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Massage kit by Booty Parlor

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A Lover's Quadrant of Sensual Delights

This quad of romantic tidbits - massage oil, lubricant, small candle and lip gloss - could be used for a Valentine’s Day surprise, a gift for a friend or a lover, or a special treat for yourself for no special reason at all. Keep in mind that the lubricant does contain glycerin and parabens. The scents of these products are not overwhelming and actually quite pleasant. The added boost of a non-scented non flavored lubricant with a pump top is a good addition.
Pump top lube, nicely scented oil, well made gloss, cute candle.
Lube contains glycerin and parabens, lube gets sticky, oil absorbs quickly.
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This kit is meant to be used for romantic “seduction” and enhancement of romantic interludes. It contains a small votive candle, a small round bottle of lubricant, a small round bottle of massage oil and a tube of “plumping” lip gloss.

You could arrive wearing the lip gloss (and little else) and your lover could start by lighting the candle, then move on to sensual massage and then go on to think what that little bottle of lubricant could be used for...

The items are small enough to fit into a carry on or overnight bag for an weekend of sensual delights. One may want to either carry these in the original box, or carefully wrap the liquids in plastic or in a plastic bag to prevent leakage.
  • Who / How / What
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    • Bridal gift
    • Massage
    • Sex
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    • Good for anal

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This information on each product will be presented in the "performance" section to avoid repetition.

Taste / Aroma

The Add Magic Lubricant had no taste and no aroma.

Don’t Stop Massage Oil is a medium consistency massage oil with a gentle lavender color and a mild scent that is reminiscent of something between a floral and a baby powder aroma. The aroma is easy to wash off after use.
massage oil
The scent of the candle is slightly rose like and the puddle of wax, which forms quickly, is clear dark pink. The scent seems to increase for a while after the candle is extinguished. This candle does not seem to be formulated for use as a massage oil. I did not taste it and would not suggest doing so.

I’m So Sexy Lip Gloss is purported to be a “plumping” lip gloss. The bottom sticker of the gloss calls the gloss “Peppermint.” It does have a moderate “Peppermint” flavor or smell, and a background of floral scent.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


The Add Magic Lubricant: contains Water, glycerin, carbomer, Carboxmethyl, hydroethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, PEG-45M, Xanthan Gum, Tetrasodium ETDA, Methylparaben, imadazolidinyl urea.

At least two of these are suspect ingredients; Paraben and glycerin, as many people are sensitive to them and parabens have been implicated in health concerns. I did not use this lubricant vaginally, as I am sensitive to it and didn’t want to risk yet an other urinary tract infection or vaginal infection.

We did use the lube for anal sex. The lube comes in a nearly perfectly round container. The container has a pump top which is easy to use at first. It is very pretty. However, once fingers and hands become slick with lubricant the round bottle becomes a small missile that shoots out of the hand across the room at times. The bottle holds 2.1 oz of lubricant, and is not heavy enough to place on a table or nightstand to use the pump. It virtually requires to be held in the hand, and although the pump is very convenient, the round bottle becomes slick and impossible to hold almost immediately after pumping the product.
The lubricant itself is colorless and flavorless and scentless. It has the consistency of very thin hair product and will run, but not as quickly as a liquid lubricant will. We found it was fairly slick for a quick round of anal play, but became sticky in a short period of time (maybe less than 10 minutes.) Eden Wipes removed most of the lubricant’s stickiness, but we both felt the need to shower afterward simply to remove the sticky lubricant. Also, my hands felt sticky after about 10 minutes after applying.
round lube bottle

The Lip Gloss has a gentle gloss effect on the lips and does not seem to be irritating, but in my trials I did not see any evidence of any “plumping” effect. In fact, most lip glosses that claim to plump the lips are slightly irritating or tingling, and I noted the first time this one was used that there was no irritation at all. It is a nice lip gloss that lasts a fairly long time, either alone or over lipstick, even if it doesn’t “plump” the lips as claimed. (Actually, the box doesn’t claim the gloss “plumps” but the original product description does. So perhaps the company didn’t intend for it to be a plumping gloss.) It appears to be a nice long lasting sheer gloss that does not feel greasy or heavy on the lips at all.

The massage oil worked fairly well, but required a larger amount of product for a satisfactory glide than I expected. It glided well at first, but was very quickly absorbed into my partner’s skin, which is not something that happens often to us. I applied a little more and got a few more minutes of use, but that, too, was absorbed into the skin very quickly. The skin felt moisturized after use, but had a slightly rubbery texture that I was more comfortable wiping off with a cotton cloth. A shower (my partner waited until the next day, as he fell asleep during the massage) or hand washing (for the masseuse) will remove any lingering massage oil with no problem. This massage oil should not be used as a sexual lubricant.

The oil was easily removed, and the small amount of lingering scent was pleasant and not obtrusive. It contains: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Parfum (Fragrance), Water, Blue No 1 Lake, Red No 33 Lake.

The candle did not come with any ingredients, but appears to be a common paraffin candle, although I am not sure about that. It is pink and burns evenly. The candle is slightly smaller than a regular votive candle and a regular votive candle may be hard pressed to fit into the glass votive container after the candle is gone. There were some basic directions on how to burn the candle, in the small red print on the back of the box, but no guess on how many hours the candle would burn. My guess would be about 3/4 the time of regular paraffin votive candle.
candle compared to votive The relative size of "Booty Parlor" votive candle (pink) compared to a regular votive holder (glass) and a regular votive candle replacement. (White.) It does not appear a regular votive candle will fit well into the glass Booty Parlor has provided.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Allergy concerns
    • Gets sticky


The products come in a cute pink box with wells for each product so each can be displayed. The red and pink and foil design would work well for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or anytime. The face of the box is clear plastic so that each product can be easily seen.

Each item is individually stored in its own well and the products could be stored in the box for display or simply to keep them all in one place. Please make sure all bottles are tightly closed (as both the lubricant and the massage oil have a tendency to leak) and the candle is completely cool before storing. Storing upright will help keep the products from leaking.

The printing on the box is so small that I needed my reading glasses and a magnifying glass in order to read the ingredients of the products. The printing is also red on pink, so it is even more difficult to read. Considering the lube contains both glycerin and parabens, the ingredients should have been more accessible.

If one were to take either of the liquid items in this set traveling, I would suggests putting each one into a zip lock plastic bag in case of leakage. This product came in a similar round bottle that the lubricant arrived in. The bottle is very cute, but again, became slippery when the product itself was in the hand. I needed to wipe the bottle off before I set it down on any furniture. We did not notice any staining of sheets or clothing from this massage oil.

The bottle of massage oil came with a foil seal over the top, under the cap. However, that did not stop the product from leaking out during shipping. We have also found this small 2 o.z bottle, with a simple round opening and round cap, also tends to leak massage oil and needs to be stored in a plastic bag to avoid ruining furniture.
open massage bottle
The presentation is fairly discreet and is similar to products one sees at the cosmetic store or variety store around holidays.
    • Hard to read ingredients
    • Leaky container
    • Messy dispenser

Special Features

The "Add Magic Lubricant" had a pump top, which was convenient, but did require two hands to use, due to the round shape of the bottle. It would have been much more messy if one had been required to pour this lubricant out of the bottle instead, so the pump did work well.

The lube is water based and should be compatible with all toy materials.

The lip gloss is said on the product page to have "plumping" abilities for the lips. I did not find any results to this effect and regular plumping ingredients seem to be lacking in this product. It is still a nice lip long lasting flavored lip gloss.
Follow-up commentary
I wish I didn't have to pick "hearts" for the follow up of this product.

The kit contains four products; I like two and don't like two.

The Massage Oil: Unless I'm using warm massage oil, like a massage candle, I don't like having to apply the oil repeatedly. This oil is absorbed so quickly, I can easily re-apply it to my husband's skin 4 or 5 or more times in a single session. I want to massage, not re-apply oil. Fail.

The Lube: Glycerine. Nuff said. I wouldn't use this in my vagina. And the parabens make me displeased about using it for the anus. The container is so adorable, as is the pump top. But, it doesn't perform. The bottle is too small to set down, so you have to hold it. Round bottle plus slippery hands equal a mess and a lube bottle that shoots across the room. And... it's sticky. Fail.

The Lip Gloss: It's a nice enough lip gloss. Like I said, it doesn't "plump" lips. But, it has a nice color and shine to it and I like it. I use it frequently. (Is that enough to say "I started to like it more" ? Win.

The Candle: Although I prefer soy or bees wax candles, this is a nice enough candle. It's small and nearly gone; most replacement votives won't fit in the small glass holder. But, it was a nice candle. Maybe I can clean it and either use my own melted candle wax in it or use it as a shot glass. Win.

It's 50/50. Probably not worth the price of the kit, honestly.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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