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Supersex orgasm gel

Clitoral gel by LoveHoney

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'Hot' in an Odd way

Cooling, warming, intensifying - it will do what you got it for, but it may be too intense for some. If you can stand a few moments of intense heat, it will take you to new levels of pleasure.
Does what it says it will do.
Is slightly uncomfortable doing it.
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I was VERY excited about getting this product - I've never used a clitoral gel before, and had always wanted to. This product has given me mixed experiences, but let's have a proper start... The packaging is simple - Eden wraps the bottle in plastic, and sends it to you. The bottle itself is sturdy, well designed, has some tidbits about an author named Tracy Cox, says it's safe for condom use and use with toys, keep it out of your eyes and away from children. It's touted as clitoral orgasm gel, and it includes light instructions for that use, "...Push the pump to squeeze out the desired amount. Apply to the clitoral area for the best effect!"

The pump is cute, you have to twist it to open it and then give it a few dry pumps to get the liquid up into it. It makes some slight noise when getting the pump started but afterward is a silent pump. The one problem I have with the package is that the pump is very stiff. You really have to press down, so if you slip and press just a bit too hard you soon end up with a gob of lube which is a little much for just the clitoral area.

The product itself... I have been trying this and it's odd for me. The product burns a little, not painfully, just a mild bit of discomfort - but it works. It works in a strange way, though. Using it for manual stimulation, it seemed more frustrating than helpful, perhaps due to how slick it is since I like friction. And it is very slick! It works great with toys. It does make my clit swell, and make it more sensitive to vibration and texture on toys, and I think it was definitely intended for toy usage.

As as example of how it sensitizes, I was able to get off on the low setting with my Onye, and in a shorter amount of time, whereas I normally need the medium or high setting and a few minutes of rubbing or grinding to get off how I like it. Seeing that it makes it weird to me, manual stimulation isn't as fun- but as I said perhaps this is a friction issue.

The product works very fast, and as long as the lube is present it will continue to 'warm' and keep things sensitive. I attempted to wait it out to see how long it would work- it seems to last about 15-20 minutes and get 'recharged' if you rub it in more.

My issues with this product are that I'm not exactly sure if I like HOW it does what it does. It does burn, and is slightly uncomfortable. Now, I am not totally okay with calling this a burning sensation. I attribute burning to more, touching something hot, or extreme pain- This is much more of a smooth, mixed hot/cold sensation. It feels warm and cool at the same time - not tingly, but... perhaps minty? Similar to the feel of warming or cooling chewing gum. Not a burn in the traditional sense. And really it's not all that uncomfortable - for me. If you can fight past the first few seconds it gets oddly appealing, a new and different sensation.

One thing you do need to watch for is using too much. The pump is stiff as I mentioned, but if you use a lot and it gets away from the clitoral area, it will be more uncomfortable. It is not meant for penetration, and I would not recommend anyone use it for that purpose.

So overall, I think this product is pretty nice - sure its a little uncomfortable at first but it does what it says it is supposed to do, and the 'burn' is by far not so harsh as to be considered painful as long as you keep it to the clitoral area. The product is generously dosed out as well, and I believe one bottle would last quite some time as opposed to the smaller packages I have seen.

Perhaps the sensation is similar to those caused by warming or cooling lubricants. This is entirely the first product of it's type I have tried, so I cannot compare the two (but when I get the chance, I will). I would say, if you like other menthol containing lubricant products, perhaps you should give this a try. I think if you're used to that sensation it would be great, but someone new to these things probably would just dismiss it as a fussy product that burned them.
I'm no good at writing erotica, so I'll try to, instead, describe the feel of the application process..

Upon application, the product is cool. You dab it on your clit, and you can rub it in or let it absorb, I have tried both. Rubbing it in is obviously faster, but letting it set in on it's own works equally well. As it sets in, you'll feel a harsh warming sensation for a few seconds. It smooths out to a pleasant warmth as you let it sit. I did have an issue where, when it was hastily rubbed (like when using a toy) the sensation got a bit harsh again but it did sensitize me more, as well.

I was very surprised, in fact, how it made my clit swell. I am a bit small in that department, and my clit almost never gets hard unless I'm in the deepest states of arousal, or really going at it with a clit toy/manual stimulation. Moreover, it still rarely gets fully hard. This actually, for me, brought my clit out of it's hood and everything. So as far as I am concerned the gel, though harsh, does what it does well enough to overlook the slight discomfort.

As I have a partner who likes manually stimulating me, it would probably greatly enhance the experience for the both of us, but mentally for him to feel that effect directly. The product does not taste bad - I have not tasted a lot of it, but it seems sweetly minty. It tingles and makes the tongue a little numb, so I don't recommend slathering it on for oral or your partner may end up slack-jawed and looking like they came from a dentists visit.

Out of curiosity I did try it on my nipples. It made them very very hard momentarily, but soon wore off. Then again, I did use a lot less that time. So, perhaps the duration is affected by how much you use. Being that nipples are also a drier part of the body, it absorbed faster. It did not really have any sensation there.

DO NOT, however... use it if you have ANY form of irritation down there. If you've just shaved, or maybe you've got a scratch, or anything else. It wont hurt horribly, but it wont be a walk in the park.

As far as lube properties in general it's very slick, surprisingly so. It does wipe off/dry off with a slight stickiness as to be expected from the normal type of glycerine, but this fades if you let it fully dry.
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  • Femme Mystique
    Intriguing... can't decide if I want to try this or not.
  • Darling Dove
    It really depends a lot on your personal preferences. It may be entirely too intense or uncomfortable for some people- but it does do what it is intended to do, it brings more blood to the area and sensitizes it.
  • Darling Dove
    It really depends a lot on your personal preferences. It may be entirely too intense or uncomfortable for some people- but it does do what it is intended to do, it brings more blood to the area and sensitizes it.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Does the bottle explain Ms Cox's involvement with Supersex or does that info seem random?
  • Darling Dove
    You know, now that you mention it.. It really doesn't explain why she is there. It says, under her picture, "A sexual treat from bestselling sex author Tracey Cox, one of the world's foremost writers on sex and relationships." and it has her website address underneath that. So perhaps this line of lubes was designed for her or to be sold mostly on her own website? It really doesn't say why she is there, overall, but her name is pretty prominent as you can see from the product pics.
  • sophie2229
    I went to the lovehoney website and it seems that this gel is from a line of Tracy Cox products.
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