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The Striptease Kit is an amazing kit that will bring everything together that you need to perform a good, sexy striptease for your partner. It gives you enough objects that it takes the nervousness out of performing.
Objects all in one place, routine cards, pasties
Scarf is square not rectangle, booklet doesn't show step-by-step pics, glue smells bad
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The Striptease Kit is basically an easy-to-use kit that will give you everything you need to put on a striptease for your partner whether you've never given a dance or do it all the time. All of the pieces come nice packaged in a sturdy cardboard box that will work amazingly for keeping your stuff safe when you aren't using it. The set comes with different routine cards, a how-to booklet, reusable pasties, a sexy scarf, some body glitter, and some body glue. All of the pieces, when used together, are enough to give yourself a good striptease to give to your partner.

The pasties are little pieces of fabric with lots of red sequins sewn onto the front of them. The pasties are reusable since the pasties do use the body glue that's included in the kit to fasten on. You add a bit of glue to the pasty, a bit of glue to your nipple, and press the two together. The pasties do hurt a bit to peel off, but it's nothing horrible. To clean it off, you just use a bit of a damp washcloth on the back of your pasties to get the leftover glue off. The pasties should last quite a while depending on how gentle you are with them.

The body glue seems to hold relatively firm. It only holds for about an hour (if that depending on what you are doing), so it will need reapplication. My biggest complaint about the glue is that it does smell like glue - definitely a not-so-sexy smell. You may want to try to keep it away from getting it on your hands or anything to avoid having a icky smell during your dance.

The scarf is made from see-through, black fabric. It's very light and very soft. The scarf is more square than rectangle which bothered me since, when I consider sexy, I consider a long scarf that can be played with. Instead, this scarf is a three-by-three feet square of fabric. The ends are nicely threaded and everything, and the scarf feels soft, but I would have preferred more of a length instead of just the square of fabric.

The body glitter comes in a tube that resembles a lipgloss container. It's very easy to apply. The consistency of the glitter is basically like water that has sparkles in it. The sparkles are gold and apply easily. The sparkles basically resemble the body glitter most girls wear when they are teenagers - it isn't a sparkly sheen, it really is just specks of glitter put into this body glitter mixture. It doesn't have a noticeable scent to it, but you do have to be careful about how much you put on since the water-texture makes it come out really easily. Also, the glitter will come off on your other items of clothing, so make sure to shower after your play.

The included booklet is a softcover black and white page booklet that comes in at five chapters and 48 pages. It's a very easy and short read, and you can easily read it cover-to-cover in a half hour. However, a good chunk of the book is actually information and how-tos on different strip moves, so you may want to devote extra time to learning how to do the moves while you read it.

The book starts off by talking about different types of lingerie and what lingerie will work best for your bodytype. It then gives different types of "real-clothes" sexy outfits, how to do your hair, make-up ideas, and how to gain some confidence to do this. A good chunk of this book (in fact, about 20 pages of it) is about how to do the moves that are mentioned in the routine cards. Each move has one illustration to describe it then describes it, in words, as to how to do it. I wish there would have been more pictures to describe the techniques - it would have been more helpful. The book also talks about the sexiest way to remove different articles of clothing as well as some clothing to avoid since it's too hard to take off. The book then talks about what space you should do it in - including props, then ends with information about music and a quiz that helps you pick out which routine card you should try first.
The strip routine cards are actually pretty helpful. Each different routine is a three-fold, fold-out card. On the front side, there's an entire routine explained for you. It uses the pictures that the book used so you can easily reference the positions in the book, but it does also give a brief description on the card itself. Each one of the cards does follow a different theme, and each different striptease can be repeated over and over after it's complete in order to continue doing a dance if you've run out of ideas. The striptease themes include: Hot Executive, Boudoir Betty, Hip Hop Booty Shaker, Go-Go Dancer, Strip Club Diva, Hula Girl, The Burlesque Dancer, Girl Next Door, The Schoolgirl, and Punk Rock Girl.

Each one of the strip routines are intended for a female. Males could do the routines, but they would probably have to be edited to not look so feminine. On the backside of each of the strip routine cards, there's also some helpful information: A panel about the theme as well as what you should wear, what music would work well, naughty names you could call yourself, and what your hair and make-up should look like. With all of these suggestions, it really does take the nervousness out of doing a striptease since all of the information is provided for you so you don't have to worry about it.

Overall, I think the kit has a lot to offer beginners or anyone nervous about doing their first striptease. It will work for those that do stripteases on a regular basis, but some of the moves are not too unique, so you may know the moves already. The kit gives you everything, step-by-step, you need to make a good hot dance for your partner. I'm split between 4 and 5 stars. It's a great kit, but it's not perfect, BUT it does seem to be the only thing like this on the market, so with nothing to compare it to, I'm going to give it five stars just since the things it is missing are minor, and the value of having this (pretty inexpensive) kit all in one place is very important. I'd definitely recommend it if you want to try a striptease kit.

(As a sidenote, another reviewer mentioned that she wished it had a g-string. I'm actually glad it doesn't. G-strings are not one-size-fits-all, and so it would have just brought up the price for something most people probably couldn't use.)
Follow-up commentary
We've had a lot of fun with this kit. With all of the various pieces, it really has lasted a lot of fun strip shows, and who can complain about that? The easy-to-follow strip tease move chart gets used the most, and the cards get used a bit too. I'm really fond of the pasties, but I'm not as fond of the glue, so we use a different body glue. We're out of the glitter, and the scarf, while not the best scarf we own, is still a good piece. This is still a good kit!
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