Climax Bursts 2 Go - lubricant by Topco Sales - review by Angel deSanguine

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Though convenient in concept with the individual packets and the convenience of getting to try five different types of lube at one go, this just did not work out for us. The ones we tried were wonderfully thick, but had several undesirable qualities that ultimately left us saying 'No, thank you.'
Thick viscosity, cute packaging, convenient single use packets.
Sticky, two contain talc, burn
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What initially drew me to the Climax Bursts 2 Go was the ability to try five different types of water based lube with one neat little package. The fact that they were in single use packets (two of each type) was also of interest as my husband and I like to take small trips and carry along a few toys and lube and the convenience of not having to worry about a larger, leaky bottle was appealing. The five varieties of lube contained in this cute little box are Tingling, Anal, Cooling, Warming and Aphrodisiac.

The first person to give one a go was my husband. He grabbed the warming lube and his Fleshlight and had a play session, then spilled the details. The first thing he mentioned was the fact the lube got very sticky in a relatively short time period, making for a somewhat unpleasant experience. As he was detailing this, an odd look crossed his face and he stated that he was burning (this was AFTER rinsing the lube off because of the sticky factor!) He also determined that lube had gotten into his urethra because the first inch or so inside burned like fire, which it had not prior to use of the warming lube.

I had intended to use the tingling lube first however, a bit more wary after my husband's experience, I opted instead to use the aphrodisiac. The first thing I noticed was the viscosity - this is nice and thick for a water based lube! The beads pop at the slightest touch, so there is not a strange texture to the lube, no graininess that I had expected. The smell is pretty much nonexistent, but the taste is absolutely HORRIBLE. This is definitely not something you want to use if oral is even a remote possibility, this stuff tastes foul. It had a nice slickness to it, though not as slippery as the JO H2O that I regularly use. I applied a small amount to my clit and waited (with the reaction my husband had, I did not want to be overzealous and set myself on fire) and waited... and waited. Nothing. So I applied a bit more (roughly half of the packet) and still nothing. Hmm. On went the whole packet and finally I could feel a little tiny bit of something, a very VERY slight warmth. So slight that if I did any stimulation at all, even simply manual stimulation, it overpowered the feeling of warmth. The lack of enhancement of any kind to speak of, coupled with the fact that this stuff gets sticky fast left me annoyed.

The third use out of this set was the anal lubricant. One thing in particular that disturbed me about the anal lube (as well as the tingling lube) is that it contains talc, which is not a very friendly ingredient and, had I known it was in not one, but two of the lubes in this set, I would not have ordered it. That fact aside, the anal lube is quite thick, which for me is a very desirable quality as I require a bit of a work up and a thin lube runs too quickly. I applied the lube to the plug I was intending to use and then to my ass, which almost immediately began to burn. I waited a few moments, slid the plug in and began to use the hitachi on my clit, however, within 10 minutes, the burning had increased and I had to stop what I was doing and wash off the lube, which was already starting to become sticky. I am sitting here, writing this review 40 minutes later and my ass still burns...

I had intended to use all five lubes before writing the review, however, with the reactions I and my husband have had with the types we have tried so far, coupled with the fact they get sticky so quickly, these will just be going into the trash.
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  • LicentiouslyYours
    I can see where some people might be sensitive to a warming lube, but I would be seriously disturbed by the anal lube causing a burn. That's really disappointing. I am sorry you guys didn't have a better experience, especially since I had been looking at this myself. The individual packets seem like a great idea for travel because I have a horrible time with leaking bottles when I go places.

    Thanks for the review!
  • Angel deSanguine
    Hi, thanks for the comment! My thinking was a lot like yours- I have had some not so fun experiences with warming lube which is why I was willing to give the others a go. I was very disappointed in them because the concept was so nice- no leaking bottles, 5 different kinds to play with, cute packaging, yay! Until the not so fun sensations from something that I expect to be innocuous like anal lube. The only reason this got two stars instead of one is due to the convenience factor and concept and in the thought that it could just be us being sensitive to something in it, though I wish I knew what it was...
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I had really considered this. The packaging seems really cute and it's a good way to try out a ubnch of lube. Too bad they did so poorly overall.
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