we both enjoyed this product a lot.


Getting the contents out of the kit initially was difficult and actually required both of us. Other than the initial issues removing them the only complaint about packaging is for the oil. We were both hesitant to accidentally pour all of it out so we handled the bottle carefully. Using a cork stopper as the top looks nice but doesn't provide a solid seal unless it is firmly inserted. Overall the packaging is attractive and discrete but the seal the oil bottle forms makes us hesitant on traveling with it.

Personal comments

Combining the oil and the honey dust, after the oil has dried, creates an interesting sensation and a pleasing taste.
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