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Love liquid cinnamon

Lubricant by Kama Sutra

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I Expected More

It's a good lubricant if you're looking for something that needs no reapplication, and something that works well. It's very slippery/silky/oily, which for some may not be a good thing. It really depends what you want in a lube. As far as the taste and smell... You're not going to be satisfied.
Very silky/oily/slippery, Good for massages (if you aren't sensitive to Glycerine)
Hardly any taste/scent , Soapy aftertaste, Faulty packaging, Doesn't come off easy
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I really hoped that there would be more to this "love liquid". I, myself, am in love with both the scent and taste of cinnamon. It's too bad that this lubricant had only a slight taste and scent of cinnamon. When one buys a flavored/scented lubricant, it's because they are looking for a good amount of flavor and scent. It's almost like a waste of money when your product lacks both the flavor and the scent. At least the lubricant itself fit the cut as a lubricant... but it has even more downfalls.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Ethylcellulose, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Flavor (Aroma)

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The consistency of the lubricant is EXTREMELY oily. I seriously doubted myself at one point that this lubricant was water-based... Why, you ask? Well, the stuff does not wash off easily! I had to use a very good amount of soap to get rid of the oily feeling this leaves behind, and if you fail to shower or clean up after sex, this will stay on your skin until the sun comes up in the morning. It will also leave behind a rash, which I suppose is from the Glycerine.

It feels very silky, and gives you and your partner a whole new range of gliding motion during sex. This is a great thing, as you want a lubricant to actually "lubricate". You don't need to reapply it, and just a small squirt the size of a nickel should be enough for anyone. I wouldn't recommend this for anal, simply because of the Glycerine and the fact that it is hard to wash off. However, if you would like to use it for anal, it is slippery enough to do the job.

The lubricant itself is not at all thick in consistency. It is very thin - Almost like an invisible layer of oil. It makes a great massage if your partner is not sensitive to Glycerine. Both my husband and I are sensitive to Glycerine, so we avoid using this on the skin. I ordered this once for a review, but the packaging is so cheap that the entire bottle was empty and spilled when it arrived at my home. It is covered in a thin layer of plastic. Not until my husband had ordered a replacement bottle did I realize that Glycerine is a key ingredient in this product, so I dreaded using it for fear of a yeast infection or a bladder infection. Technically, I didn't realize that Glycerine was a main ingredient until after we had done the deed.

I did not get a yeast infection, thankfully. Nor did I get a bladder infection. Nonetheless, with Glycerine being the second key ingredient, I would steer clear of using this if you are prone to either or.

Taste / Aroma

The taste is so slight that I could hardly tell it was cinnamon. The scent is almost non-existent. I was so upset by this because I really hoped that it would be stronger. I love cinnamon so much and it's hard to find a good cinnamon lubricant these days. It has a weird soapy aftertaste as well. If I was part of this company I would find it pointless to even flavor this stuff. It's almost like biting into a Dove bar (and I don't mean the chocolate, I mean the soap bar).


Like I said, as a lubricant alone, this product works great. It's very lubricating, and it wont fail you as far as that goes... If something can last overnight until the next morning, that should tell you it's a good lubricant. But when it comes to scent and taste, you're not going to get much for your money. I would recommend trying something else or maybe trying the other flavor.

I heard from another person that there is supposed to be a warming sensation with this lubricant. That sensation was not apparent for myself, nor my husband. I'm guessing that the person who told me is very sensitive, or maybe my husband and I aren't sensitive enough?


The product comes alone, only a bottle. There is thin plastic wrapping, and like I mentioned, if it rolls around too much, there's a good chance it will leak out all over the inside of your box. That, to me, is the fault of the Kama Sutra company and they should package their products better. It is fairly discreet except for the words "Kama Sutra".

That bottle itself comes inside of a box that isn't as discreet, but fairly discreet overall. It can be seen on the product page. It opens easily, hence the reason the bottle came out during shipping.


Obviously, I'm not really satisfied with my purchase. I wish there was more flavor and more scent. That's not too much to ask for, especially since the scent and flavor is supposed to be the main attraction. The product isn't worth the price. I'm also upset that Glycerine is a main ingredient. Glycerine is known to cause tons of problems... Anything from yeast infections to rashes. Thankfully I only experienced a rash!
Follow-up commentary
Still don't like this one... Not the greatest lubricant to have around and will not be using it again! I can tell you that much!
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    I suppose this might be a good option for a water-based lube that you could use in the shower, since it stays so slick and doesn't wash off easily? Unfortunate about the soap taste, though, and the glycerin content. I've also heard that this is supposed to be warming. Can't say I'm surprised that it doesn't deliver on that point - I think all in all I'm gonna steer clear of this lube. Thanks for the review
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