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Fruity goodness!

A flavored lube without the synthetic aftertaste is always a worthy friend to have in your toybox. Its airless pump allows you to lube your toys and yourself without getting lube all over your fingers. Even if it becomes thick after a while a little saliva livens it up and its ready to go again. Not a must have in every toy box but it is definitely for you if you love thick flavored lube.
Water-based, thick, pump, flavored, safe with any material.
Contains glycerin and parabens.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
Embrace is marketed as an intimate lubricant for women. The formula used to create the lubricant is supposed to relieve dryness and discomfort that can occur because of stress as well as serve as a sexual lubricant.

The airless pump allows to you put lube where you want in a clean and hassle free way. The bottle is very cute and the design is very tasteful. The texture of the lube is actually thick for a water based lube. It is also very smooth and not gel-like. After I had pumped a bit of lube on my finger I was amazed it didn't ooze everywhere like other lubes I have tried. It basically stayed where I pumped it out. Depending on how much lube you need usually half a pump will do the trick.

I am from Quebec and I am not sure if what I will mention is sold everywhere but the lube smells like Mr. Freeze popsicles! I thought it was sort of funny when I first smelt the lube, I didn't know whether to like it or be worried my pussy would smell like a popsicle. The flavor I have is watermelon and it smells pretty sweet. As for the taste, it really is subtle. I was expecting to have a popsicle taste but it is so subtle that it almost doesn't taste like anything. I tried tasting small amounts and larger amounts and the more you have and the more concentrated the lube is the more it tastes like watermelon. It doesn't have a synthetic taste let alone any after taste.

The lube is a reddish pink. I was concerned that it would stain fabrics even though it is water based. I used the lube with a butt plug and put underwear on and lube got all over my panties. The lube didn't leave any stains.
I had rubbed the lube between my fingers for about 15 minutes when I had gotten it and I was worried because the lube dried and started to become lumpy exactly like when you try to rub glue off your hands. I was hesitant to put that near my passion flower. But I am glad I have tried it.

With a glass dildo, there was no trouble at all. There was no drying and there was no crumbling of the lube. Although after a while (about 10-15 minutes) it did become thicker, adding a little bit of saliva brought back the slipperiness. I found however, that often times, I don't need to add saliva because my own juices sort of kick in once I get really aroused and livens up the lube if it gets thicker.

I also used this for anal play and I think it will be my new anal lube. It is just the right thickness to keep things well lubed. I didn't have any burning or discomfort while using this lube for anal play. I did find that I needed to reapply a little bit of lube from time to time but that is normal for me, my ass seems to just drink lube so I have to reapply often.

I also used it with my smart balls for an 8 hour day. I was purring like a cat in heat. The lube eventually got absorbed into my skin or rubbed off on my panties, but it felt wonderful. The lube actually makes your skin feel soft after you used it. It's nice to have that rather than feeling sticky.

I will write a follow up for its continued use, especially once I use it for vaginal sex. I would recommend this lube to people who prefer thicker lubes and those who are likely to use it for anal purposes. It has a nice flavor that is subtle enough to not become gag inducing. Its airless pumps makes it so easy to use. Definitely a lube people should try!
Follow-up commentary
This lube is rather thick and goopy for sexual intercourse. It has found its way to the bottom of my toy box. The main reason I have stopped using it is the coloration of the product. It's just really annoying getting your sheets all pink with lube (unless you are using a throe), even though the product doesn't stain. I am super lazy after sex. So lazy that I can barely get up at times. So having to get up to change my sheets every time I have sex is a little too demanding for me.

I think it is pretty good for plugs, but I don't like dealing with the sort of mess it leaves afterward.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Sammi
    Does this have any sugar or artificial sweetener in it?
  • Naughty Student
    Yes, I didn't include it in me review except it is in the cons, sorry about that!

    So it contains glucose which is a simple sugar (not modified) there is sorbital which is extracted from glucose and is a modified sugar (it can be found is gum and cough syrops).

    There are also parabens which are preservative agants which scientifics are debating whether they are the cause of certain cancers. No conclusive evidence has been found.
  • Sammi
    I'm mostly concerned with aspartame, but I was curious - and the product properties page only lists water Smile
  • Oggins
    Nice review Naughty Student but this line conerns me, "......exactly like when you try to rub glue off your hands." Okay, that line kind of scares me and makes my butt hurt. Tongue out It does sound like it's got a great scent and flavor though!

    Have you tried Maximus? It's our favorite anal lube ever and while it will dry out too, it doesn't get clumpy or crumbly like you described. It might be worth a try for you anyway. Thanks for the review!
  • Naughty Student
    Actually it only got crumbly after excessive rubbing in my hands otherwise during use for sexual activities it held up really well. I haven't tried maximus since I have read that some people experienced burning sensations but it is on my wish list
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    great review thanks
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    Great review!
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    great review!
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    good review!
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    ty for the review
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    nice review
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    great review! thanks
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