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Ugh, not something we're into

This product sure delays orgasm... Until the next opportunity you have for some alone time! A key part of a guy staying firm is at least having a bit of sensation down there, and when you take that away it's up to them to try and keep it up psychologically. That on top of a scary ingredient that you can't inhale (keep in mind that this is applied by spraying) I really can't recommend it in good faith to any user out there.
Makes all feeling go away, prolongs orgasm
Causes a loss of erection, gross ingredients, tastes terrible, bottle leaked
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This spray by Doc Johnson is intended to be a desensitizer spray to help delay the orgasm and ejaculation of men. This could also be used externally by women if they aren't comfortable with how sensitive they are, but I think that it's a more common for the male-bodied among us.

The main area that this should be used on is the head and shaft of the penis. These are the more sensitive areas that speed up orgasm and ejaculation when stimulated. You could also use this spray on your testicles, but I think that that wouldn't do anything but feel super strange.

Also, this product is mainly intended to be used during intercourse. Because of both the ingredients and the taste described below this is terrible for oral sex. Because it's not oil based this spray is also entirely safe to use with latex-based protection.

While it's intended for intercourse, this could also be used for solo play if that's what you're into. It also might be an interesting addition to physician/nurse play because of the numbing abilities, but it would have to be done carefully because it does topically numb very well.

The ingredients for this spray are as follows:

Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA, Ethoxydiglycol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium PCA Water (Aqua)

None of these are common allergens, but they could prove to be irritating to some people. Before you use this you and your partner should do a spot test on another area of skin because you don't want to find out that one of you is not compatible with this spray in the middle of sex.
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product has a similar consistency to water or rubbing alcohol, which is to say very thin. When you spray it on it is a fairly fine mist, but it does require you to rub it in both to become absorbed and to desensitize an area evenly. If you spray it in a concentrated area it does tend to drip, which could be a problem if you get it somewhere you don't want.

When you first spray it on it does leave your skin damp and shiny. As the spray gets absorbed and evaporates it leaves your skin matte and there is no visual difference in how your skin looks. If you're wearing this externally there's no way that anyone would be able to tell.

It also doesn't leave a film on your skin, which is great. It's also not sticky or oily, two things that are turn offs when it comes to sexy products. You don't have to wash this off after use, so it's more convenient than some.

If you do start to have a reaction, second thoughts, or want to get this off of you for some other reason you really have to work quickly before it starts to absorb. Once it starts to sink into your skin no amount of soap and water will be able to help until it wears off.

Overall, this is pretty easy to use. It might have been easier to apply if it was a bit thicker, but as it is it does absorb faster and require less rubbing than a gel with similar qualities. If I was judging it on texture alone, this would be a fine product.

Here's a picture of it being drippy:
Spray drip

And how shiny it is at first:
Spray shine
    • Slick
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

When you first spray this in a concentrated area it does smell lightly herbal. It's not a bad scent and it's light enough that it's not going to give anyone a headache, and it's also not too 'feminine' like a lot of scents can be. After this gets a chance to air out the scent fades entirely and you can't even smell it if you put your nose to your skin.

The taste on the other hand? It's AWFUL! Out of curiosity when I first got this in the mail I licked it lightly after I first sprayed it on my skin since I assume people that like this kind of thing will want to last longer during oral, as well. I gagged! It is such a gross, bitter taste I didn't want to ever taste it again!

But because Eden sent this to me for a thorough review and I've gotten lectures about the scientific method so many times this year I did. This time I sprayed it onto my skin and let it dry and soak in reaaally well in hope that it would help. NOPE. Still awful.

If the terrible taste isn't enough, this also makes your mouth really numb. If you're someone who thinks it's sexy after you go to the dentists and are all drooly and can't talk, this is for you. Unfortunately, not many people give better kisses or oral when they can't feel their lips.

Overall, this is awful if you ever get it near your mouth, but it doesn't smell too gross. Totally not much good to say here.


So good news and bad news guys.

Good news: This works. It decreases sensitivity and delays orgasm.

Bad news: It WORKS REALLY WELL GUYS AT DECREASING SENSITIVITY. It's like topical lidocane. It's awful. You can't feel ANYTHING. And that's kind of a nice thing about intercourse, feeling things.

I assumed that sensitivity reducing sprays and creams worked by desensitizing a little bit, just enough to make you not finish so fast. I still think that that's how most creams and sprays along these lines works, but this is a spray for people who need more. Who need to not feel ANYTHING.

The thing is that the penis becomes engorged most of the time when you feel things on it. Oral and stroking are good ways to stimulate a penis to become firm. If there's no stimulation it's all up to the guy trying to fight mentally to get hard while all of his stunned nerves sit there useless.

The lack of sensation lasts about 10-20 minutes depending on where you apply it, how much you apply, and if you wash it off after you spray it on because it feels strange. After that sensation slowly starts to return, but by then the mood has been ruined and everyone's grumpy.

If you're looking for something like this or you want to numb someone up during a physician role play this is nice, but be careful! It's not possible to tell if you hurt yourself until the spray wears off, I know by poking myself with a safety pin and not being able to feel it.

Overall, this is a product that just works way too well. It takes all of the fun out of sex, and I can't really recommend this to anyone.


This products packaging is half in Spanish and half in English. While at first glance it appears to be entirely in Spanish, under each Spanish phrase is a small translation in English. This makes it great for people who speak either language to use and understand.

When you get the bottle it's attached to a cardboard back and held in a plastic form the same shape as the bottle. You can clearly see the product, but it's not obvious right away what it is. The front just has the name of the product and a blue background.

The back of the packaging lists the ingredients and some instructions on how to use this spray. It also isn't obvious what this is for and it doesn't have any naked women or lewd sayings on it. It wouldn't be a bad package to wrap up and give as a gift, if only the spray itself were nicer.

The bottle itself is a spray top bottle that has a transparent lid. It's made of plastic and is slightly flexible but still sturdy. I had this leak on me while it was being shipped but it hasn't leaked since, but nonetheless I would try and always store this right side up.

The mister sprays the product fairly finely. It's easy to press and you can use it with one hand, and it sprays wide enough to cover a fairly large area. You can't spray this upside down or anything, which may be an issue if you're trying to spray your intimate areas.

Here's a picture of the front:
Spray Front

And the back:
Spray Back

And of the bottle VS a pen:
Spray VS Pen

Personal comments

Here I will go into some simple detail about all of the different ingredients:

Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract A skin softener and smoother

Diazolidinyl Urea Antimicrobial preservative, may cause strong irritation

Disodium EDTA Viscosity controlling, binds molecules together

Ethoxydiglycol Solvent, helps to hold in moisture

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate To quote the site: "it is acutely toxic by inhalation and should not be used in products that can be aerosolized or inhaled." This is a spray! It also evaporates into the air when it dries! Totally not big on this being in this SPRAY product.

Propylene Glycol Skin Conditioning agent

Sodium PCA Skin conditioning agent

For some reason none of these came up as being topical anesthetics, so I can't identify which ingredients cause the numbing effect.


I wish that I had more to say about this stuff, but it's really just a bad product. I don't really have much else to compare it to when it comes to desensitizing creams, but I assume that there are ones less extreme than this that will work better.

One thing that wasn't considered when they made this product is that men need stimulation to get an erection. Taking away all of that stimulation causes them to lose their erection, which seems to be the reason that people seek products like this in the first place!

Between it being such an unpleasant product and having an ingredient in a fluid with a MISTER TOP that is TOXIC TO INHALE I really would not recommend this product to anyone. I want to give this a one star rating, but because it actually works I feel like it deserves two.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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