Magic Force G-spot wand attachment

Give Her The Fingers

This attachment is right up our alley. She loves to rub my penis as soon as we get in bed. I love to rub her clit. This is our regular nightly routine. Sometimes my fingers and hand get tired. I was hoping this would be a good stand-in. Fingers rubbing/stimulating the clit is no-brainier. Whoever thought of this is a Genius!
Very soft, Very stimulating, Inexpensive, Easy to use and clean
Fingers could be a tad longer,
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First impression

This made us smile when we first saw it. Looks like something to put on your bookshelf. Like some statue of someone giving the finger sign. Upon smelling it discovered a fruity odor found in softer TPR and silicone toys.

I put it up to my hands and found the fingers to be nearly exactly the same size. I wanted this because the wifey loves having her clit rubbed. I was hoping this would give my hand a break as she likes her clit stimulated for a long time. The two fingers are also curved - another big plus. Should also do a good job on her inner walls.

This was designed for wands with smaller heads like the Magic Force. OW's favorite is the Eden Adjustable Wand though. She likes the intensity control on it. Our Magic Force is aged and doesn't hold a long enough charge. So I placed this on the Eden Wand. It was a tight fit but managed to get it on.

Front view
Front view

Side view

Side view

First Use

I washed the fingers with soap and water as always before using any toys. I put the wand attachment on her Eden adjustable wand. She thought the two fingers were very cute. She normally fondles me when we first get into bed. After a few minutes, I felt this constant rubbing on my penis head. She replaced her fingers with this. I have to admit it did feel good. She also put it under my testicles as she normally fondles them also. She chuckled before using it on herself.

She placed the fingers on her clit and said they felt good. She loves clit play. She started her wand on low and increased intensity after a short while. "Aww, Good" was her words. I knew she was good and wet by now and suggested she try it inside. She was reluctant but did it anyway. She put a little lube, inserted it and turn it on low.

She laid there with the fingers in her for a long time. I got impatient and turn the power up. She responded with a smack on my chest and said, "You dirty rat!" I said, "I just wanted her to get an orgasm." She removed it and turned over and went to sleep.

Further Experience

The next time was much better. This time I let her play with it all on her own. I started her off with my fingers and let her take over with her fingered wand. She put a little warming lube as that usually gives better results. She did her usual slow then increase power until highest setting. After 15 mins, I asked is she came yet. No answer. She tried to insert it inside, but the length of the fingers and big wand made it difficult. I offered to help her do it, but she said," Forget it." Instead, she started performing fellatio on me. A few minutes later I got what I hope for, unlike the other night.

I hope next time she will allow me to insert it and let her man the controls. I want to see if this can bring her over the top. I've heard an intense rubbing/stimulating the G spot can induce squirting. I would love to see her wet the bed. It's been a long time since I enjoyed that show!

Vibration Map

The Eden Vibrating Adjustable Wand is extremely powerful. At the highest setting, the two fingers can be hard to take for a length of time. She can take the highest setting on her clit. She has "Clits of Steel ". The medium setting is the most I can take on my penis head. As for vaginally, you will have to wait for the followup review.

Two Fingers Attachment on Eden wand
Two Fingers attachment on our Eden Wand

The vibrations on the fingers were very very strong.
The vibrations on the middle were very strong.
The bottom part (thumb, palm) were also very strong. I think if fingers inserted vaginally the thumb/palm area will rock the clitoris. The dual stimulation innie and outie should induce some good O's and maybe squirting.

  • Very mild, low level vibration
  • Moderate vibration
  • Strong and easily felt vibration

Orgasm Intensity

She likes this for stimulating the clit. I like it on my penis glans. As mentioned, I hope the future play will bring forth some great multiple O's. The combo of intense vibrating fingers inside and the thumb/palm inside will get her to squirt once more. It's been a drought for too many years!
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