It hits the spot alright!

The Doc Johnson's Spot-on g-spot stimulating gel does indeed stimulate that sweet spot! It increases sensitivity and brings your awareness to your g-spot which can intensify your pleasure during love making or solo sessions. It is a great product to try if you and your partner are looking for something to spice things up, or if you are searching for your g-spot, but make sure you get a great book or guide on how to find your g-spot as well.
Cute bottle, cooling sensations, travel friendly, easy to pour
vague instructions, contains parabens
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Spot-on by Doc Johnson is a g-spot stimulating gel. The purpose of this product is to stimulate and increase the sensitivity of a woman's g-spot. Therefore, this product is exclusively for women.

Spot-on can be applied whenever one feels the need to have the g-spot stimulated. Hopefully, in a situation that involves some sort of sexual pleasure. However, if you are kinky and enjoy the sensation of your g-spot being aroused in unusual places that do not necessarily involve sexual contact with a lover, then by all means, feed your kink!

The best occasion to use this would be for solo or partner play, probably more so for foreplay than for sex. The gel may be uncomfortable for the glans of some men who do not enjoy stimulating types of lubricants or gels.

The bottle states that it contains all natural ingredients, but it does contain parabens, so those sensitive to this may want to look for another stimulating gel. The main ingredient in this is water however the second important ingredient is safflower oil. So although this product is waterbased, it does contain some oil. It may or may not affect latex condoms depending on how much oil is in the product.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Spot-on is marketed as a gel, however, it is a cream more then a gel in terms of its appearance and consistency. Also, Doc Johnson claim that it is an odorless and tasteless product, however it does have a taste and a slight smell.

The texture is very creamy, a very luscious texture. When applied to the skin, it feels very smooth, creamy and just overall delicious. When rubbed into the skin it is slowly absorbed but still leaves a creamy residue. When you apply it to the skin it stays in place quite well, it is pretty thick, and it holds its shape.

The bottle makes dispensing the product quite easy, only a small amount is necessary. You simply squeeze the bottle until you have the amount you desire. A little goes a long way. The cream is a very light shade of pink, which is cute and caters to a lot of women, however that may not be every woman's "thing".

Taste / Aroma

Spot-on smells minty, like an After Eight chocolate minus the chocolate smell. It is very faint and is only noticed if you bring your nose close to the product. It does not have a perfumey smell or overpowering sweet minty smell. The scent is light and fresh.

In use, the smell might be obvious to a lover giving you oral if the spot on cream has been applied. However, in the heat of the moment the smell will probably be the last thing on your lovers mind.

The taste, quite evidently, is minty. It is sweet sort of like a soft version of those mints you get after dinner in a restaurant, or even similar to a candy cane. It doesn't taste as strong but the taste is very similar. It initially has a creamy taste which then is overpowered by the minty taste. It doesn't leave any oily or creamy residue in the mouth.


The arousing sensation occurs most quickly after application.

The product provides a cooling sensation, that is actually pretty strong. It may be perceived differently from one individual to another, depending on sensitivity and how much one has has experience with cooling lubricants in the past. For someone who has never tried a g-spot gel with a cooling sensation, the effects were very quick and strong enough to have constant awareness brought to the g-spot area. It was not at all uncomfortable, extreme or painful.

It was quite cool, refreshing and powerful in an arousing way. The cooling sensations lasted about 10 minutes on average. No numbing or hot sensation followed. No washing was necessary and if it was, the product would wash away quite well.

This may help someone gain sensitivity in the g-spot area, aiding them in finding their g-spot. It can also increase blood flow and awareness to the g-spot for someone who has located and knows their spot very well.

Having used this multiple times, I found that it is best to apply it when you have been a little warmed up so that the vaginal opening is looser so as to allow application of the cream easier. If you attempt to apply this cream before the vagina has opened a bit, the cream will be very difficult to insert. It will stay on the outside and get smeared all over the fingers.

Also, make sure you cut your nails and file them, or have your partner apply it for you if you have long nails. Another trick is to start playing on your own with a dildo and applying the cream on the head of the dildo, then push the head of the dildo onto the g-spot and rub the cream in. This might be a little difficult for someone who doesn't know where their g-spot is.


The spot on gel comes in a small little squeeze tube bottle and contains 2 oz/56 mg of the product.

It is such a cute little bottle, silver with an aqua marine design. It is very easy to hide in a purse or in luggage. It could easily pass as hand lotion unless someone took the time to read the bottle to know what it really is. It is fairly discreet, in the sense that it has no naked ladies or anatomy drawn onto the bottle or sexual words in bold. But it does say "Spot-on" in big, which could raise intrigue in someone curious going through your belongings.

The instructions on the back of the bottle are simple, it indicates that one should apply the product in a small amount to the index finger and to rub around the vaginal cavity. For someone new to solo play, or for someone trying to discover more about their body sexually, the instructions are quite vague. Perhaps being more specific about the location could help newbies in their search for the spot.

This could make a nice gift to a couple trying to spice things up, or for a good friend. It is useful, fun to try and easy to carry around.


I have tried the gel a few times.

Although I did find it pleasurable to use, and it did sort of increase sensitivity in my g-spot area, I'm not sure that it has made my orgasms better or easier to acquire. It does what it is marketed for, increasing sensitivity.

Each time I have tried it I have had an orgasm. I have mostly used it during solo play (I orgasm every time I go solo) as it was uncomfortable for my partner to have the cooling sensation on his glans and shaft. It wasn't painful; my guy felt like I rubbed toothpaste on his shaft and it made him lose his wood. We had to wash it off with soap to remove the cooling sensation, which still lingered afterwards.

I think that if you have tried warming or cooling lubricant with your partner and he didn't like the sensation on his shaft/glans, then I would say avoid using this during PIV sex.

It is really great to use for foreplay. My guy applied it for me and he went down on me and fingered me on and off. It was really good. He had a bit of the minty taste in his mouth as some of the cream was near my opening and he had a little taste. It didn't bother him at all.

I don't think I will be using this every time I have sex or enjoy solo sessions. It is more of a "special occasion" thing for me. I have till April 2013 to enjoy it! I recommend this to anyone interested in trying something different, or for women who need help finding their g-spot. I am rating it four stars because of the parabens.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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