For your nymphomation XL sex toy case - storage container by For your nymphomation - review by Oggins

Travel companion.

The For Your Nymphomation XL Sex Toy Case would be great for someone who likes to take their toys with them when they travel or for someone with a smaller size toy collection. It hasn't been able to solve my storage needs but, I will be taking it on vacation with me in the future!
Locks, great for travel, unrecognizable as a sex toy case.
Clear plastic zipper bags could have been bigger, velcro straps could have been longer.
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When my For Your Nymphomation XL Sex Toy case arrived, I considered the size to be perfect for traveling with. By my own measurements it is 12 1/4"X18 1/2"X3 3/4" so, it’s not that far off from the properties tab measurements. I could just imagine this little number accompanying us on our next trip to Las Vegas! After all, who wouldn't want to take a few sex toys along for the trip no matter where you’re headed? Especially your favorites!

I slipped this case from the plastic bag it was shipped in to examine the exterior. I found the leather like textures of the pvc material to be quite pleasing. It really didn't have a strong "shower curtain" smell either. I did notice this xl sex toy case|For your nymphomation™ XL sex toy case came with a little lock and two keys. The lock goes through the two glow in the dark zipper pulls to lock shut, just make sure you don’t lose the keys! They are rather small!

Upon opening the for your nymphomation xl sex toy case, I noticed that this really doesn't seem to be a "hard" type case. It seems to be held in its shape by a cardboard type material underneath the pvc covering. I do believe this could become creased if it were put underneath anything heavy while traveling or even during storage. I really hope I don’t accidentally step on it at some point. I would hate to have my footprint permanently imprinted on it!

The next things I noticed were the moveable, clear, zippered bags for storing different items. There are two fairly large sizes, two medium sizes as well as two small sizes. These can be moved anywhere in the case you would like them to be because there are three rows of velcro on the lid of the case as well as the bottom that correspond to the three rows of velcro on the backsides of the bags. While these bags are very handy for storing bullets, batteries, pocket rockets and condoms, I could not fit a rabbit type vibrator in any of the bags. There is however, plenty of room in the bottom to put your rabbit vibes in, given that you have already placed them in a different container to protect them first so they don’t roll around and touch each other which can cause damage to some materials.

Another feature of the sex toy case are the velcro straps located on the right side of the lid (as if the case were open and sitting in front of you) and the bottom. While these straps would be good for maybe mini vibes or smaller butt plugs, I could not get a rabbit vibe strapped on here either. The straps were just too short. The straps are 5" long with roughly 1 ½ " of that being the velcro material. There are two of these straps on the bottom and four on the lid. There is also an extra little pouch on the left side of the bottom with an elastic band.

The last features I noticed were the handles. There is one handle on the top of this case and one handle on the right side giving you two handles to easily carry this case whether you need one hand to carry it or two. I guess it just depends on how heavy you have it packed.

Basically, I really like this case but, I have travel plans in mind. While I will still probably be using it at home, I would recommend it more for someone who travels a lot than for someone looking for a storage solution because this one is definitely not going to solve my storage needs! I will be looking into the For Your Nymphomation Adult Toy Chest|For your nymphomation adult toy chest in the future!
This would be a great case to have as a travel companion for someone who needs a separate case for sex toys|Sex Toy Storage - Sex toy cases. I am glad I made this purchase because we will be using it during travel but, it would have been more functional for us if the clear, plastic, zippered bags would have been just a bit larger and the velcro straps just a bit longer.
Follow-up commentary
This case has help up exceptionally well and we've had no problems at all! Well, okay, maybe a small problem. One of the glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls has pulled free. It does push back on but pulls right back off again. It's not a major problem and we've simply put a piece of ribbon through the hole to use as a pull. No biggie really!

We've been pretty rough on this case. We've tossed it about, stuffed it too full, rummaged through it carelessly in the heat of passion and even sat on it. While it may be a bit off from it's original form when it's open, it looks just like it always did when zipped back up. Pretty good if you ask me! Especially considering that this case is not a hard case.

I'm still quite pleased with this purchase and I'm actually considering purchasing another simply because my collection has grown so much! I have to admit that I am a bit torn on my decision to go ahead and get another one of these or to get a Tunti case. I'm interested in a Tunti case because they are a hard case and I'm wanting something a bit more protective for my glass toys. Don't get me wrong, an XL sex toy case would probably work out sufficiently for most people to protect their glass toys but we are just too careless sometimes. As I previously mentioned, I've inadvertently sat on this one on more than one occasion!

All in all, its held up very well and I don't regret buying it at all! It's a quality made storage case but it won't solve all of your storage needs unless you have a relatively small collection. It will keep your favorites organized well and easy to find. Definitely worth the investment!
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  • Dame Demi
    I agree totally.  I think the velcro straps are meant for hanging things like paddles and crops, but if they were just a tad bit longer, they could also be used to hold other toys.  Definitely more a travel case than a home-storage case, though.  Great review!
  • Nice review. It sounds like the general measurements in this case are just a bit off. Are the plastic storage bags provided high quality, or do they look like they'll rip?
  • Oggins
    Thanks for your comments!  DD you're exactly right!  I found the length of the straps to be just a bit frustrating!  I tried several things in these straps and several things "almost" fit.  I found that traditional plastic vibes, if they are slim, will fit in the straps.  These are not my favorite type of toy though so, they will not stay in the case for long!

     CW- the plastic storage bags seem to be of a fairly high quality.  I don't think they would rip too easily unless you were in a hurry to get into one and it possibly ripped around the zipper area.  I do find that I have concerns about this area especially if one of the bags gets stuffed a bit full and maybe has alot of strain on the stitching around the zipper.  I've been careful with mine so far but, I'll let everyone know how they hold up later on in a follow up.
  • I know what you mean about it not really being a storage solution. My small version of this case makes me feel the same way. Especially because mine doesn't have any plastic bags.
  • Oggins
    Yikes!  No plastic bags would definitly not be helpful!  At least I can have extra batteries, condoms and some clitoral stimulators tucked into the bags to keep them from rolling around freely.  While this is helpful, I really had hoped to fit at least one rabbit vibe in the largest plastic bag but, that's just, it's not a "solution" but, it will be nice to take along on vacation.  That's the main thing I would recommend it for.
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    A little warning to anyone traveling with sex toys. Make sure to buy one of those airport approved locks. A vibrator had my bag ransacked a few years back. I personally like the ones that change colors if the airliner does need to open the bag!
  • Oggins
    Ugh!  Sorry you had to experience that beautiful dreamer!  That is a great point though!  We usually drive everywhere we go even if it's over 1,000 miles.  I hate paying the gas prices but, flying is just so chaotic anymore!  I would hate to be searched over a vibrator too! 
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I so wanted this! I can't believe it was discontinued! Great review though.
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