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Luxury pleasure balm review

This product is a very highly concentrated and stimulating pleasure balm. It is not a lubricant and may be overly strong for some with sensitive skin. I love it, though!
VERY stimulating! nice packaging; smells nice
Not latex compatible; not for internal use; tastes terrible; may be too strong for some
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When you test products as often as I do, you occasionally do something stupid. Like testing stuff while you are seriously sleep-deprived. And then deciding to test a stimulation balm right before you go to bed for that much-needed sleep. Yikes!

My product of choice for this particularly odd experiment was Luxury Pleasure Balm by Lover’s Choice|Luxury pleasure balm. The balm comes elegantly packaged in a small frosted glass jar and looks like any facial or skin care product. The bottle is also packaged in a very classy-looking box, which raised some high expectations from me! Which is probably why I decided to try it out right before bed.

Well…let me start by saying that sleep did not come easily that night! This stuff definitely possesses some serious enhancing properties! It started out with a gentle tingle that built to a powerful, long-lasting, and intense cooling/tingling sensation! Wow! Yeah, I was definitely NOT going to be sleeping while this stuff was doing its thing! I almost immediately noticed myself getting wet without any manual stimulation. When the balm had had time to absorb and I could not take anymore, I engaged in a mind-blowing, purely manual masturbation session that left my head spinning! Multiple orgasms later, and by the time the stimulating effects were wearing off, I was definitely ready to sleep!

Now for the technical stuff. I consistently refer to this as a ‘balm,’ because that is really what it is, as opposed to a cream or a lotion. It has an almost waxy consistency, rather like lip balm. It is also NOT a lubricant! It is not latex condom compatible and is for external use only, so please do not attempt to use it for penetration! The product is long-lasting, and even intensifies over time, so I would suggest letting it be thoroughly absorbed by the skin before you begin play. This is not a heating or cooling gel that intensifies when you blow on it or with friction; it just seeps into your skin, produces some mind-blowing sensations, and heightens sensitivity.

Many stimulating products are not strong enough for me, since I am a strong sensation whore. This one, however, contains menthol AND peppermint, topped off with citrus. It smells quite nice, but tastes horrible—you do not want to ingest this! I was definitely impressed with this product’s performance, though, and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a little zing in their sex life!
Follow-up commentary
I still think this is one of the most stimulating products out there, and use it ever chance I get. I only wish it could be used internally as a lube. The combination of ingredients in this one literally blows my mind, and I can't now imagine masturbation without it!
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Nice review! Finally, an enhancement product that works...
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    Thanks!  Everyone's different, but I think the citrus/peppermint/menthol combination is out of this world!
  • Contributor: Safo Garcia
    I bought flower balm, and was disappointed after using it on clits and nipples. Do you apply this to the clit? How does it work for genital vs. nipple and body application?
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    This is DEFINITELY more intense than Flower Balm!  It also provides a cooling and tingling sensation on the nipples, though not as strong as it did on the genitals (then again, my nipples don't generally tend to be very sensitive).  The jar of this is quite small for the price, so I haven't tried it on other body zones.  It would probably be too pricey and too minty-intense for full body massage for most people.  Definitely a better product than Flower Balm, though, at least for me!
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