The pushin cushin - position pillow by Doc Johnson - review by Sexalicious K

It was a good decision to try this to improve our position!

All up we are giving the Cushin 4 stars because it did meet our expectation to give us confidence to invest in more expensive cushion products in the future.
Reasonable price compared to other shapes. Inflation allows you to stow it away for traveling.
The side to side stability is unsettling if you are not expecting it.
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extremely useful review
We have been looking at all types of "adventure gear" to support our sex
life. It was difficult to justify the investment of +$100 in a product when we had no idea if we would use it much or enjoy the results. The Cushin was a great place to start our investigation and now we are thinking about purchasing some other pillows and "positioning" devices to improve our quality of sex.

As far as packaging goes this product is pretty good. The Cushin comes in a big re-useable "clam-shell" style see-thru plastic container. Of course it has some girly Doc Johnson model all over a cardboard insert which can be removed and thrown away in 10 seconds. Included is The Cushin pillow, a cover with a zip closure, a foot pump, hose, adapters, and a patch kit. Upon opening it there is an unpleasant plastic smell. The odor subsided after it was left out for a couple of hours. We also kept the clam-shell plastic container it came in because it is reasonably sturdy and has a carry handle. After removing the Doc Johnson advertising material the Cushin kit looked very normal. It could pass for an inflatable pillow and nobody would guess it's a sex pillow until it's removed and inflated. Even then they would have to have seen something similar used in an “adult manner” to figure this was something more than a cheesy inflatable pillow.

My husband inflated it with the foot pump in less than 3 minutes. We intended to keep it inflated and just put it in the back of our closet like we would have to do if we bought a Liberator or similar product. The cover is a "imitation suede" material which is identical in texture and color to an inflatable guest mattress we have. My husband found the foot pump even works on the mattress which he considers to be a bonus! Men are easily amused if they find another use for a tool.. The directions say the cover is washable but it doesn't look like much fun to get off and then back on and in the right position.

For the test drive! We decided bath towels wash easier than the cover so we simply used a large bath towel over The cushin so the clean-up was quick. The first thing we noticed is this thing is BIG! 14” high x 22 wide and 34” long. At first we tried a few positions with it completely inflated and it worked well for a modified missionary position, doggy style, and cowgirl. All good! I then decided to go on my back with my butt at the high end of the Cushin to allow my hubby complete and “unrestrained” access for some lip action and then I noticed that this thing isn't very stable from side to side. If you put more weight near the top you must be careful to keep your weight centered otherwise you might fall off. This worked out OK on this occasion because I had my thighs wrapped around my husband's ears. He acted like my "training wheels." Another measure we took to increase stability and lower the 14” height was to let some air out. This seemed to work well however, it does not completely stabilize it like you may get form a harder pillow or cushion. Once we placed it on the floor it was even more stable which one would expect but is not always nice location.

The Cushin does not appear to be a complete replacement of more expensive cushions however, it offers a lower cost option. Flexibility of storage is another nice feature. If you are done with it for a while you can deflate it and store it away until the desire to get creative re-occurs. The last factor to consider is traveling! If sex pillows are your thing and you are traveling, it may not be very incognito to lug a huge Liberator through the airport and into a hotel. When the Cushin is deflated and rolled-up it takes up as much space as a thick beach towel. In order to minimize more stuff to pack the air pump is a nice accessory however; it could be left home and blown up in the manual fashion.
A few months ago we decided to pamper ourselves with a luxurious new mattress. We purchased a very fancy pillow top bed which gave us each a very restful night of sleep. Little did we know that this would have an adverse effect on our sex life... Our old mattress, which I called Mr. Lumpy, actually supported us much better during sex. We love deep access missionary or "UTHKANTA" [] and "RATISUNDARA" positions as described in the Kama Sutra however, my husband "sank" his knees too deep in our new mattress. This ruined the angle which we perfected and made it unconformable for me because he was no longer hitting my g-spot. We tried some regular pillows but everything was a bit of a hassle so we started to investigate various cushions specifically designed for sex. Without knowing what would work we chose The Cushin because of price and the inflatable feature. Upon trying The Cushin a few times we discovered by deflating it about 20% and me moving my weight toward the top we found our prefect angle again! We then tried various positions. Another one we found very satisfying was with me on my back and my butt near the top of the Cushin with my head at the bottom. This is where we encountered some stability issues with it on our bed so we placed the Cushin on the floor and this too enabled my lover to deeply penetrate me to orgasmic bliss.
Follow-up commentary
Well, we are some time along since our first Wedge adventure. We have used it a fair bit and have had the "unfortunate accident", which required removal of the cover for washing. The final report is the cover faired well in the wash, no issues, even through the dryer. Re-installation… well that was not so fun for my husband, and yes he is one of those "Mega-Hardware-Super-Store can fix ANYTHING" sort of guys. After some swearing and other bad words, he inflated the pillow about 1/3 of the way and the re-install was easy from there. SO MUCH FOR THE TECHNICAL.

As far as sex goes, the Wedge has faired well for us. It is a bit "mushy" still, so we determined we will invest in some Liberator products very soon. I am a big fan of "strong thrusting", and the wedge is just too fluid for me. I like the feeling of being "pinned against something firm so we will move to the next step. The wedge is still an awesome product to purchase if you would like to determine if positioning pillows will enhance your sex life before investing big bucks. We are so satisfied we are thinking FURNITURE!

Kisses -- K
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