Slip and Slide for Adults, with Astro Anal Shooters

Astroglide Anal Shooters are a novel presentation and an interesting, velvety experience. Each applicator or "Shooter" is prefilled with a premeasured amount of lubricant formulated just for anal pleasure. The product stays where it is put and is long lasting. The Shooters are easy to carry, easy to open easy to use, and the formula makes anal sex a silky, smooth experience. Product does contain a few vaginal contact irritants, but sticking to anal use may prevent problems.
Viscous, thick, easy to use, specifically made for anal sex
Contains glycerin and parabens, disposable applicators may not be recyclable
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Astroglide Anal Shooters are premeasured, prewrapped lubricant "shooters" encased in a convenient twist off cap applicator. It is intended for use for lubrication during anal sex play with hands, penis or toys.

The ingredients of this product contain:
Purified water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Methylparaben, Gludono Delta Lactone, Sodium Hydroxide

As glycerin is the second ingredient after purified water, and many women have problems with UTIs and vaginal infections with this chemical, it is recommended that this be an anal use product. Parabens are also contained in this product, so those with vaginal or urinary health issues may want to keep this for anal use only.

Being water based, this lubricant is most likely compatible with most toy materials. Also being water based, it is probably not the best lubricant to use in tubs, showers or hot tubs. It washes off easily, so it is most likely not for water play.
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    • Anal play
    • Bridal gift
    • Sex
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    • Good for anal

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product is much thicker and heavier than either regular, purple cap Astroglide, which contains glycerin or Astroglide Green Cap, which is glycerin and paraben free. More watery lubes, like Astroglide Green Cap can certainly be used for anal play, but tend to turn sticky and may not stay where they are placed. these also may need to be reapplied frequently for some people's comfort.

Astroglide Anal Shooter formula is very thick and viscous. It stays where it is put, has a velvety feel, lasts a long time, and doesn't run or feel greasy. It also doesn't tend to turn sticky or tacky, like many plain water based lubes.
    • Smooth
    • Thick
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

As it is suggested for anal play and we do not play ATM (anal to mouth) without thorough cleansing first. This product was not tested for taste, by our testing "labs" (our bedroom) as a vaginal lube might be. It did not appear to have much of an aroma , either during use or after. The only smell was a slight plastic aroma, (I barely noticed it, My Man didn't notice at all) but it dissipated after a few seconds, and may have been due to it's enclosure in the plastic "shooter" applicator. The smell was not noticed on either of us during use or after using.
    • Aroma dissapates quickly
    • Light smell


This product has been tested for marathon sessions as long as 45 minutes of actual penetrative play. The product stayed in place, and was able to keep both of us lubricated the entire time. I still felt soft and velvety after we were done. It was much less sticky and didn't turn tacky as regular Astroglide or Astroglide Green Cap may do after play. It rinsed off with warm water and a washcloth, and neither of us felt sticky even before showering. We did not notice any staining on sheets etc, as some reviewers have noted, but we use a "throw sheet" and towel under our play area, so any staining would not be consequential for our uses.

The product is VERY soft, provides great lubrication for anal use, stays put until it is removed.

My least favorite thing about this product is glycerin and paraben in the contents. As we did not use this for vaginal lubrication, and the product stayed where we put it, there was little danger of the offending ingredients effecting the vaginal or urinary areas of my (the sensitive ones') body. My Man did not complain of any soreness or discomfort either before or after use.

We did not feel the need to reapply the product after the first application, it stayed silky and kept lubricating while we have used it for as long as 45 minutes of penetration at a time.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


The product is uniquely packaged. The lubricant is pre-measured and placed in small vials, called "shooters." The applicators are individually wrapped in plastic, which tears open easily, for quick These "shooters" are shaped like a small tube, with a short "applicator tip" reminiscent of Anusol, Preparation H and other anal hemorrhoid products. The Shooter has a small "twist off" cap, the cap is twisted off, and the product is then ready to be applied, either with the tip of the applicator placed gently into the anus, or squeezed onto the hand, for better control, if the product is to be used on both anus and penis or toy both.

These are designed to be "One Use" vials. We found each applicator had more than enough product and used only half of each applicatorful per sex session. These little shooters are a bit pricey, so we used the remainder the next day, although the directions say not to "re-use" applicator. However, we did not use the applicator anally, but placed the product in hand for application, so the applicator and the product inside did not become contaminated. I would NOT use the remaining product the next day or later, if the applicator was touched to the anus, to avoid bacterial contamination of both the applicator and the product inside.

One does need two hands to open the twist off cap, but it comes off easily and takes no more than a few seconds. As long as the plastic applicator is not breached, we found no problems with leakage at all.

Six applicators are contained in the classic purple, violet and red Astroglide colors box, and each Shooter is individually wrapped. Basic instructions are on the outside of the box.

I found unwrapping the applicator long before use, and simply placing the applicator in our headboard cubby (which also houses some medications, our other lubes, a cock ring, and my little bullet) was the best method for us to get at the product quickly.

A few of these could easily be throw into a purse or bag for travel. They do say "Anal Lubricant" with the brand name on the wrapper, but the plastic "shooter" itself, once the wrapper is removed, is plain and unmarked, and is very discreet. The worst one could think, if this product was found, without the wrapper is the user may be using hemorrhoid medication.

I have seen allergy and cough medicine dispensed in similar containers, so the applicator is actually very discreet, if removed from the box and the wrapper is also removed.
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly

Special Features

I found the experience with this product not much different than usual, with the exception that the lube was much less watery than the one we usually use. The product is very silky and very slippery. Plus, penetration was VERY smooth, and at times, I wondered if My Man was getting enough friction. He said the feeling was great, and I was very comfortable so it was a plus for us. We were able to maintain anal contract longer than usual, even though he asked several times if I was "OK" or if I wanted to carefully clean our genitalia and switch to an other activity. I was comfortable enough to go as long as 45 minutes, and he was actually the one who wanted to stop to avoid the possibility of long anal contact being uncomfortable for me.

There are no "cooling" "tingling" or "warming" properties to this lubricant. I do not care for any lubricant with these properties at all, especially for anal use. I like to feel sex skin to skin, (or skin to toy) and as lubricant is necessary for safe anal experience, this product will not detract or add anything to the experience or feel EXCEPT good, long lasting lubrication.

We were careful to not get any lubricant into the vaginal or urinary areas of my body, with my being sensitive to both the glycerin and possibly the parabens in it. As the product is thick and stays where you put it, this was not a problem. I experience a satisfying sexual session with this product, with no burning, itching or UTI or yeast in subsequent days.

Personal comments

I, personally, would not use this lubricant for vaginal use. If a woman isn't sensitive to glycerin or parabens, she may feel comfortable doing so, but at the price, there are other vaginal lubricants, like Astroglide Original (Purple Cap) with similar ingredients that are less pricey.

I would be interested to see how these hold up to airplane travel. As many of us know, sometimes even small bottles of lubricant "pop" or at worst, burst, when subjected to the changing pressures during airplane travel. there is some air in the individual applicators, and they are on the pliant but rather thick side, so if they hold up to airline pressures changes, they would be great to use for travel. Also, the small vials are much less than the 4 oz or so allowed on most airliners for carry on. Who knows, perhaps one day we'll join the Mile High Plus One (anal sex on a plane) Club! If we do this, I'll be sure to include it in my follow up. :)

I don't know the composition of the plastic "shooter" material. Those concerned with individually packaged products being "un-green" may not be happy with a disposable applicator.
    • Although not dangerous for some when used vaginally
    • Product designed for anal usage


This product's applicator is designed to be inserted into the anus for internal application, if you desire to use it this way. We didn't use the applicator anally. I usually place lube on my finger tips, lubricate My Man's penis and then use more for my anus. This is the manner in which we used this product, so the applicator was not actually utilized the way it may have been designed. I feel I have more control with my fingertips, other people may feel more comfortable applying the lube internally with the applicator, and this may work well for them. It was kind of fun to have a "easy open, single use" lube, but with the cost and the lack of knowledge of how to recycle the little tubes, we will probably switch between this and regular standby, Astroglide Green Cap.

For anal sex, however, I do prefer the formulation of the Anal Shooters. It is much thicker and gives a softer feel than anything else we have tried yet.
    • Easy to apply
Follow-up commentary
I wavered between "I still like it" and "I don't like it anymore" for this product. We don't use this particular lube anymore. I have learned more about ingredients in products and have found better lubes for PIV, toys and anal play and anal sex. There are numerous chemicals in this product that I am not comfortable using on a daily basis and I would never use it vaginally, due to the glycerin it contains possibly causing infections and irritation.

That being said, I still do think the little applicator and the "single serving" vials of this product are a great idea. It did work well as an anal lube, one of the thickest and velvety ones we have ever used, with little or no running into the vaginal area. This lube does stay where you put it better than most.

However, the ingredients still bother me, and as it has been out of stock from Eden for over 6 months, (closer to 9 months, I think) we simply haven't used the last few vials in our last pack, and are using more body friendly lubes now, like Sliquid H2O Ride.

If Astroglide could make a more body friendly anal lube, put it in these neat little applicators and perhaps work the price down a little, this might be a better product. It is a perfect way to transport, apply and discard this type of lubricant.

Until then, we will stick with other lubes, although I still have a few vials for an emergency in our stash of lubes, toys and things.

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  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Ug, I made a few spelling errors. Sorry. It's hard for me to read the pink letters. i was interrupted multiple times during this writing, (kids, Man) and I should have checked more carefully. I apologize.
  • Contributor: kck
    Great review. Personally, I HATE Astroglide, but I'm glad to see you enjoy it
    Also, you can edit your review for a while after it's been published by going to your Dash->Reviews->(select review)->Edit
  • Contributor: Jenna.J.Ross
    Great job on the review I totally wanna try this now they look like so much fun!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    These do sound like a good idea - I can see keeping them in a purse

    Great review!
  • Contributor: Blinker
    I LOVE Astroglide gel. Love the Shooters. This is the only lube I can use comfortably (so far). I wish they sold Astroglide Gel by itself here on the site. Great review, P'Gell.
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thank you all so much. Thank you kck. I will go and make the corrections. I still have a lot to learn about how the site works and you all are such good friends and colleagues!

    Blinker, I haven't seen the gel. Is it glycerin free? I'd like something thicker for everyday, too.
  • Contributor: MuffysPinguLove
    I think the "shooter" is a great idea. My man isn't fond of Astroglide though Great review!
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Aw, I'm sorry, Muffy. I don't know of any other lube which packages their product this unique way, yet.

    The reviews word errors are fixed! Thank you all.
  • Contributor: Airen Wolf
    This looks like a great product...I have a very grouchy urinary tract and vagina though so I dunno. Course you do say it stays where you put it, and I trust you so I might just give this a try anyhow.
  • Contributor: Blinker
    P'Gell, I looked up Astroglide Gel and it isn't glycerin free, sorry
  • Contributor: Apinkjellybean04
    great review
  • Contributor: P'Gell
    Thanks for looking, Blinker. I think I'm going to test that "honey" lube (there's no honey in it) after I get my new plug and naughty, nasty Fairie Tale book and review them.

    Airen, everybody is different. I get awful UTIs and vaginal infections from glycerin in the regular Astroglide and other lubes, but as this is only for the back door, I've had good luck with it. You could try it once and then wait to make sure your body stays healthy. I just made sure none got into my "Lady Parts" (and we're pretty...wild, and I was able to keep the stuff IN the place where I put it) and I was OK.

    Thanks, jellybean!

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