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This product is wonderful for a blow job and as a warming gel for the clitoris and nipples. Not so good for lube but the flavor more than makes up for the problems with stickiness. I loved the champagne flavor. This product is well worth the price.
Good flavor, warms on contact as well as with friction and warm breath.
Not a great lube as it's sticky not slippery.
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I am always willing to try edible warming products and the champagne flavor sounded too good to be true. Still it wasn't expensive and I decided to give it a try. Sigel laughed and Arch rolled his eyes but I just smiled and wandered off to try it out in peace.

The bottle comes sealed and the lid is wonderful. It pops open with a slight pull which is very convenient when you are fumbling around in the dark. It closes with slight pressure and doesn't leak even when left on it's side for days in a warm room. The bottle is about the size of a medium dildo and shaped somewhat like one. It is rather heavy plastic so it can handle being dropped on a hard wood floor from bed side.

The taste is somewhat strong but not unpleasant, it has a undertone of cherry and I actually thought it was cherry flavored until I reread the bottle. Then I realized that the odd flavor was indeed reminiscent of the strong flavor of champagne though it doesn't exactly effervesce or tickle your nose with bubbles. All in all though the taste is pleasant and not overwhelming with only a slight aftertaste. The smell is lovely as well combining a hint of cherries with the smell of wine, at least to my nose.

I used a dab on my inner elbow to test for irritation and after about 20 minutes it was a bit warmer but not irritating so I took a tentative lick and was surprised by the lovely taste and the immediate warming sensation. Blowing on it with short puffs of warm air intensified the sensations just as advertised. It took quite a bit of licking to remove the lotion from my skin and the taste didn't fade appreciably. I also tried soap and water to remove another small dab and it was no problem to wash away.

Good, good all systems go for irritability factor and cleanliness it was time to try it on a victim, willing or not! I cornered a bemused Sigel and offered his favorite, a nice slow blow job. He could tell by the gleam in my eye that something was up but I wasn't telling, he has had mixed feelings about flavored anything so I sort of sneaked it into play. I got him all ready and when he closed his eyes sensuously I carefully poured a dime sized portion into my palm. I slathered his rigid self with the lotion and he smiled at the wonderful feeling of my hot hand caressing him. Then the warm kicked in, his smile grew very wide and he thrust upward loving the friction of my hand moving over him. Then I lowered my mouth to his skin and breathed out, WOW that got an amazing reaction from my normally quiet reserved man! I slowly applied tongue and mouth and he was tossing around and thrashing like he hadn't in many a year. He was very happy with the lotion and wanted to try it on me, I wasn't about to stop him!

The lotion when applied to my nipples had then begging for more attention and I love it! It heats up on contact and then with friction and warm breath it becomes amazing without being painful or harsh. I use the product on my clit when masturbating and it definitely adds a unique dimension. When combined with a tongue it is ok but I don't really need extra stimulation during cunnilingus. Used with a vibrator though this is pretty good stuff. I don't use this product as lube mainly because it is heavy and sticky and caused me a bit of discomfort internally. Apparently my cervix objected to being warmed!

The lotion is under ten dollars for 4 fl oz, which will last a long time so the price is right as far as I am concerned. The flavor lasts quite a long time with just a small amount. I definitely recommend this product as a lovely warming gel with an above average taste.
Follow-up commentary
I have to say that I still like this product and I still have the same bottle. It lasts forever and still tastes the same as the day it was opened. It still warms easily and is great to top off a blowjob!
Though Arch doesn't like the flavor at all, Sigel finds it to be pleasant if not stellar. Still it was and is a great product!
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  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    Sounds awesome. You made me want some right now! Surprised
  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    I hate when they are sticky! So not fun. Good review!
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    I don't like sticky possibly sugary lubes. I have problems with yeast so I don't even mess with them, best policy according to my gyno. Plain unflavoured lubes cause no problems so I use them instead.
    My boyfriend doesn't like the taste of this particular gel at all, it's too strong and overpowering for him. I like it though and will keep using it as a nice blowjob enhancement. It's worth a try and it's inexpensive enough to make it worth the risk.
  • Contributor: Alicia
    Hmmm I might need to check this out
  • Contributor: dbm6907
    Great review!
  • Contributor: jmex83
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: Andrey2052
    interesting review.
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