Liquid sex warming - water based lube by Topco Sales - review by Darling Jen

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A Sizzle! ...Then A Fizzle

While this warming Liquid Sex lube didn't exactly pack a big sensation punch, it does work well as a massage oil and is therefore a very multi-purpose purchase. It may disappoint experienced users of sensation or temperature play but I would definitely recommend it for a warming massage or for sensation newbies.
Great Massage Oil Texture, Won't Stain, Paraben/Glycerin Free
Too Subtle Warming Sensation, Not Thick Enough For All Purpose Lube
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Liquid Sex is a warming massage oil/lubricant combined, or so it advertises, so it's safe to use all over the body including private bits. Though I suggest you not use it for anal play because the warming sensation could feel more like liquid fire when in your bum. Unless you've used them there before, don't use any sensation-causing lubricants for backdoor sex! Also, I personally wouldn't recommend it for oral/consumption but that's only because it doesn't taste great, will make your tongue tingle oddly, and it's not specifically designed for that.

The best situation for using this lubricant to achieve the greatest satisfaction is on dry land and on external parts. First, this lube is water-based and therefore will wash off in the pool, tub, or shower very easily. And that rather takes the point of using lube away, don't it?

Second, when it's used for vaginal penetration, the warming sensation will seem moot, if existent at all. To really take advantage of it, use it as a massage oil during foreplay or apply it to the external vaginal (or penile) area and allow the warming to entice your body to produce it's own liquid sex. Another reason I don't recommend this lube simply for penetrative thrusting is that reapplication will be necessary. More on this in the next section.

One recommendation I have for good times is to drip some straight from the bottle onto your partner's naughty bits, let them squirm a bit, and then lightly blow on it. The air will cool it for a split second before the warming takes off. Icy, hot, and sexy!

And for the interested, the directions for use on the back of the bottle are incredibly entertaining:

"Remove protective seal from bottle before use." (Else, how would you use it?) "Apply directly to the desired area." (Don't clean it with your toothbrush first.) "Use more or less lubricant as needed." (For less after application, use partner's discarded clothing to mop up extra... Wait, don't.)
    • Foreplay
    • Massage

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

As a massage oil, it's fairly impressive. Thankfully it doesn't dry or seep into the skin too quickly if applied generously to the desired area of the body. But it will in time so reapplication may be required, depending on how long you plan on massaging rather than sexing your partner. If it's just a quick rub down, it will not have evaporated well and you will definitely be sticky.

On that same note, as a lubricant, I found that reapplication was definitely required. This is the main downside to this lube. It's not very thick/viscous. In fact, it's almost as thin as water. That makes it work well as a massage oil but only mediocre for a lubricant. It doesn't stay in place well and will, when warmed to body temperature, slide right off your body and melt into your bed sheets. Keep in mind that you won't be lubed up long. So if you depend on it to take the place of body's naturally produced lubricant, it could end painfully. And I also found that after more than 15 minutes of use, what was left on my body had seeped into the skin or dried up.
    • Oily
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

The aroma of warming Liquid Sex is actually quite pleasant. It's extremely subtle so you won't be overwhelmed with the smell of lube during a sensual rub down. The taste, however, is not something I recommend you try. Actually the taste is average for non-oral aimed lubes. It doesn't taste great but can be overlooked in small amounts. But the warming sensation WILL tingle on your tongue, and not in a good way. So, just stay away from using this lube for oral encounters.
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


Oh this lube, how it sizzled! Then within a few minutes of application, it fizzled... The warming sensation didn't last very long, which was rather disappointing, and then shortly after I needed to reapply to replace the melted dose I started with.

And sadly, I did have to wash it off because it left a slick, wet feeling to parts of my body that, well, shouldn't have been slick or wet. While I needed to reapply to my lady parts, I somehow found that it lubed my hands and bedsheets quite nicely.

I don't think I would completely discount this lube because of that though. It did work nicely for a time but I see it more useful for foreplay or masturbation rather than the go-to lube for your sex-athon with a partner.
    • Reapply often


There is no packaging for this lubricant so I'll just talk about the design of the bottle.

It's a pop-top, squeezable container which is not convenient for it's watery texture. It will come out very fast so it makes using only a small amount rather difficult. Also, you won't be needing to squeeze the bottle to persuade the lube out. I also have to mention that this is a larger container than I anticipated. It's 4 fl. oz. (or 118 ml) in a 6.5 inch tall squiggly bottle.

And because the front of the bottle has "LIQUID SEX" written very clearly on it, I'd have to say no, it's not discreet.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Not discreet

Special Features

When I picked this lube out, I was excited about the warming sensation because I had gone months without any sensation-lubes. But I must say that the warming of this lube was more subtle and geared toward the massage use. It didn't deliver an intense feeling when used during masturbation and is considerably weaker than the common grocery store brand, KY warming.
    • Warming


While there was plenty of lube in my bed sheets after playing, thankfully this lube doesn't stain or require extensive cleaning to get out! I think that's almost reason enough to forgive it's drippy, watery quality... Almost. If you do get this liquid sex lube on random things (sheets, clothes, furniture, etc.) it's easy to wash up with a damp wash clothe or throwing it in the washer.
Follow-up commentary
I have to admit that this warming massage oil/lubricant has found itself at the bottom of my chest. It just couldn't find a niche to fill in order for me to want to reach for it. It wasn't as good a lube as others I have, it wasn't as stimulating an arousal gel as others I have, and it's not even as smooth/moisturizing a massage oil as others I have. It's not exactly a bad product, it just never wormed it's way to my shelf where all of my most often used products sit.

If you love erotic massages, if you're sensitive to sensation, or just need something to perform both for body and sex, then this could be for you. But once you find products specifically geared to one thing, you'll find that a "do all" just doesn't do it.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    I only use lube for anal play other wise I'd give this a try. But I'm personally more into tingle - cooling sensation rather than warming. Or at least use to be when I did use lube vaginally way back. It's cheap enough, maybe I should give it a go.

    Great review
  • Darling Jen
    Oh I loooove tingly sensations. Warming ones were the first I ever tried though so it was a good starting place. Neither are great for anal play though lol.
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