Holds Everything, And Then Some!

This case is four feet long, lockable, and features loops and elastic closures in order to impose order into your BDSM toy collection.
Enough length for proper storage of long BDSM toys and tools.
Width is limited, so it can't be used to store paddles and other wide items.
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First and foremost, the most important thing to realize about this case is that is big. I mean, *really* big - 42" long x 3" high x 3" deep. Being as big as it is, it's not exactly the most discreet thing in the world (my neighbors wanted to know what it was – of course, the packaging by Eden Fantasys gave nothing away), and it may be so big that you'll have to pick it up from the post office instead of having it waiting on your doorstep. But, if you're looking for a case to house certain floggers, canes, spreader bars etc. - all that BDSM stuff that challenges you to find creative storage options – this XL Flogger Case by For Your Nymphomation is a serious “must have”.

The case is made of faux black leather, with a smooth nylon lining. On the inside of the lid there are two elastic bands that may be used to corral things like a cane or crop into place. At the top end of the lid, and as well at the top end of the inside of the case, there is a Velcro close loop that will accept the handing loops of your canes and floggers to keep them from sliding down to the bottom of the case.

The zipper of the case is a simple plastic zipper, and it seems to be well attached and such. The zipper toggles are affixed firmly on the zips via small metal loops, with are also what is used to attach the included lock to the case. The lock is a simple padlock that comes with two keys. It seems to work fine, however, I should note that I don't do the lock thing, so I haven't put too much wear and strain on it. If, for some reason, the lock craps out, you could easily substitute it with another small lock. The case is finished off with a carrying strap, designed to go over your shoulder (or chest) with the up end “up”, and not sticking up too high above your head.

This case holds a lot of stuff! In the lid, I was able to place a spreader bar, a bamboo cane and a riding crop in the elastic loops. Inside the case, attached to the Velcro loops, I fit four floggers of varying lengths – none of which even came close to reaching the bottom of the case. At the bottom of the case, below all the flogger falls, I was able to put a bath-brush, a small oval wood paddle, a set of “ball-on-stick” massage tools, a long leather slapper, and a long plastic slapper. As I have it, the case is jam packed tight – yet I can get at everything in it very easily and directly.

Do note the dimensions if you have a number of paddles that you plan to store in this case. I was not able to fit my “Angelic Dreams Spank Her” into the case anyway but diagonally, and none of my round paddles fit either. Also, four or five floggers will be the upper limit of floggers you can fit on the Velcro loop, because the handles all end up in the same place inside the case. If you think your needs might be beyond this case, I recommend checking out the For Your Nymphomation Adult Toy Case.
Follow-up commentary
This case is still fabulous, and has held up well with time. I have developed a bit of a 'beef' with it however - it is just not big enough. The 'size' of a flogger really comes down to its handle. And given that floggers tend to share approximately the same dimensions (with respect to how long the hanging loop and handles are) the handles all end up in the same place when placed in this case. And really, there's only room for three handles to fit into the same area of the case. I would have really appreciated the ability to vary the height floggers are individually hung at, in order to stagger them to fit more in neatly. As is, this is what I do with them now, just with the floggers packed in place instead of hung in the case.
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  • Contributor: Kinky Kitty
    Great review, Thanks!

    I have always wondered about those little locks (I'm glad someone finally mentioned that they "crap out".) I intend on purchasing several of the Nymphomation chests, do you have a suggestion on a small lock that DOES work?
  • Contributor: Red
    Hi Kinky Kitty - just to clarify, mine hasn't crapped out, but then again, I just don't use them at all. They look a little less...um....robust....than luggage locks, for a point of comparison.

    Any small size "Master" lock will fit, as will luggage locks.

    hey and before you buy a bunch of chests and put a bunch of your silicone toys in them, make sure to check out Carrie Ann's reviews as she had some issues with color transference. I have not had that happen with any of my floggers and such but I would be wary of silicone and TPR and all that
  • Contributor: Sammi
    It looks kind of like a gun case Smile.
    I wish this was wider for paddle storage, but this is really nice!
  • Contributor: Kinky Kitty
    Wow, thanks again for the info. I have had color transfer issues with only one of my toys but it's jelly and now has a home of it's own in a zip-lock bag.

    Do you know anything about those retractable dance poles? I'm not a dancer by any means but was thinking about buying one for the house to surprise my boyfriend. I wonder if I could store that in this box.
  • Contributor: Red
    @Sammi LOL! Yeah, it looks pretty intimidating slung over your shoulder.

    @kinky Kitty I don't know much, if anything about those stripper poles, but I have seen the size of the boxes they come in, and my guess its yes, you could store it in this case. Just be sure to note the dimensions of the pole before ordering the case!
  • Contributor: MidnightB
    Brilliant review Red, I love your detail you really do explain so much. I love this case, I think I could get most of my whips in this size one.
    The gun case look would make anyone submit lol.
    Thanks again.
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