A Total Breeze To Get On Your Knees Anywhere You Please

If you like getting on your knees but hard surfaces make that difficult or painful, you should definitely invest in some of these. They can be used for so much more than just having sex or masturbating; literally anywhere you want to kneel or sit.
Exceedingly multi-functional, Comfortable and easy to use, Very discreet
Can slip sometimes
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The Sex in the Shower knee pads are a wonderfully multi functional tool; making it worlds more comfortable to spend time sitting or kneeling on hard surfaces.

The box they come in isn't discreet at all, with "sex in the shower" and pictures of a couple making use of the pads. The nice thing about the packaging is that it's literally as big as the pads and can be easily recycled. There's a little pamphlet inside that shows off all of the other Sex in the Shower products as well.

What you get inside the box is two blue foam pads. They're each about 8 1/4" long, about 6 1/4" wide, and 3/4" thick; each have one flat end, one rounded end, and squiggles down each side; and they each have one smooth flat side and one textured side. The textured side is the one you're supposed to put face down for gripping purposes, and the smooth flat side you would kneel or sit on. The texture pattern looks almost like a tight basket weave.

The foam here is thick enough to be really supportive while you're kneeling, but not so thick that it's a pain the butt to take with you while traveling. They're not the smallest things ever, but they do travel pretty well. It reminds me a lot of the foam puzzle blocks I played with as a kid actually, and really does feel like the same stuff. This foam also doesn't seem to hold onto water at all either. It does remain a little slippery until you dry it off, at least on the smooth side, but it doesn't absorb any water either.

Cleaning should be a breeze. In the event that you do actually need to clean them, warm soapy water should do the trick. You could wipe them down with a cleaning wipe, spray them with toy cleaner, or just wipe them down with a towel after your shower. If you've got time, go ahead and let them air dry. They're not tremendously obvious, so no worries about people figuring out why you had them out in the first place. You can store them just about anywhere too.

The really important part here is how they work. When used in the shower and on smooth surfaces, there was a little bit of moving around. Nothing huge and with all my weight on it it didn't seem to go anywhere. On carpeted surfaces I had no issues with movement at all. You can put them as close together or as far apart as you want. The squiggles on the sides do line up together like a puzzle piece, only staggered slightly. Placing them further apart can give you better leverage for kneeling, and if your butt is small enough you can put them together and sit on them. Mine felt like it was hanging off the sides a little bit, but that was with them "locked" together. They can be spread back out a bit so that one sits solidly under each cheek. There's no need to limit these for just sex use either; literally any time you want go kneel somewhere, these can have your back. Things like gardening, cleaning floors, even under your knees for some lightweight pushups or working on the car; I can't think of any place these would be a bad idea.
I really do love everything about these. Their pretty blue color; the fact that they don't hold bacteria or promote mold growth; the fact that I can use them for having sex, giving head, masturbating, rinsing hair dye in the bathtub, working on my car, exercising, etc. Everything about them. The only thing I don't like is the packaging, because it makes it a little more difficult to give these as a gift without having to decide how I want to repackage them.
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