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Pleasure pouch

Storage container by Phallix

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Fluffy Protection!

The Pleasure Pouch is a padded storage solution made by Phallix. While it's a bit of overkill for most glass toys, for the more expensive toys, it's going to protect the toy and make sure that your "investment" stays in the best shape possible.
Protects toys well, Different sizes, Drawstring holds tight
No choosing a color, Material picks up hair, Very fluffy, Not wipe-down-able
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The Pleasure Pouch is a Phallix-designed padded pouch intended to hold sex toys that are breakable or need extra protection. The bags come in purple, black, and blue (but you don't get to pick) and in 7, 9, and 12 inch varieties. As you can imagine, the Phallix bags were originally intended to store Phallix glass toys (and are made in Phallix toy sizes), but the bags will easily hold any glass toys that you happen to have. The bag is a drawstring bag and is made from textured velvet.

The drawstring on these bags is actually really nice. The drawstring will keep the dildo safe and sound inside your drawstring pouch. Even shaking it upside down will not make the dildo fall out, and the drawstring closure doesn't seem to loosen up either, so your dildo will be safe. I conducted a test, and dropping this bag from waist level onto the floor with the dildo protected the dildo just fine. It had no scratches on it or anything.

I purchased this bag to fit my Prince Valiant glass dildo. It's an expensive little thing, and I was really disappointed to find that most Phallix products only come with a little unpadded bag. This bag is a large improvement over a Phallix-included bag. If you are purchasing an expensive dildo, I highly recommend one of these. Anyway, my Prince Valiant is a little over 7 inches tall and is about two and a half in diameter. The height of the dildo fits just fine in the 9" bag while the diameter, a tight squeeze, but it will fit in the bag. You shouldn't have to worry about diameter since 2 1/2 inches is about as big of a diameter in a glass toy as they come. Since this is the nine inch bag, I actually was surprised that the Prince Valiant is a big closer to the top of the bag than I'd like it to be, so for safety, I recommend purchasing a size up with most of your toys.

Pet owners, beware! This textured velvet, while textured, is still velvet. This will attract all sorts of pet hair. While not a big deal for me, if it bothers you, it's going to be annoying quickly.

This bag is very padded. It's more padded than the Don Wands included padded bag with their toys. It comparison, the bag ends up being about as thick as a 2 liter of soda. (I say "about". It's close, but not quite.) It's definitely a space hog compared to the actual size of the sex toy itself, but in order to protect an expensive toy from harm, it's definitely a needed step. (I wouldn't call a $30 glass toy as need of protection, but once you start getting into the $100's, it's time to make sure they won't get hurt.)

What types of toys will fit in here? Honestly, it depends on the size of your bag. My 9" one should take toys about 8 inches tall and with a diameter of 2 1/2 or smaller. I would say that most of them would probably be glass, ceramic, or stainless steel since I don't see any other toy being breakable enough to require such a padded bag. The bags are intended to be used with one toy to a bag, so don't put two toys in as that defeats the purpose of the bag.

I would not store lubricant or other liquidies in this pouch. The inside is not easily wiped down. It's the same textured velvet material as on the outside of the pouch. For this reason, it's much more of a pain in the butt than it needs to be to wipe down this pouch. Plus, it can be very hard to get your hand to be able to read into the bottom of this padded bag because of all of the padding. I haven't had to wash one of these bags yet, and I honestly can't say that I want to, all lubricant and condoms are staying far away from this bag.

Overall, while not the most amazing thing on the planet, the Pleasure Pouch still ends up being a padded bag that stores your toys effectively. The material is a bit awkward, and the bag ends up getting very fluffy, but if it's all to protect my "investment", I think I can live with it.
Follow-up commentary
I still am in love with these pouches, and I'm sad they're not sold anymore. Aside from Don Wands storage pouches, these are some of the most padded and most luxurious storage bags out there. Yes, they're bulky, but when I own a $300 glass dildo, I want to make sure that it stays safe - even if it's a bit bulkier than other storage options. The pouches feel soft, and while they might be a bit of a pain in a pet household (due to the velvet-like material), with our house, we've had absolutely no problem with it picking up pet hair.
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  • ToyTimeTim
    Glad I am not the only won willing to fully test out a storage pouch with my favorite toy.
  • sexyintexas
    I need one of these for my glass wand. Ok in the cart it goes! Great review.
  • Waterfall
    When I eventually get one of the pretty and expensive glass pieces I will make sure to get one of these Nice review!
  • The Curious Couple
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • big b
    good info thanks
  • Linga
    Great review, thanks
  • Diabolical Kitty
    nice review
  • Rin (aka Nire)
    I find it funny that, although Phallix makes such a nice padded bag, they don't bother to include good bags with their toys. Methinks they're a bit greedy! Still, nice to know that if I ever need a good bag, there's one available here on EF. Thanks for reviewing!
  • Ivy Wilde
    Why did you give it 5 stars if it picks up lint and you can't choose what color you want?
  • Kayla
    @Z2 - Because it protected the toy and is a lot more padded than other bags. It has faults, but it's one of the most protective padded storage bags that I've used.
  • butterflygirlxo
    Nice review, I wouldn't like that it picked up lint :
  • nightynightwabbit
    Hope this comes back in stock
  • LoveDove
    Great review, thanks!
  • Ghost
    Thanks for the review!
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