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Lubricant by Kama Sutra

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Pleasure me solo!

A great lube for solo play because it seems to warm to your body's temperature. For partner sex, there are better options. If you like slower sex, this lube would be great! Dries out fairly quickly, but still a nice addition to any lube collection. Feels oily but silky. Not for use with toys (according to the manufacturer).
Warming, silicone-based, can be used for massage, the bottle is nice and well designed
Dries out quickly and will need reapplied
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Pleasure Potion is a silicone-based lube made by Kama Sutra. It is suitable for partner or solo play, although it seems more suited to solo. Although I have not tried this application, I believe that it would also work well for massage as it seems very oily and naturally warms to your body temperature.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The first thing I noticed is how oily Pleasure Potion feels. At first, this somewhat turned me off, but the more I rubbed it between my fingers, the warmer and silkier it got. The texture reminds me somewhat of a much thinner version of Vaseline, but not as greasy. The longer it's on my fingers and starts to dry out, the silkier it feels.

I compared Pleasure Potion to Wet Platinum and Liquid Silk so you would have some sort of comparison if you've used either of the other 2 brands. The Pleasure Potion is about twice as thick as Wet, but much thinner than Liquid Silk. It does not drip off my finger, but Wet will. When I compared the thickness (on a piece of shiny cardboard and then stood it up to makes the lubes run down the cardboard), the Liquid Silk basically stayed in one place, Pleasure Potion traveled a little bit, and the Wet just ran right down. So, I'd say the Pleasure Potion is about twice as thick as Wet, and 4 times runnier than Liquid Silk.

Taste / Aroma

There is no taste or smell associated with this product. I still wouldn't recommend it for oral though because it will leave your mouth feeling filmy/oily.


Pleasure Potion is decent for partner sex, but where it shines best is solo play. When my husband and I used it for sex, it seemed to dry out within about 10-15 minutes and we had to reapply. It's not like it was completely gone, but it just wasn't providing the slippery action that we like. It was really nice and silky at first though, but with a lot of action, be prepared to reapply. If you and your partner engage in a slower-paced type sex, then I think Pleasure Potion would be a great lube. I would still reach for this over any water-based lube, but there are other silicone-based lubes that are superior for partner sex.

I used it for masturbation and really enjoyed it. It still dried out but the way that it warms up to my body temperature feels really nice. I actually reach for this lube instead of my go-to Wet Platinum for solo because of the way the Pleasure Potion warms up. I also like how it's thicker than Wet. When I'm by myself, I can deal with reapplication but with my husband, that's not something I want to worry about.

Clean-up is fairly simple, just soap and water. It's silicone-based, so water alone won't cut it.


Pleasure Potion came in a small box, about the size of an iphone and about an inch thick. It's a very attractive looking dark golden color with black accents that opens on the side. The product is displayed through a window on the front of the box. The box is unnecessary because the Pleasure Potion is sealed in plastic, but it does look nice.

The bottle itself seems to be designed very nicely. It's a simple flip top that clasps down to close. Most of the time, these types of lids are highly annoying to me because the bottle gets slippery and it's hard to open and shut. The Pleasure Potion bottle flip top is very easy to open, dispense, and close - even with slippery fingers. Plus, I haven't even broken the flip top off yet (which somehow happens to all my lube bottles with these types of closures). I think it might be due to the smaller tab that flips open to dispense. It has a nice click to it when it's closed too, and feels very secure. I've held the bottle upside down and shook it and nothing came out. I loathe trying to get silicone-based lube of my hardwood floor, so this bottle design was very much appreciated. I know, it seems trivial, but I've spilled so much lube on the floor that when I find a lube that has a good (secure) sealing cap, I get excited!

Special Features

This is NOT stated on the product description, box, or anything like that, but in my experience the product warms up to my body temperature. I have not experienced a silicone-based lube like this yet. It took me quite a few times of using it before I decided that my mind wasn't playing tricks on me and it was actually warming up. Again, this is just my experience and it's not stated on the product or in the description anywhere, just something I noticed. I think it has something to do with the thickness and viscosity of the product because none of the other silicone-based lubes that I've used do it.

Personal comments

On the back of the bottle, it says "Not for use with toys.” This really struck me as odd because why would a lube not be meant to be used with toys? Typically I use silicone-based lube on all my toys (even the silicone ones)--as long as it's a high quality lube. I don't think the Pleasure Potion will be seeing any playtime with my toys though. I'm not sure why it would say that, but it freaked me out enough that I don't want to risk my beloved toys.
Follow-up commentary
Well, as much as I liked how the lube warmed up, I don't like it as much as before. The more I thought about it, the more the whole "not for use with toys" statement on the bottle creeped me out. Plus, it's fun to use by myself, but since it's not the greatest for partner sex, well... that just kinda defeats the purpose.

I do LOVE the design of the bottle though, and still haven't broken the little flip-top piece. Somehow, we end up breaking off the caps of our lube bottles, but this one has held up. I still think the texture of the lube is nice and feels different that any other lube we've used.

If I were to rate it now, I'd change it to a 3. It's not bad, it's not great, but it will do. It kinda leaves me feeling meh. So I guess if it was like $5 or something, sure I'd grab another bottle. Otherwise, I'd just pass and buy something better instead.
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