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Anal eaze review

It is great or numbing but if anal sex is done correctly, the cream isn't necessary. For beginners, it does serve a safety cushion and has helped us learn more about anal sex and how to enjoy it-with or without the cream.
It provided numbing effects and painless entry for me.
It doesn't serve as a lubricant as stated.
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Being new at anal sex, I was hunting a product to help us out. In the past, many years ago, hubby tried to penetrate me and it was painful. After that, I was very reluctant to let him try again. However, since we have so much free time now and are willing to try new things, I was willing to give it another try. I found the Anal Eaze|Anal eaze lubricant while shopping around on the website. I thought for the price, we might as well give it a go.

When it arrived, I was still reluctant but agreed to give it a go. That night, hubby took his time, applying a moderate amount of the cream around my butt. Waiting a few minutes, I started feeling a numbing affect. He took one of our smaller vibrators|Anal vibrators and vibrating anal toys and slowly and gently inserted into my anus. I didn’t have any pain and actually enjoyed the feeling. Seeing that he was not hurting me, he switched to a slightly larger vibrator and again, slowly and gently inserted it. Again, there was no pain.

We have used this cream on several occasions and each time, the same effect has been present. I like the numbness that the cream produces and hubby likes the fact that I am receptive to anal sex. There have been times that we don’t use the cream and have enjoyed it. I think we used the cream as a safety cushion but really don’t need it once we’ve learned more about anal sex. The cream does say that it is a lubricant but I did not find this to be true. The best component of the cream is the numbing effect. A regular lubricant is needed to painlessly perform anal sex. I think this product is great for someone like us, new at it and nervous about possible pain. I really don’t think that had we followed the basic guidelines the first time we tried this we would have needed the cream but it hasn’t hurt to have it available. Oh yeah, the label does say it is cherry flavored but we didn’t even taste it- not using it for the flavor!
Follow-up commentary
We did not use this cream for very long. Once we realized that anal sex can be done without pain, we discarded the cream. I think we basically ordered it as a safety net, but soon realized we didn't need it. EF has stopped carrying this product and I can understand why.
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  • Essin' Em
    I am (personally, professionally, etc) VERY much against this product. Anal sex should NEVER be painful (uncomfortable, sure, but not painful). If it is, there is something wrong; the receiver isn't ready/into it/relaxed enough, etc, or maybe the object (dick, dildo, fingers, plug) is too big for starting out, or perhaps there isn't enough non-numbing lube.

    Using this type of product can cause medical issues, as you cannot feel when there is a problem, such as a tear in the anal tissue.

    I highly discourage use of this product for ALL people of ALL orientations.  If you have your heart set on receiving anal, there are many many many ways to go about it without numbing yourself.

    Plus if you want to have it, don't you want to feel it? :) 
  • I agree it shouldn't be painful.  Like I said in the review, I think us (as well as others) use it as a cushion or safety net.  Once we learned more bout anal sex and the safety issues, we don't have to have the cream.  I think people have always heard that anal sex has to be painful and are afraid of the unknown and that is why they use creams such as this.  It's the reason we got it in the first place.  Thanks for you comments!
  • Dame Demi
    Strangely enough, I actually used this product vaginally on the recommendation of my gynecologist many years back.  Vaginal penetration used to be painful for me (for no reason any doctor could ascertain, but it's definitely a problem when you're married), and this helped out a lot.  Fortunately, the problem, and the need to use this product, went away as I got older.  Penile delay creams, and even Anbesol and Orajel work as well (yes, I got my doctor's ok on them, and think I was definitely the most interesting patient of the day!).  I don't think there's any harm in using this the first time or two to ease the initial discomfort (it doesn't numb THAT much you wouldn't know if something's wrong, in my experience), and can help a lot of people get over their initial anal fears (an issue with which I also am currently struggling).
  • I'm glad you got things worked out for you!  I think the fear issue comes in where us "older" folks have heard all our life that anal sex is SUPPOSED to hurt and you shouldn't do it for any reason!!  Younger people have a better understanding of the whole sex thing.  I had heard that Orajel works well for men but never tried it.  Thanks for the comments.

  • Anal sex is not supposed to hurt... use lots of lube. Also, when you're working up to it, think about the types of toys you use- softer, more flexible toys will feel better and be more helpful in warming your butt up- the anal canal is a curved passage, after all.

    Though you might be able to notice any immediate painful effects through the numbness of this cream, there are any number of longer-term downsides to overly aggressive anal sex that you might be increasing your risk for. I have to agree with Essin' Em and strongly discourage use of this item. I can point you in the direction of some good anal sex info, if you'd like. 
  • we have looked at lots of info and have learned alot already but always willing to learn more.  We have lkearned alot about th type of toys and the need for "getting ready"  Thanks for the comments.
  • Butterkups
    WOW that is something we have not done. I have always been sort of afraid of it. Might have to get some of this..
  • Mamastoys
    It has been discontinued on here...I think with lots of lube and slow, relaxed timing, you don't need it. I was afraid at first too. Thanks for the comments.
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