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JO 12v volt

Clitoral gel by System JO

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Big burn in a small package.

I was expecting this to be arousing, but that was just not hte case for me. I think it is a hit or miss with people. For me, I only felt a unpleasant burning sensation that was not arousing at all.
Natural ingredients
Doesn't contain parabens or glycerine
Isn't arousing
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The newest products from System Jo are their arousing tingling serum called Volt. Volt is offered in 6V, 9V, and 12V strength with 12V being the strongest sensation. I have a very hard time becoming aroused so I requested the 12V strength for my monthly assignment. As with any arousal gel, this is designed to stimulate the female anatomy by heightening her pleasure, increasing her sensitivity, and helping her become more aroused. It could potentially help with orgasmic response, but that isn't the case for me.

Directions Apply a few drops to your intimate areas. A tingling sensation will begin to take effect in approximately 3-5 minutes. After the initial application, the effects cna last up to 45 minutes and can be reapplied.

Warnings If irriation or discomfort occurs discontinue use and consult a physician. Very slippery on surfaces. Clean spills immediately. Use with caution in bath or shower. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients This does not contain any parabens, glycerine, or L-Arginine for those who are sensitive to any of those particular ingredients. The complete list is as follows:Oleyl Alcohol,Prickly Ash Bark,Olive Fruit Oil,False Daisy Extract,Neem Leaf Extract,Moringa Phterygosperma Seed Oil,Neem Extract,Amino Esters 1,False Daisy Extract, Henna Extract, Holy Basil Leaf Estract, andCorallina Officinalis Extract.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The 12V is oily in texture and consistency. It leaves my skin shiny after I have rubbed it into the skin.

It is very easy to pour out of the 5ml container. All you need to do is lightly squeeze the bottle, and a drop of the liquid will come out. The harder you squeeze the more drops will come out. Once applied, it will run down your skin so I recommend rubbing it in immediately.

It does not leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy at all.

Taste / Aroma

My husbands first thought when he opened this was it smells like Christmas trees and I do agree with him. It does have a woodsy smell to it that is similar to pine and cedar trees or those scented car fresheners. The scent is very apparent and stays on your skin when applied.

WARNING! Do not taste this; it will burn.


When it comes to products like this, I can handle just about anything. I have a high pain tolerance, am not overly sensitive, and have a hard time becoming aroused. However, this burns like hell fire and not in a good way. The instructions mention that you will feel the sensation within 3-5 minutes of applying it. For me, it was an instantaneous burning sensation. It did not have any arousing, tingling, or pleasuring sensation to it at all, but a I'm giving a new meaning to hot pants sensation because my body was on fire.

The sensation lasted the 30-45 minutes that the box says that it will last. The first time my husband and I used it, I washed it off in the shower before that amount of time, but have used it since and it has lasted that long. It washed off easily when I was in the shower just using my normal bathing routine.


The first thing my husband said when he opened up the packaging was "Is this it?" The bottle is considerably smaller than any arousal gel we've tried. It is 5ml or 175floz. The bottle reminded me of my husbands prescription eye drops but I couldn't find that bottle to show you a size comparison. The box the bottle was packaged in is not exactly discreet because it does mention on the fron that it is an arousing tingling serum.

It has a black slide off cover and a red box. The box mentions "Meet your new best friend". Sorry about this System Jo, but my best friend can do a better job at arousing me than this ever could think about so I'm not replacing him any time soon.

Here's a picture of the packaging.

Personal comments

Here's a couple comparison photos of the size of this bottle.


This came in one afternoon after my husband was already home from work. He's always curious about what I'm getting in the mail so I let him open this package. When he saw it, he said you want to try it out. Granted, it was still daytime and we have two kids at home so we both rushed off to the bathroom where we tested it out. We applied a few drops and rubbed it into the clitoris and surrounding area and I immediately felt a burning sensation that was not arousing at all. The more friction that arose from our contact, the hotter I was becoming. Finally after he was finished, I jumped off the counter and went straight to the shower to get this off.

My husband likes the burning, chemical sensation that he feels on me while we're being intimate. He says I feel hot in a chemical manner, not the usual I'm aroused manner, but it's something that he really likes. I personally am not aroused by this at all. I told a friend on here to me it feels like jalapeno juice has been rubbed onto my clitoris. It leaves a hot, burning, sensation but in no way does it make me the least bit aroused. I will continue using this miniscule bottle until it runs out when I'm being intimate with my husband, but it is not something that I am going to use when I play solo.
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  • unfulfilled
    Christmas trees can be nice, but I prefer it on trees and not me.

    Yea, the burn is irritating to me.
  • Cat E.
    Thanks for adding photos!
  • unfulfilled
    Thank you for reading it!
  • supernaturalgirl
    Well I think your review made my decision...
  • Jujubee
  • novanilla
    If it hurts why will you keep using it with your husband? Don't rub jalapeno juice into your clit!! That sounds awful! This has definitely swayed me but I still can't decide about this product since it has mixed reviews.
  • CountryPrincess
    Wonderful review thank you so much!! I'm so sorry it burned you!! I would probably stop using it!
  • P'Gell
    I'm sorry this stuff hurt you. I've had nothing but bad luck with these "stimulation gels." They never do what they are supposed to.

    I have to ask a question; if this hurts you (it sounds awful) why would you continue to use it while with your husband? If something burned me like this, my husband would take the stuff and throw it away himself (and he has done this with lube that burn me.) Even if he "likes" the sensation, let him use it when he masturbates. You shouldn't be suffering, and possibly cause a UTI or vaginal infection, for any reason. I would think if you told him it burns you, he would throw the stuff away himself!

    Good luck. Please don't use this stuff if it burns. You could damage your body.
  • Peres2013
    Nice review
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